The NSP Collab - Danny Don't You Know

  • Published on: 26 October 2019
  • To celebrate the 10 year anniversary, multiple animators, illustrators, and musicians stepped in to work on most popular Ninja Sex Party song ‘Danny Don’t You Know’ for 11+ months!
    This goes out not only to every Ninja Sex Party fan, but to Ninja Sex Party themselves, happy 10 years and wishing all the best for the next 10 years!

    Links to everyone involved in this project!

    Ninja Sex Party Collab Twitter

    Ninja Sex Party Official

    This project is a completely fan made project, and 100% not monetised. It’s a video for fans, made by fans.
  • Runtime : 7:18
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  • Mess Up Machine
    Mess Up Machine   6 days ago

    Help! I arrived here off an autoplay after Starlight Brigade and I cannot even fathom how to begin to express my appreciation for this super dope collab! If you get this message and it becomes my last just know I was possibly too happy! (I'm impressed with Steve Dorian's smooth animation, but in an effort to be impartial, supreme kudos to the efforts in detail to the other animators, wish I could be of your kind but I lack the talent.)

  • Anonymous F. Aggot
    Anonymous F. Aggot   1 weeks ago

    OkIf any of you beautiful people out there ever gains the ability to time travel you are obligated to get this song to past Danny.

  • SomeASMR
    SomeASMR   2 weeks ago

    The 2:34 animation on the head tilt ❤️ changes here from somber to bad ass as hell

  • Artistspooks
    Artistspooks   1 months ago

    This is their best song in my opinion. Gives me chills every time.

  • delacruise666
    delacruise666   1 months ago

    1:59 anyone else tear up at this part? 🥺 No? Just me? Ok…

  • Ryan Criger
    Ryan Criger   1 months ago

    Rush light invader's part was so good

  • Lucas McDurfee
    Lucas McDurfee   2 months ago

    Don’t know why he said he has no style like those Jesus shoes kinda fire

  • Melon
    Melon   3 months ago

    Steve and shig holy crap they are amazing

  • R3B00T3D
    R3B00T3D   3 months ago

    Ninja Brian spotting! 3:28

  • R3B00T3D
    R3B00T3D   3 months ago


  • teedubbleyoo
    teedubbleyoo   3 months ago

    Danny-troll and Beefcake-Brian at 4:06 killed me.

  • Chanel Amour
    Chanel Amour   3 months ago

    Amazing and more than fantastic work to all of you and I'm really excited to see more in the future

  • yotoba
    yotoba   3 months ago

    WOW, Gregzilla was the BEST

  • Austin Cookendorfer
    Austin Cookendorfer   4 months ago

    not gonna lie this song made me wanna keep going with my music regardless of how much i think i suck. Thank you NSP

  • Powerhouse Official
    Powerhouse Official   5 months ago

    Still one of the best songs NSP has written period... NO FUCKING ARGUMENTS!

  • Pourin Rain
    Pourin Rain   5 months ago

    3:42 the way it transitions oh my lord, it’s magical

  • fuppster
    fuppster   5 months ago

    Ah yes a great song from Samurai Fornication Gathering, “Leigh Daniel Avidan have you not heard”

  • Mister Mack
    Mister Mack   5 months ago

    Kills me everytime I realise that Dan is barely old enough remember his favorite music genre

  • Stephen
    Stephen   5 months ago

    4:03 Bimmling this image is so heartwarming ToT its such a perfect emotional representation of this moment in the song. damn well done!

  • Shmamp
    Shmamp   5 months ago

    Has Dan seen this? I would kill (not really)to see a reaction vid about this.

  • mr kat
    mr kat   5 months ago

    I can’t believe no one noticed the sailor moon pose at 2:27

  • Mason
    Mason   5 months ago

    This is a beautiful tribute to such an awesome band

  • Silverfire 12
    Silverfire 12   5 months ago

    I’m not tearing up. What are you talking about. It’s not like this songs is making me feel more secure about myself.

  • Luke Penrose
    Luke Penrose   5 months ago

    Arin at 2:51 being so GD proud of his bud. Ya love to see it.

  • Kat King
    Kat King   6 months ago

    love this type of music, and love that it's in danny's own style. little werido

  • The_ArtSmith23
    The_ArtSmith23   6 months ago

    I swear that one frame where Brian’s thumbs up switches to a middle finger at the last second gets me every time

  • Guppy_ Flowers
    Guppy_ Flowers   6 months ago

    Simply misty ottlermac noitibar scene❤️❤️❤️❤️ prefect

  • SeanTheBean
    SeanTheBean   6 months ago

    It doesn’t matter how many times I listen, how many times in a row. This song always gives me goosebumps and makes me cry. I love this so damn much and the animation makes it even fucking better. God damn.

  • H2
    H2   6 months ago

    Great song, great animation, incredible result. Well done.