Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on: 03 May 2021
  • These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • Runtime : 17:58
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  • misteridiot
    misteridiot   2 minuts ago

    Is it really pronounced ‘me-cuh-suh’ instead of ‘me-cah-sah’?

  • The Anime G
    The Anime G   3 minuts ago

    Well that happen. Lol Human side charactervs Op side Character 👌🏾

  • Haval The Rock
    Haval The Rock   12 minuts ago

    Why are the fights so obvious these days ? You can look at the thumbnail and call the match.

  • kevin lee
    kevin lee   25 minuts ago

    I wonder why y’all entertain the obvious mismatches

  • Richard Quartz
    Richard Quartz   39 minuts ago

    Well that's 3 of 4 of the RWBY crew... Unless I missed ruby being in DB

  • Sewer Snake
    Sewer Snake   41 minuts ago

    am I the only one who only knows anything about like... most of pop culture PURELY because of Death Battle?

  • Owen Davies
    Owen Davies   42 minuts ago

    I don't care about this fight I care about PO vs IRON FIST I like both characters but I would be sad to see Po losing

  • Anime lover HAVEN
    Anime lover HAVEN   45 minuts ago

    Blake is just stronger and has more skills compared to Mikasa.

  • bob dole
    bob dole   46 minuts ago

    The match was decided at 12:30 lol.

  • D Man
    D Man   46 minuts ago

    DB, please hide comment previews so videos dont get spoiled for me as soon as I click the link in mobile. Thanks.

  • O S
    O S   57 minuts ago

    Seryu Ubiquitous (akame ga kill) vs XJ9 ( my life as a teenage robot)

  • Anime Lord
    Anime Lord   1 hours ago

    As much as I like AOT it was obvious that Blake was going to win what I’m upset about is how kinda dumb that fight was there there so many ways Blake could’ve won why that one and also why the hell did mikasa dispose of blades she didn’t even use yet on top of all that mikasa isn’t dumb when she cut Blake’s arm she wouldn’t have gone for the arm period she woulda finished her so as much as I acknowledge Blake was the clear winner it’s kind dumb how she won

  • Нус Атман
    Нус Атман   1 hours ago

    They really combine great first volumes and last volumes, when Blake slow, stupid and very weakness? O, go to Hell. This is nonsense.

  • Corwyn Rutan
    Corwyn Rutan   1 hours ago

    Next time on death battle Po the dragon warrior is battling against Iron fists who will win with Kung Fu fighting style

  • DFLT Sparky
    DFLT Sparky   1 hours ago

    OK, so to all of the people complaining it was a "RT-win" it wasn't, and here's why. Semblances deplete with Aura yes, but it isn't really possible to kill someone who still has their Aura up regardless (As far as we've seen, anyway). So even though the thunder spears did 4.5 times what Blake's Aura can survive, it just depleted her aura, as I explained earlier. That being said, after her Aura was depleted, she wasn't able to use her semblance, but was able to fight, just not as well as she was before. So, her surviving the titan rod was because she still had her Aura up, was still able to fight after, and hence able to do that final thunder spear with Gambol Shroud

  • Jahflameful
    Jahflameful   1 hours ago

    Guys... It’s been far too long for you to not make a luffy vs naruto death battle

  • Digital Adventurer
    Digital Adventurer   1 hours ago

    So now all we need is Ruby to complete the set. Probably would be best for her to go up against a fellow scythe user

  • James
    James   1 hours ago

    Yall had mikasa replacing her blades after not damaging them at all. Why?

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran   1 hours ago

    The fight was clearly one sided.... Idk how you chose the fights, but this one wasnt good, mikasa never had any chance

  • You're*
    You're*   1 hours ago

    Geoff told them to write it so blake wins or they get their checks docked

  • ron wardlaw
    ron wardlaw   1 hours ago

    These Death Battles are getting way too easy to call

  • N0isy B0i
    N0isy B0i   1 hours ago

    A boring stomp with no real quantifiable comparrison between the two.Not to mention one of the characters is owned by the company that makes this show.We all knew the outcome before we even clicked.

  • TheMilk Man
    TheMilk Man   1 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought this wasn’t really a fair matchup?

  • doquan hughes
    doquan hughes   1 hours ago

    This deathbattle was really pointless 🤦‍♂️

  • Christian Luther
    Christian Luther   1 hours ago

    So we've had Blake, Weiss, and Yang. Now we just need Ruby to fight Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

  • Eiji
    Eiji   1 hours ago

    Lol and then eren uses founding titan powers and kills her in a second lol

  • Xtream_Exe
    Xtream_Exe   1 hours ago

    I know I'm late but happy anniversary y guys u made part of my child hood I remember my first death battle I watched was mario vs sonic