Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy

  • Published on: 09 June 2021
  • The most refreshing cocktail in the world for the most refreshing job in the world... Dad. #FathersDay #AviationGin

  • Runtime : 1:46


  • Alpha Delfa
    Alpha Delfa   20 seconds ago

    I remember in Grade 2 of Catholic school, the teacher would always begin the day by asking the class if they had anything to pray for, and one day I put my hand up and said "My dad, he just had surgery", so my teacher, myself, and all the other students bowed our heads and said a prayer for him. Right after the teacher asked me what the surgery was for and I was like "He can't have kids anymore". And she was like "oh."

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni   10 minuts ago

    A guy walks into a bar. He asks, “can I get a Vasectomy?”. The bartender replies "come again?"

  • Mr Banana
    Mr Banana   27 minuts ago

    A vasectomy: Me: holy shit . Ur not a dog

  • Seraph
    Seraph   1 hours ago

    See that's a great video but the way this cocktail is built is terrible and not at all what you should do considering the ingredients.

  • DarkerPath
    DarkerPath   1 hours ago

    Thank you for the recipe, i'll try that for my wonderful life 🎉🎊🍻

  • Patriot 4life
    Patriot 4life   3 hours ago

    Love you Ry Ry, that looks so much better than my vasectomy!

    MACK DIESEL   4 hours ago

    I think Ryan had the gin amount right the first time.

  • Brian Wallace
    Brian Wallace   5 hours ago

    This video came out a week before I got an actual vasectomy, and I feel like that was fate.

  • Sara Marshall
    Sara Marshall   6 hours ago

    Really sad the way our society views children. Like you know all your kids will one day realize you loathe their very existence. So much for acceptance and tolerance. Bunch of self loving self serving people!Not even worth the title of “father”.

  • Megan Jeffrey
    Megan Jeffrey   7 hours ago

    You add a lot more gin when they are teenagers 😫😭. I'll have kid's young I said, it will give me a chance to have more freedom when I am older I said. If only they were still tiny, cute and lovable. Now mixers get in the way of my alcohol 😱

  • Mike P
    Mike P   7 hours ago

    Dead Pool is the best...

  • Karlos
    Karlos   8 hours ago

    Don't forget when ordering one, you have to be full Winnie the Pooh.

  • Agora Sage
    Agora Sage   9 hours ago

    That cut when the glass goes to being 2/3 full to being half full. Had to fix that so the mix would be just right lol.

  • Bakhtiyor M. Khujaev
    Bakhtiyor M. Khujaev   9 hours ago

    The Vasectomy is something those 85% of men with successful vasectomy should be drinking every f****ng day for the rest of their lives enjoying the same, fixed, unchanging number of kids. And pregnancies. The other 15% drink vodka.

  • Alexander Di Cintio
    Alexander Di Cintio   9 hours ago

    Hahahahahahaha bro... you trying to discourage fatherhood... such a fukin cuk