Scarborough Fair - Dan Avidan & Super Guitar Bros.

  • Published on: 10 April 2020
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    Animation and Story created by Imogen Scoppie

    Original song by Simon & Garfunkel
    Based on a traditional English ballad

    Guitars performed by Super Guitar Bros

    Vocals by Dan Avidan
  • Runtime : 3:38
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  • Charlie Charmander
    Charlie Charmander   1 weeks ago

    This is the first time I’ve heard Dan sing. And can I just say, it’s like he’s a whole different person from the show. And yet I can still here his laughter in the voice singing. I somehow didn’t expect him to sound so mystical in this. But he’s actually so wonderful 🥲

  • Aura Durst
    Aura Durst   2 weeks ago


  • Timmyson999
    Timmyson999   3 weeks ago

    What the F^$% Dan!? Why'd you make me feel these things!? I don't need to cry every time I want to hear your beautiful voice sing this gorgeous song!

  • mystery reader
    mystery reader   3 weeks ago

    This damn video made me cry. The horse reminds me of a dog I loved named Daisy. She is my boyfriend's who lives somewhere else and I have only seen her four times this year.

  • TheAnimator
    TheAnimator   3 weeks ago

    Holy fuck. I did not think this was dan

  • crow Montoya Cevallos

    I relly like the unicorne and dragon design1 cuz it feel like their tail tooches the ground like a cape would but no extaclt and also the normal unicorns look like if they attacked someone incorrectly they'd loose it like how a wasp dies when they attack with their stinger2 the dragons very accurate lizard like looks the long nails, the slightly inflating chest.I also love whomever made this, they deserve to make amovie and win a n oscar. its very simple it didint need any words and if you ask me it work much better than the disney Fantasia clip of nature dying and being born again if you know what i mean

  • Critter
    Critter   4 weeks ago

    This is the only version I will listen to.

  • Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel   1 months ago

    I didn’t come to this video to cry gosh darn it

  • Graciliraptor
    Graciliraptor   1 months ago


  • Suffy
    Suffy   1 months ago

    all this time past and I still watch this once in awhile

  • goomba1000
    goomba1000   1 months ago

    Oh snap! I was unaware this beautiful piece was... well, featuring Dan! I was unaware it was posted on gamegrumps too! I almost cried. TOuching.

  • Florica Anderson
    Florica Anderson   1 months ago

    I loved this very much! So beautifully animated! Plus, I love unicorns and dragons.

  • Pebbles :3
    Pebbles :3   1 months ago

    I got whisked away to a fantastical land of friendship... then shot through with too many feelings falls over

  • LeonSnake
    LeonSnake   1 months ago

    Haha yeah this still hurts!

  • Drago
    Drago   1 months ago


  • LavenderOtaku
    LavenderOtaku   1 months ago

    My lord the look on the Dragon’s face was just so- “Why?! Why would you do this, I didn’t do anything wrong! I love them..” That expression just broke me.. Honestly the poor thing looked so confused and shocked. Don’t mind me imma just go ship a Unicorn and a Dragon as best friends now in the corner. QWQ

  • Joey Schelz
    Joey Schelz   1 months ago

    Yes..sooo beautiful and tragically sad😭😭😭

  • Zyon
    Zyon   1 months ago

    so in the end the dragon is brought back to life and the unicorn that was the friend to dragon just vanishes is that how it how goes (dragon lives and the unicone that loved the dragon doesn't?)

  • E Roope
    E Roope   1 months ago

    Me looking to watch Magnum Bullets for the 100th time: "Oh another animated Dan Avidan song!"Me 3 minutes later, sobbing: "SHEEEE ONCE WAS A TRUE LUB OV..." incoherent gurgling

  • Fat fluffy Bunny
    Fat fluffy Bunny   1 months ago

    The amount of despair and fear in the dragons eyes as it dies is incredible, if i wasn't already ugly crying this would have made me do it

  • Julianna H ꨄ
    Julianna H ꨄ   1 months ago

    Here I am, back again for my monthly watch and cry over this utterly stunning work of art.