SHANG-CHI "Shang Chi Controls The Ten Rings" Trailer (NEW 2021) Superhero Movie HD

  • Published on: 07 August 2021
  • Official new movie trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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    Plot : Shang-Chi is a master of numerous unarmed and weaponry-based wushu styles, including the use of the gun, nunchaku, and jian.

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    © Disney
  • Runtime : 4:7
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  • Rascalap
    Rascalap   3 weeks ago

    What’s the deal? For years we hear about actors preparing for months for a role: boot camps, weights, fighting, fencing, shooting range, nutrition, jogging. But Awkwafina couldn’t give up donuts for a few weeks before shooting this? (Good for her career tho’ - any eccentric/lovable/crazy old lady roles are hers for the taking after wearing those pants…)

  • ilyas buyuklu
    ilyas buyuklu   3 weeks ago

    very bad moıvie..must not be cannot be..shitty movie

  • rashida7777
    rashida7777   3 weeks ago

    Haven't seen it yet. Worth seeing in the movies? Thumbs up!

    CREEPY NIGHT   3 weeks ago

    Actually this ten ring was used in kingfu hustle if i am not wrong..😁

  • Ganggaloka
    Ganggaloka   3 weeks ago

    The girl sound like in raya movie he name is sisu

  • georgiebest ManUtd
    georgiebest ManUtd   3 weeks ago

    There are thousands of Chinese who have better pugilistic skills, more self confident as a Chinese (not ABC) & greater patriotism 4 the Motherland. Simu wud lose against Wolf Warrior in a kung-fu duel

  • andy wei
    andy wei   3 weeks ago

    Rings for titans, or bracelets for man

  • koo williams
    koo williams   3 weeks ago

    Ever since stanlee mentioned RDJ is meant to play tony stark, everyone starts to say the same thing about marvel actor. There are many CHINA ACTOR suitable to play shangchi... simu's face looks like a supermarket manager. Not a hero...

  • Felix TheCat
    Felix TheCat   4 weeks ago

    0:09 who are you? I am XiWinnie the Pooh

  • W
    W   4 weeks ago

    This movie feels like Disney movie than Marvel movie

  • rupesh v
    rupesh v   1 months ago

    worst marvel movie ever

  • Sitha Ouk
    Sitha Ouk   1 months ago

    Even with 100 rings, he can't win Jackie chan in house fight

  • The Batman
    The Batman   1 months ago

    Best movie absurd in the world 😂

  • I P
    I P   1 months ago


  • Leaf Odan
    Leaf Odan   1 months ago

    The movie started out very promising but the disneyfication of the enemy & far too much CGI action took away from it.

  • Big Biggy
    Big Biggy   1 months ago

    so thats why they made iron man die to make this movie? just asking

  • redgoatFBI
    redgoatFBI   1 months ago

    Where is the Elden Ring gameplay trailer

  • Zero 2
    Zero 2   1 months ago

    Black widow shades in comparison to this movie

  • Kayum Iman
    Kayum Iman   1 months ago

    so the label not Arab anymore, now the Asian is frame as bad guys in behind

  • 바보
    바보   1 months ago

    상치? 상추? 양상치? ㅋㅋ

  • nnk
    nnk   1 months ago

    Is this already released?I can’t wait to watch it

  • Api Biru
    Api Biru   1 months ago

    When superhero come from China,it well be piece of shit useless to watch.

  • Sumit Singh
    Sumit Singh   1 months ago

    This is look like Chinese movie so we are not going to watch it and not going to promot it.