LeBron SuperFan Reacts To Larry Bird Ultimate Mixtape!!!

  • Published on: 28 August 2021
  • Whats good everyone, this is me reacting to LeBron SuperFan Reacts To Larry Bird Ultimate Mixtape!!!
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    RAH REACTS   3 months ago

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  • Your name here
    Your name here   5 hours ago

    Larry Bird was from the small town Of French Bend. He Played during the the 1960,s when basketball was way harder

  • Joseph Buckhoff
    Joseph Buckhoff   12 hours ago

    The LEGEND & GREAT WHITE HOPE, "Larry Bird" :) Anytime White Players are Superstars in The NBA that's a Great Thing

  • Johnny cash ,Miller
    Johnny cash ,Miller   19 hours ago

    Larry legend,but your right there are lot of great players,bird amazing magic top 5 greatest.

  • my namejeff
    my namejeff   21 hours ago

    I couldn't tell you who the best ever was. I can tell you that Kobe was asked to come up with his best starting five of all time and Bird made his list, and he didn't put himself on the list, if that tells you anything about what some of the greats thought of Larry Bird. Actually there are many videos of the legends talking about some of the greats they played against or just idolized and they are great watches. You should check out some of the videos of legends talking about the trash talking that Bird and Jordan both did. I still remember growing up watching these guys and I remember the Mcdonald's commercials that ran with MJ and Bird and the "Nothing but Net" line. It was a different game back then. You just can't compare the greats to others in different eras because the game itself is so different from era to era. If you want to really know who the greatest players were as a group then listen to how the Big names that everyone talks about speak of eachother and the respect you hear. I do not believe there truly is a GOAT, but there are greats. They are the ones that dtand out no matter the time and inspire future generations to love the game and reach to find the best in themselves.

  • Warren Hughes
    Warren Hughes   1 days ago


  • innosanto
    innosanto   1 days ago

    I don't go into top comparisons but is in goat discussion, is more complete than MJ or Bryant. And more clutch and tough/leader than Bron, with less good team and coaching than Lakers.Still MJ Magic Bryant all if them in discussion for their reasons. And Russel Jabar etc. Out of nowadays Curry is best

  • bike4life
    bike4life   1 days ago

    You can't talk about the greats without Bird

  • Drew Gormley
    Drew Gormley   1 days ago

    Dudes, LARRY used to practice in the gym of the college where my mom grew up. 8 HOURS of shooting a day. The dude was a straight killer.

  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed   1 days ago

    He did that against all the greats of the day. I couldn't pick just one "Greatest". Man that's way to tough and not fare to do...to many great ones in the day

  • Joseph Wait
    Joseph Wait   1 days ago

    Larry was dropping 28 points 10 boards and 7 assists every year. His and Lebrons stats look pretty close in avg. He got 3 rings in 6 years...but then injury issues happened. His first 9 years in the league is as good as basketball can get. Lebron special cause he keeping that stuff up for 20 years. Can't take away from Lebron...Just like you can't take away from Larry Legend. The 80's and 90's were a special time in basketball. Oh it's still good...but I'm glad thats the era I grew up. And I'm glad thats where my sports heros came from.

  • Tracy Johnson
    Tracy Johnson   1 days ago

    Shorts are by definition supposed to be short. The shorts they wear now are more like capri's lol.

  • db happiness
    db happiness   2 days ago

    A couple of things that you have to realize… Back when Larry Bird played the defense was much different. You could hand check. You could body up on a person. Three-point line was a luxury… Not many people used it. Today the three-point line is part of the offensive strategy in the NBA. If Larry Bird played in today's NBA he would score a ton of points. Not that he didn't score a ton of points when he did play... He only played 13 seasons. With today's medical attention he probably could've played at least five more years. Larry Bird, is the first player to accomplish the 50–40–90 achievement, (50% field goal percentage, 40% three-point field goal percentage and 90% free throw percentage) and one of 2 players to achieve the feat in multiple seasons. I'm not going to say that he's better than LeBron James, but I do know that he is in the top 10 of the greatest basketball players ever. Considering how many NBA basketball players there were… That's pretty freaking amazing!

  • Bryan Dirks
    Bryan Dirks   2 days ago

    You should have left the sound on throughout; you missed a lot of commentary from his peers on just how good Bird was. eg., at the All Star shooting competition, he walked into the room and looked around and made a comment that he was just looking around to see who would come in 2nd. All the best to you and yours!

  • Marcia Lynn
    Marcia Lynn   2 days ago

    missinhg all the stats n stories having muted .. just sayn

  • kris snyder
    kris snyder   2 days ago

    When he asked who was finishing second in the 3 point contest, he also did it in his warm up jacket 🔥

  • JB the Gamer
    JB the Gamer   2 days ago

    Labron nothing on bird and old school players cause these days defense is almost nonexistent and sports no where near as rough as it was then

  • Super Jonboy
    Super Jonboy   2 days ago

    Bird Might have been even greater than Jordan, but Injuries held him back at the end of his career. Watching him play makes me wish we had more players at the level of the 1980s and 1990s NBA.

  • Old Skool
    Old Skool   2 days ago

    I'm 61 & Larry is 64. It was amazing to watch him live. At the time I don't believe we could really appreciate fully what we were witnessing. Seeing those highlights brings it back in a nanosecond.

  • sasuke65743
    sasuke65743   2 days ago

    The moment he did a friggin' Alley oop 3pt shoot...close everything!!! :°DI don't even remember if there was another time where a player would catch a half to full court pass and 3pt shooting while still in air.

  • Roger Ahier
    Roger Ahier   2 days ago

    Back then you couldn't double team someone unless they had the ball.

  • Sean Novack
    Sean Novack   2 days ago

    Top 10: ( I refuse to take the hours of research necessary to order them properly, give me all 10 and I'll never lose a Championship!) 1. Larry Bird2. Magic Johnson3. Michael Jordon4. Wilt Chamberlain5. LeBron James6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar7. Bill Russell8. Kobe Bryant9. Tim Duncan10. Shaquille O'Neal

  • billyray1220
    billyray1220   3 days ago

    LeBron could never last in that Era with his soft ass

  • Derrick Marcus
    Derrick Marcus   3 days ago

    Bird was one of the best basketball players ever!

  • Leaderspeak
    Leaderspeak   3 days ago

    1. Magic Johnson 2. Michael Jordan 3. Pete Maravich 4. Kobe Bryant 5. Lebron James Could've added a half-dozen more but... the golden era of NBA was the L.A. Lakers, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls. What a great time to see the game excel in every area.

  • partssman1
    partssman1   3 days ago

    Lab*tch will never be the ball player Bird was.As the trailblazers about birds 1986 left handed game

  • Otis
    Otis   3 days ago

    Larry Bird was one of baddest white dude ever play the game .👍🏿 Lebron is the man, but Bird in is prime will give Lebron a run for his money.

  • Christian HHansen
    Christian HHansen   3 days ago

    Magic was asked if he was in an alley fight, who would he want on his side, he said LARRY BIRD!

  • Michael Gatza
    Michael Gatza   3 days ago

    Magic (MSU) beat Bird (ISU) in 1979. Epic rivalry.

  • Mark Sharbono
    Mark Sharbono   4 days ago

    Better than Lebron, Lebron favorite old school player himself- BIRDS A BETTER ALL- AAROUND PLAYER, not as explosive as Bron or athletic as Bron but Bird best ALL-AROUND PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY!

  • dvrmte
    dvrmte   4 days ago

    "I'm going to do that". LMAO Bird makes it look easy. Back when Bird was playing he made a video about basic basketball and some of his techniques. He showed how to make an inbound pass called the "pass by the ear". You throw the ball just beside your defenders head. I tried it and our next Y league game. I threw it straight into a guys face, busting his nose. LMAO And the bounced out on me. Imagine trying to explain that to the referee and opposing player bleeding out the nose like a faucet.

  • Johnny Hutto
    Johnny Hutto   4 days ago

    Bird was a 6'9 forward with the skills of a 6'5 point guard.When those that been called the best say you're the best enough said!🏀🏀

  • Ohm Slice
    Ohm Slice   4 days ago

    Your vibe in this video is the spirt! This world needs people like you! Thanks for showing up. Love!

  • S H
    S H   4 days ago

    Bird is what LeBron is today but Bird was a way better shooter, clutch performer, and all around defender. If Bird played in a more 3pt heavy era, he would probably average over 30 a game. Probably would have had more rings but the Lakers had 2 top 10 players of all time in Kareem and Magic.

  • Thor Oakenshield
    Thor Oakenshield   4 days ago

    If Bird would have had the medical treatments of today, he could have played 5 more years. Bird played in an era with Magic, Jordan, Worthy, Barkley, Kareem, Olajuwon, Dominique, and still was in top three in rebounding every year he played. For MVP he finished 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd 2nd during the 80's and early 90's, and he won the 3-Point Shootout 3 years in a row. Bird is easily top 5 all-time and I think top 3.

  • Jon Floate
    Jon Floate   4 days ago

    I grew up in California, Magic and Larry made me a fan. I am 45 now and haven't watched the NBA inn awhile, there's too much whining these days. If you can find them, get the NCAA and NBA championships Magic and Larry played in against each other. The FULL games. Go to your dads house and watch them with him. I guarantee you'll have a blast! Top 3...Dr J, Wilt Jordan....4 and 5 can go either way with Magic and Larry. No one beats Larry's situational awareness and ball handling skills.....well maybe Magic on a good day. Seriously, do the thing with your dad, he'd love it.

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark   4 days ago

    im glad to see there is a bit of an awakening to the greatness that was Larry Bird...and i think its got a lot to do with how soft the nba is today (with all the acting/flopping/charging calls etc) and a renewed respect for the Romanesque colosseum the legends of the past not only played in but excelled in... Bird's concern for his personal well being was not even in the same room with his desire to put the ball in the hole. it reminds me of that old saying to not mess with the guy who has no regard for his own personal safety....Bird's desire to score is tantamount to the desire of a Father to save his only child from harm...the look in Bird's eyes as he looks at the hoop is like the look in that Father's eyes...like nothing is more important and there is no limit to what he will sacrifice...its like he is minutes away from starvation and the last scrap of meat is at the bottom of the net. there is no limit to what he will forsake to score...his desire to score verges on the grotesque.