I Tried Japan's Most INSANE Noodle Challenge | Feat. @CDawgVA

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Japan's most insane noodle challenge involves eating over 100 bowls of soba noodles.
    But can we do it? Only one way to find out...
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    Well done to @CDawgVA and special thanks to @Sharmeleon for filming the episode!

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  • Runtime : 17:17
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan   1 weeks ago

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Let us never speak of the Wankosoba noodle challenge again. SERIOUSLY. Before watching this video, who do you think will win?! PLACE your votes now...

  • Blackbird 111
    Blackbird 111   11 minuts ago

    Connor sounds and looks like a young Alan Rickman

  • airofd
    airofd   2 hours ago

    weaka korean mukbang can do it easily alone and she a fit healthy girl

  • jimbob3332
    jimbob3332   4 hours ago

    It is FORBIDDEN to leave a noodle

  • Adonis K.
    Adonis K.   6 hours ago

    Connor should have made Chris join the challenge... if he forfeited before 100, Joey would join Connor in that 12k hotel room instead.

  • naemwear
    naemwear   7 hours ago

    Chris cant win this challenge

  • SilentVinyl
    SilentVinyl   7 hours ago

    So now it is Connor's time to do this challenge

  • Steffennnlee
    Steffennnlee   9 hours ago

    I genuinely believe I could do 200+ bowls. I love noods. I've done 15lb pho challenges and I was still hungry after finishing it plus the broth. O_o

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi   12 hours ago

    It was nice being the one not eating the noodles for once😬😬😬

  • ProfaneMagic
    ProfaneMagic   13 hours ago

    With that portion-size it's more like "100 spoons of noodles" glorified.Did honestly not look like THAT much food.

  • piklelion666
    piklelion666   15 hours ago

    Ashamed of this unqualified lasagna scientist

  • 1919810893 114514
    1919810893 114514   16 hours ago


  • 2randomcrap3
    2randomcrap3   20 hours ago

    Okay, Chris needs to get Connor, Joey, Natsuki, and Ryotaro together in one video.

  • Blair Bird
    Blair Bird   22 hours ago

    1:51 Turns out this Artist's Impression was pretty accurate.

  • Sanji
    Sanji   1 days ago

    Conner is a bigger w**ker than Chris. Good to know

  • DaRkLoRd1061
    DaRkLoRd1061   1 days ago

    I like how connor was suffering but he still had to match what joey ate.

  • Paul Tuck
    Paul Tuck   1 days ago

    Connor: "My doctor says my cholesterol is really bad"Chris: "Why?"Connor: "I don't know why"Looks at the massive fried chicken eating video with Chris, the Kit-kat chocolate eating video with Kaho, the heavy sake drinking video with drunk Chris. Yeah, I don't know why either man. The human body is a mystery.

  • Gmg Shadowknight
    Gmg Shadowknight   1 days ago

    i think pro eaters drink very much to expand their stomach instead of eating but i think you do it a day before

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous   1 days ago

    Now that I look at that amount of food... It's actually not all that much...

  • Badgermanization
    Badgermanization   1 days ago

    It would have been so funny if that video had ended with Connor and Joey in the hotel room and Chris locked outside denied his own video idea!

  • Armor Bearer
    Armor Bearer   1 days ago

    Maybe they should have taken sips of water between soba bowls. I recall competitors drinking a good amount of water at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

  • Inuwoodx
    Inuwoodx   1 days ago

    Ironmouse: "Connor, you pu**y!"

  • Jiji Alvarez
    Jiji Alvarez   1 days ago

    Chris had a good mindset about opening your stomach, but that’s usually done with a small salad or small portion of fruit. Not lasagna that is full of carbs and fats lmaoooooo

  • Nassim safta
    Nassim safta   1 days ago

    if u have balls,pause at the 4:39 mark lmao i think they both went on a straight up bender XD

  • 13yo Predator
    13yo Predator   1 days ago

    Thanks for the upload, too bad I can't watch it since CdogeVA is there.

  • Harshu
    Harshu   1 days ago

    I'm sick fight now. But I know I can eat about 200.

  • Nightcore - #1 Fan
    Nightcore - #1 Fan   1 days ago

    0:50 When Conner mom watches this video she's going to be shocked (Context: Conner's mom genuinely watches this channel)

  • Caleb
    Caleb   1 days ago

    the artest exspression of conner in the hotel room is true🤣🤣🤣🤣