Popular FALL 2021 Clothing Trends *would we wear them?!*

  • Published on: 02 September 2021
  • We put the 2021 fall trends to the test! Would we actually wear them? Then, watch as we round up our favorite intimate items like bras, underwear, and more! ►► https://youtu.be/hE_UryjIRDo
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    What We Wore!
    Princess Polly Ashton Sweater Vest - https://fave.co/3zkrkP1
    Fashion Nova Hampton Queen Sweater Vest - https://fave.co/2WwDDJL
    Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Recycled Cropped Cable Knit Sweater Vest - https://fave.co/3ktPujH
    PLT Gold Button Blazer Dress - https://fave.co/3gyzz2o
    Oh Polly Time Check Ribbed Long Sleeve Crop Top - https://fave.co/3gB0niR
    Oh Polly Energise Ribbed Tie Front Full Length Leggings - https://fave.co/3kpgfpH
    Adidas Training Oversized Sweatpants With Three Stripes - https://fave.co/2USuTwU
    Adida Training Cropped Sweatshirt With Three Stripes - https://fave.co/3klqE5G
    Modcloth A Mile High Argyle Tights - https://fave.co/38h0lrC
    ASOS DESIGN J’adore Logo Tights - https://fave.co/3sXwoqg
    Missguided Neon Green Co Ord Oversized Blazer - https://fave.co/2wn3lk6
    Fashion Nova Live on the Edge Mini Skirt Set - https://fave.co/3DlbB4F
    Verge Girl Downtown Skyline Knit Set - https://fave.co/3t2vx7P
    Zara Sequin Mini Dress - https://fave.co/3yp4vs6
    VENUS Sequin Ombre Dress - https://fave.co/3Dlxtgg
    White Fox Shine Bright Bustier - https://fave.co/3gB2umN
    Zara Faux Leather Vest - https://fave.co/38fHnl9
    Fashion Nova Here and Now Faux Leather Top - https://fave.co/3jlXXq6
    PLT PU Balloon Sleeve Pocket Detail Romper - https://fave.co/38e1sZl

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    We #rate the best and worst #trends for #fall2021

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  • Runtime : 19:1
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  • MeloMayers
    MeloMayers   1 months ago

    sinead looks just like nicole anderson omg

  • Meg Carpenter
    Meg Carpenter   1 months ago

    Lol Drew lookin like Wednesday Addams. Love it 😘

  • Allana
    Allana   2 months ago

    “There’s never a season it’s appropriate to wear real leather cause it’s too hot” ma’am I can only wear my leathers for 6 months of the year (if I’m lucky) because it gets so fucking cold here, so if you wanna wear leather jackets come to Canada lol

  • kail fern
    kail fern   2 months ago

    Loved Renee 😍 what an absolutely stunning woman! Love her energy with you guys 😍

  • Eva Verheij
    Eva Verheij   3 months ago

    Lilac is usually a true pastel purple color and Lavender is a purple with more blue undertone and generally more saturated. Drew's dress can be considered lilac and Sinead's is like a very light lavender. Renee's is a true lilac imo.

  • Sandy Ortiz
    Sandy Ortiz   3 months ago

    These colors are stressing me out 😭 Drew was wearing lavender, Sinead was wearing periwinkle, only Renee was actually in lilac. And then the lime green, Sinead was wearing tea green idk who listed that as lime green but they might want to get a fire extinguisher cause their pants are on fire. And Drew and Renee idl man those colors were barely lime green but they could pass. They all looked super cute but I just wanna have a talk with whoever listed the colors for those outfits

  • SeksDobryWszystkim
    SeksDobryWszystkim   3 months ago

    I seriously don't get American girls love for strappy shoes. They are so unpractical and honestly totally boring and cheap looking :D i appreciate Drew's love for pumps, always elegant.

  • Melanie Nichols
    Melanie Nichols   3 months ago

    Drew closer to lavender. Renee is closest to lilac. Sinead is periwinkle.

  • Loretta Smith
    Loretta Smith   3 months ago

    Sinead's tights would have been better with lacey/fishnetty type things. Totally rock it up rather than all black ones.

  • Alicia Salas
    Alicia Salas   3 months ago

    Hey Drew I think if you were to edge it up abit with like some chunky blockheel combat boots a little layered choker necklace with layered necklaces moment and a CUTE corset top it would be an outfit of PERFECTION for a Nirvana AC-DC or Def-Leopard concert

  • S T
    S T   3 months ago

    Lilac and neon green are fall colors now?

  • ikabbob
    ikabbob   4 months ago

    Drew is the only one in lilac. Lilac is a pastel pink that leans purple. Lavender is a pastel purple (Renee), and to my eyes Sinead is in nearly Robin's egg blue

  • bobeczek01
    bobeczek01   4 months ago

    I can swear that Europ or just any place with actual Fall/autumn weather loves tights and if you are worried about the length of your skirt/dress or have a little more meat on the bone black tights are a life saver ! Also I don't like too much colour for this season - warm browns , reds, yellows are always always good for fall and you know if Loren( Lauren) was there she would just say Pumpkin spice 🍂🌾🥧🎃🌰☕

  • k3ls3yyk3ls
    k3ls3yyk3ls   4 months ago

    I always thought lilac was a warmer, tone that is slightly less pastel and lavender is more cool toned. What Drew is wearing is lilac and Sinead is wearing lavender

  • Mama At 17
    Mama At 17   4 months ago

    Studying different types of flowers in 9th grade and choosing lilac for my flower. They come in a few ranges of a light purple.

  • ari
    ari   4 months ago


  • szaboanna33
    szaboanna33   4 months ago

    The New Girl stands in a position that screams for abuse

  • Lia Fabian
    Lia Fabian   4 months ago

    I loved Drew’s stocking outfit, I want that dress

  • Tatchik77
    Tatchik77   4 months ago

    Why does that chic hardly ever look at/talk to Sinead? It was a little awkward...js.

  • Kenndra Lispie
    Kenndra Lispie   4 months ago

    Drew is lilac. lilac is more pink and lavender is more purple.

  • BriLexis
    BriLexis   4 months ago

    I don’t see how lime green is a fall trend. Lime green is spring summer more

  • BriLexis
    BriLexis   4 months ago

    Drew is wearing more lavender. Renee is a true lilac I think

  • Fatima Khan
    Fatima Khan   4 months ago

    Oml Renee 🥵🥵🥵😍😍😍😍 She’s stunning!

  • ky white
    ky white   4 months ago

    I never like newbies but I’m feeling her Vibes

  • Virgo Yogini
    Virgo Yogini   4 months ago

    I can't, with the lime green, it's too 80s, been there, done it.

  • Virgo Yogini
    Virgo Yogini   4 months ago

    I like lilac, with brown or grey. I don't dig the lime green, I had enough of it in the 80s & it feels more like spring/summer.

  • paige
    paige   4 months ago

    Them living in California where the weather barely changes with each season: omg I’m so excited for fall!! Like girl haha fall means like 50 degree weather, leaves turning colors, apples and pumpkins growing. Not pumpkin spiced lattes

  • itara
    itara   4 months ago

    Loves those two style just not Sinead.

  • Taber Bailee
    Taber Bailee   4 months ago

    I feel like I'm the only one who just hates all of these for fall. Like sequins and lime green are not giving me fall vibes at all.

  • Bre Love
    Bre Love   4 months ago

    I appreciate Renee’s body type.

  • Bre Love
    Bre Love   4 months ago

    Snead’s thoughts on the toes of the tights are so one point!!

  • Vicki Shaw
    Vicki Shaw   4 months ago

    I really like the tights but I'm disappointed that Sinead gave Dolls Kill money, please don't support Dolls Kill, they are homophobic, transphobic and racist. Aswell as anti disabled, they once hired a model then fired her when they found out she was disabled (she didn't need to stand up to take photos in the crap clothes either). Also they are known for stealing creators ideas and claiming them as their own.

  • Hayley Webb
    Hayley Webb   4 months ago

    Renee I think is most lilac although every outfit was so cute!!! And I love all the shades 😂Thennn I think Drew is def the most lime haha