The Golden State Warriors welcome back Andre Iguodala | NBA on ESPN

  • Published on: 11 February 2020
  • The Golden State Warriors welcome back Andre Iguodala with a video tribute, then Klay Thompson gives a speech at center court.

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  • Runtime : 3:27
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  • Cassius 2206
    Cassius 2206   3 weeks ago

    Andrew Wiggins there would be the successor of Andre, in all aspect.

  • david bamundaga
    david bamundaga   1 months ago

    steph curry looks just like my cousin and blake griffin looks like my older cousin i swear...

  • Doxo
    Doxo   1 months ago

    Paper rock scissors

  • Avitho Legolas
    Avitho Legolas   1 months ago

    Warriors will never be the same without Andre and Livingston !! It's a fact.

  • Christopher Pham
    Christopher Pham   1 months ago

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  • Vann Aziz
    Vann Aziz   2 months ago

    he definitely deserved that FMvp

  • Kyleaholic
    Kyleaholic   2 months ago

    Iggy is that investor who invested on a small company and that company turned into steph klay dray and soon kd lets say iggy is the smartest investor of all time 😂

  • Warrior J
    Warrior J   2 months ago

    Feels like home. There’s no greater compliment.

  • J Bon
    J Bon   2 months ago

    Proud to say I was there witnessing this event, though Steph and Klay didn't play.

  • chachi cute
    chachi cute   2 months ago

    The Very nice couch the golden state warriors my diciplent

  • Gilgamesh
    Gilgamesh   2 months ago

    Why is Shane Battier on the Warriors bench?

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi   3 months ago

    Respect to big boss man Iguodala, he did so much for the Bay.

  • Velma Wauneka
    Velma Wauneka   3 months ago

    Yes we want Andrew back he's a good player with the Warriors, Stephen, Klay,Green ,Looney and the other team Good Luck keep winning Warriors from Navajo N M

  • renz iverson
    renz iverson   3 months ago

    They did not do this with KD on the nets vs warriors opening night...

  • knox bodiez
    knox bodiez   3 months ago

    "be ear yo fans my bruddas'll b back n action full strottle next year, to wreck havoc on the league.. for eiighty games" 2:13

  • KuaBern & Joy TV
    KuaBern & Joy TV   3 months ago

    All I can say is.. WOWWWWW😱😱😱 What a great franchise, what a great teammates, what a great old friends. Sir Andrei Igodalla you deserved more appreciation coming from your old team and your avid fans as well. I really inspired😟and happy.😊 My God!😭😭😭

  • Broders Wiser
    Broders Wiser   3 months ago

    Iggy was respected by his teammates and the entire fans of gsw, not like Kevin Durant who bullied by his teammates and the OKC fans

  • Crispina Bendol
    Crispina Bendol   3 months ago

    OKC FANS TO KD: BOOOOO!!!!Meanwhile WARRIORS TO IGGY: WE LOVE YOU!!! GIVING A WARM WELCOME even tho he will play against his former teammates❤️

  • Stluks
    Stluks   3 months ago


  • junlen tadle
    junlen tadle   3 months ago

    Igoudala is the best in defense thats is needed for warriors especially klay was out of season.

  • A J
    A J   3 months ago

    Go Warriors!

  • ryuran gentile ketchum
    ryuran gentile ketchum   4 months ago

    Klay was like: “Why are you winning all the time bro.. that’s unfair!?!?” Hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • team supreme
    team supreme   4 months ago

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  • Rhapsody in Glue
    Rhapsody in Glue   4 months ago

    Can't believe Andre's journey. I was living in Philly when he was busting chops there too. What a legend