Brooklyn Nets vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

  • Published on: 24 February 2021
  • #nba #nbahighlights #netsvskings
  • Runtime : 9:12
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  • George Tr
    George Tr   2 months ago

    Dream team Brooklyn !!! im fan celtics and panathinaikos ☘️☘️💚 bad this tim is so good!!!

  • Sean Omari
    Sean Omari   2 months ago

    Nets not joking around for real 😧

  • Dwiki Firman Abdillah
    Dwiki Firman Abdillah   2 months ago

    Hello everyone, check out my youtube channel, there'll be a new nba mix video everyday !🔥

  • Simon
    Simon   2 months ago

    whats the point of all these different jerseys for the teams? Schizophrenia?

  • HM L
    HM L   2 months ago

    5:08 what a move

  • 劉立光
    劉立光   2 months ago


  • adis adis
    adis adis   2 months ago

    NBA... defence with the eyes....

  • Etienne
    Etienne   2 months ago

    29 pts 85% FG for Brown !

  • Juliette Optima
    Juliette Optima   2 months ago

    Like I said before this season, Tyrese is a ROTY material and so far he lives up to expectations! Probs ain't gonna win it, 'cause Ball is doing well, but Haliburton is right up there with him!

  • KB Youngblood
    KB Youngblood   2 months ago

    I want a girl who looks at me the way Harden looks at Kyrie on the thumbnail

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    Robert Charles   2 months ago

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    SON THAI   2 months ago

    HArden passing is at highest level.

  • Trump Ameri
    Trump Ameri   2 months ago

    Scary stuff is this New Jersey nets team playing furious mode without best NBA superstar KD....

  • PetardeWoez
    PetardeWoez   2 months ago

    I cant fucking stand this announcer, just have to mute it when hes casting. WHY ARE YOU YELLING AFTER EVERY MEDIOCRE POSESSION, SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONCE! If you try to hype everything, you hype nothing.

  • Rocky kumar
    Rocky kumar   2 months ago

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  • Mr Alberdi-l
    Mr Alberdi-l   2 months ago

    Happy to see Claxton there again. I hope he gets the rythm back, step by step

  • Michael Do
    Michael Do   2 months ago

    Jordan was getting away with murder with that off arm.Ref’s letting him do wtf he wanted.

  • Deniz Olgun
    Deniz Olgun   2 months ago

    why the nba commentators talk like the audience is mentally disabled? like really slow and loudly scream the players names and not explain any of the plays

  • Darryl Wade
    Darryl Wade   2 months ago

    Halliburton is still..INSTANT impact when he is on the floor 💯 dudes special

  • Gleidson Oliveira
    Gleidson Oliveira   2 months ago

    another triple double by harden... this guy is on fire🔥 jordan was insane🔥

  • JohngulWest Baby
    JohngulWest Baby   2 months ago

    Harden and Kyrie is such a great Duo man very fun to watch.

  • Iván Colín
    Iván Colín   2 months ago

    Is it me or De Andre Jordan looks a little lazy in some plays?

  • KL Rider
    KL Rider   2 months ago

    Did I see a tall blonde running in the court?

  • AA Fan
    AA Fan   2 months ago

    It is official. Marvin Bagley is a bust. Vlad Divac selected this bona fide bust over Luka Doncic, smh.

  • Ndumiso Mkhasibe
    Ndumiso Mkhasibe   2 months ago

    I'm more excited to watch Nets game than Lakers but I'm a Lakers fan ☺️