Harald Sings(My Mother Told Me)

  • Published on: 22 August 2020
  • I have seen a lot of comments asking for the version sung by Harald in the show Vikings so here it is with lyrics. As always like and subscribe for more and let me know what you want next in the comments.
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  • Runtime : 52
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  • Justin899
    Justin899   4 weeks ago

    So making a version of this wear it starts as these guys singing it and them transitions into the assassins creed version would be dope.

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver   3 months ago

    Fun how they liked the assassin's creed trailer song so much they used it

  • Chodi Barakuda
    Chodi Barakuda   6 months ago

    King Harald and Ragnar are the most Viking-looking characters in the show. That's what I imagine a Viking to look like

  • Erion
    Erion   6 months ago

    0.75x playback hits different

  • Reshi
    Reshi   7 months ago

    play with 0.75x speed

  • Thanos_ Karagiannhs
    Thanos_ Karagiannhs   7 months ago

    My father told mesomeday I would diefighting for new lands with blood-covered handsValhalla's door to the havenshall wait forn no manwait for no man

  • Nicole Teo
    Nicole Teo   8 months ago

    Didn't they sing this together after raping and killing a family of farmers?

  • Tai
    Tai   8 months ago

    Srry but can someone tell me the name of that movie cuz I’m from Asian and rlly don’t know much

  • A Boy
    A Boy   8 months ago

    Man have natural autotune

  • Dylan Tennant
    Dylan Tennant   9 months ago

    Gods, ever sense I have heard this song, I can not get it out of my head.

  • Francine Siddaway
    Francine Siddaway   9 months ago

    King Harald 🤩 Love You Peter Franzén 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Kitsune Lee
    Kitsune Lee   9 months ago

    This was long before the Vikings show my son was born and part of his very long name is Dagen Ragnar and I sang a song much like this to him as a lullaby.My son hated his name and was mocked throughly. I'd wipe away his tears and tell him one he would grow up to be a tall, strong, fighter, and the other boy's were just jealous. Odin was watching over him and all things take time to grow.Now he's 17yr loves his name and is one hell of a power house fighting.As a mother I couldn't be more proud.

  • Yob
    Yob   9 months ago

    Out of all “Norsemen” in the show these 2 Finnish actors were the most convincing for me. Interested to hear what people from Scandinavian countries think. Cheers from Russia

  • Isaiah Israel
    Isaiah Israel   9 months ago

    It was always going to be hard to fill the hole left behind by Ragnar’s death in the Son’s of Ragnar chapters. But Harald did it.

    MASTRO   9 months ago


  • James Davenport
    James Davenport   9 months ago

    The actor who plays Harald should cut an album singing Sea Shanties. I'd buy it faster than you can type Sven Forkbeard.

  • Marc Martel
    Marc Martel   9 months ago

    The epic scene when Harald and his brother sing after killing a saxon family, after finding them hiding in the ceiling! lol i was like, REAL VIKINGS GOING SAVAGE MODE!

  • karan korpal
    karan korpal   9 months ago

    just watched the new episodes.. damn fighting the battle while sitting near the tree.. taking final breaths ..nd then two brothers finally met one last time and sang a songone of the best moments in vikings❤️

  • Mihajlo Vucinic
    Mihajlo Vucinic   9 months ago

    Ma man Harald was my favorite. He changed sides so many times i didn't believe he will live more than 5 episodes. But there he is surpassing almost all of the Lothbroks :D

  • Kent-Inge Østensen
    Kent-Inge Østensen   9 months ago

    Imagine hearing this singing from the trees or seeing 400 boats in the horizon. The chills people must’ve Got from the Vikings i can only imagine. I’m Proud to be a Norwegian.

  • Mike ivey
    Mike ivey   9 months ago

    This is so creepy I'm watching Vikings and this scene is about yo happen as I click it

  • Squid Balls
    Squid Balls   9 months ago

    I thought the lyric was "someday I will die" with the background image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=199PRNiERmI&ab_channel=TimeTraveler

  • Ya boy Ed
    Ya boy Ed   9 months ago

    My mother told me, we got McDonald’s at home

  • Blood viking
    Blood viking   9 months ago

    Adoro ouvir os dois irmãos cantando 😍😍😍

  • Mina Lim
    Mina Lim   9 months ago

    About to play this hype music every time I wake up

  • Jimmy Joyce
    Jimmy Joyce   9 months ago

    when hes dying and sings this with his brother was great

  • Trocyden Studio
    Trocyden Studio   9 months ago

    For everyone asking what episode this song is sung. S04e09. Death all round is the name of episode.