GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 (2012) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 20 November 2017
  • Ending Explained for the found footage sequel GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2. Discover what happened after the first film, and learn more about the supernatural mythology of Collingwood Hospital.

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  • Runtime : 18:43
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  • Petty
    Petty   3 days ago

    Wait so is this real😭?

  • Grenadier Mike
    Grenadier Mike   6 days ago

    "The site is experiencing multiple keter and euclid level breaches"

  • patato patato
    patato patato   6 days ago

    Yes go to a children’s ward in a creepy old hospital definitely a correct decision

  • patato patato
    patato patato   6 days ago

    I’m so confused on this whole house love that stuff in the grave encounters one and two so I’m just gonna pretend it’s real

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if it would be impossible to dig out of the building. Like destroy a wall to get out

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   3 weeks ago

    I just realized that the first movie was bad because it was put together by a producer and no director

  • Box Head
    Box Head   3 weeks ago

    Ah yes, Scp-096 I remember.

  • Kim Family
    Kim Family   1 months ago

    I got that feeling that u will die in my stomach when that elevator seen showed

  • Herb Cookie
    Herb Cookie   1 months ago


  • John Xina
    John Xina   1 months ago

    Its f***in messed up when they show 096 in the movie

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   1 months ago

    , Chris, there was a scene where lance was repeating quotes from different characters from the first film

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   1 months ago

    It’s been so long that I forgot YouTube used to do video responses

  • Samson Pham
    Samson Pham   1 months ago

    Grace encounters 3 could be tc’s daughter looking for tc

  • Kremit
    Kremit   1 months ago

    This video has been out for three years and I now just saw the ghost interactions part

  • flysmask
    flysmask   1 months ago

    So, how's he supposed to explain about his missing girlfriend who he killed in the films and the rest of the crew? Especially if it gets popular?

  • TheInfectiousCadaver
    TheInfectiousCadaver   1 months ago

    didnt anyone else find the ouija they found to be quite odd? who the fuck made it? a programmer? the mother fucker is using a QWERTY key set.

  • L3XAN
    L3XAN   1 months ago

    Oh, I get it. It's like a metaphor for the film industry or something, right?

  • crealkillr
    crealkillr   1 months ago

    Found proof that the lore might be real? Lets go inside!stupid decisions lol. Even if you need evidence, you dont lock yourself into the building. If any of it is real, you are gonna be wandering inside there for days.

  • Grumple
    Grumple   1 months ago

    Scp fans be like: SCP 096!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbie Anson
    Robbie Anson   2 months ago

    No he is not alive he was taken by the man himself that’s right he was taken in the portal elsewhere but nowhere else but either in the darkness somewhere in time but it doesn’t mean that he went to heaven or hell but that doesn’t mean that he was still dead or anything like that no he’s gone he was swallowed up by that mental hospital alive taken into the darkness they closed out on him perfectly

  • Samantha Bauer
    Samantha Bauer   2 months ago

    Would like to know what would happen if someone sat outside and occasionally opened the doors to check in. Would the doors be stuck shut? Would they not see anyone inside? Does the front outside of the hospital also count as haunted property and could someone sitting outside the front door still be sucked into their traps? Or what if someone chained the doors open? Would they shut eventually anyway? Would they see anything? I need to know

  • Tymen
    Tymen   2 months ago

    They ripped that elevator scene from room 1408 tho

  • AlphaHunter
    AlphaHunter   2 months ago

    Me, looking at the red door: Imma be honest, totally thought it was a hell door

  • AlphaHunter
    AlphaHunter   2 months ago

    Ah basic ass horror movie idiots. "In order to expose the truth that ghosts are lobotomizing people and expose this man, let's go to the hospital that this all happened in!" proceeds to enter hospital AND mess with a Ouija board

  • ysjosh 2848
    ysjosh 2848   2 months ago

    8:40SCP 096 has breaches containment

  • Calum
    Calum   2 months ago

    An armed security guard? In Canada? I call fake

  • Dakota Loven
    Dakota Loven   2 months ago

    It would be perfect if the third movie if they made one showed the producer to be the devil himself

  • Oxy_02
    Oxy_02   2 months ago

    Curious as to the implications of the ending. Was the hint about the spirits not being able to leave the hospital (during the fake escape scene) just entirely fabricated? What IS the spirits' ability to pursue someone once they've been allowed to leave? If Cynical McPunchableface hadn't done anything with the tapes, then what?

  • Austin Christy
    Austin Christy   2 months ago

    The big mouth doctor looks like he just sucks up all the air in the area