Mecha Morty Joins Rick Sanchez in Fortnite

  • Published on: 22 August 2021
  • Awww geez Rick. Mecha Morty has arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop.

    Joining Rick (part of the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass) as a fellow fighter, Morty arrives by means of the Mecha Morty Outfit, available in the Item Shop along with more new Morty stuff.

    Speaking of stuff, get all of it together and put it in the Morty’s Backpack Back Bling. (It can only carry a Meeseeks Box, but still.) Also, tame a Space Snake by taking up the Space Snake Pickaxe.

    With the Look at Me! Wrap, a new Mr. Meeseeks will show up on it every time you get an elimination, then stop existing with each new match. (They prefer it that way.) Oh and there’s a Get Schwifty Emote:

    From Hammerhead Morty Pickaxe to mech suit, Morty’s found a way to take on enemies for real.

    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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  • Nathan Naquin
    Nathan Naquin   6 days ago

    I thought the mech is coming back but no it morty

  • Metin Abd ali
    Metin Abd ali   1 weeks ago

    I THINK I KNOW THE STORY: I think what happened was mecha morty was teleporting in time to come in season x even tho it was at flash back of season X.

  • Lolbaka
    Lolbaka   1 weeks ago

    “They got us in the first half ngl “

  • LC_GamingPP
    LC_GamingPP   2 weeks ago

    *flashbacks of me about to win but someone uses a mech*

  • Jaiz
    Jaiz   2 weeks ago

    The fortnite players coming to kill the person who made mechs be like:

  • Cowboy Jack
    Cowboy Jack   3 weeks ago

    Get out my recommended, I hate this game

  • Greenkid
    Greenkid   4 weeks ago

    it would have been cooler if it was evil morty in a mecha suit

  • PlayStation Grenade
    PlayStation Grenade   1 months ago

    Can we get the continental hotel from Neo tilted into creative mode !!

  • Aqua_RyZe 16
    Aqua_RyZe 16   1 months ago

    Can you put I’m in Saturday’s or today’s item shop so I could buy him please

  • Bestconway
    Bestconway   1 months ago


    EERIE OREO   1 months ago

    bro dont do the pizza party emote with the skin

  • ben_t
    ben_t   1 months ago

    גרוע מידי

  • Giovanni Pascucci
    Giovanni Pascucci   1 months ago

    Dopo rick e morty penso che arriverà ritorno al futuro su fortnite 👽🎮

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy   1 months ago

    “Rick, what is this?” “It’s burp a mech morty, now come with me into fortnite” “FORTNITE NOOOOO”

  • Orang
    Orang   1 months ago

    The snake OMG

  • xFreeza
    xFreeza   1 months ago

    In all Honesty, Love The Skin but there's 1 Problem. When crouched with mecha morty you can barely see over his shoulder. Plz FIX THIS FORTNITE.....💯📤📤📤📤📤📤📤

  • meau
    meau   1 months ago

    Wow, what a clever trailer

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer   1 months ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if they added mechs back, their poor decisions have told me enough.

  • elian zabala
    elian zabala   1 months ago

    For see the event final called operation skyfire

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov   1 months ago

    When I first saw the trailer I just kept repeating the words "No not again!" Until I saw Morty😂

  • Laura Mathes
    Laura Mathes   1 months ago

    I thought Mech back I was about to delete Fortnite

  • Pizzaify_A6
    Pizzaify_A6   1 months ago

    I thought it was a mech when this came out 😂 got trolled once again