The Mystic Crystal - NSP

  • Published on: 09 June 2021
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    Directed by: Sean Barrett
    Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht & Jim Roach
    Producer: Robin Spears
    Executive Producer: Jamee Ranta
    Director of Photography: Dillon Schneider
    Production Designer: Traci Hays
    Visual Effects: Sean Barrett
    Editor: Kelly Lyon

    Animation Team
    Producer: Patrick Stannard
    Director: India Swift
    Colour Designer: Michael Doig
    Character Designers:
    Amanda Bell
    India Swift
    Story Artists
    India Swift
    Luke Weber
    Federico Etchegaray
    Layout Artists: Marc Hendry & Michael Doig
    Background Artists:
    Renee Violet
    Michael Doig
    Final Line Artists:
    Hardik Manktala
    Kevin Ryan
    Gemma Roberts
    India Swift
    Hardik Manktala
    Kevin Ryan
    Gemma Roberts
    Vir Prieto
    India Swift
    Patrick Stannard
    Lead Final Line Artist :
    Bryony Evans
    Post Production Artist:
    Michael Doig

    Ninja Brian: Brian Wecht
    Danny Sexbang: Dan Avidan
    The Princess: Beatrice “The Ice Man” O’Neill
    The King: Dave Brown
    The Necromancer: Mark Fischbach
    The Roommate: Seán McLoughlin
    Wizard: Ross O/Donovan
    Wizard: Jack Douglass
    Wizard: Biniam Bizuneh
    Knight #1: Lloyd Ahlquist
    Knight #2: Eric Radic
    Knight #3: Zubin Anklesaria
    Knight #4: Robby Guerrero
    Throne Room Guitarist: Jim Roach
    Trumpeter: Maxi
    Sterling Morris
    Sydney Dowling
    Holgie Forrester
    Jack Bornoff
    Russell Becker

    Music Credits:
    Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced and Engineered by: Jim Roach
    Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
    Recorded at Sunset Sound and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by: Thom Flowers
    Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Ninja Sex Party
    Dan Avidan: Vocals
    Brian Wecht: Keys & Synths
    Havve Hogan: Drums
    Lord Phobos: Guitar
    Doctor Sung: Synths & Keys
    Commander Meouch: Bass

    Jim Roach: Additional guitars

    Full Lyrics can be found at:
  • Runtime : 12:27


  • Brutsie
    Brutsie   3 hours ago

    Dan: Right now they're in New JerseeeyyyyyVideo: zooms in on Oklahoma

  • Mr. Stress
    Mr. Stress   8 hours ago

    This is everything I had hoped it would be and more!

  • malcom0000
    malcom0000   9 hours ago

    I wonder if Ninja Brian is related to Ask a ninja...

  • EpicNinja92817
    EpicNinja92817   10 hours ago

    Endgame will be the most ambitious crossover in history.Ninja Sex Party:

    THEATOMBOMB035   10 hours ago

    Gotta say Dan is putting his Inner David Bowie into this video

  • Brian Patrick
    Brian Patrick   10 hours ago

    Over the years I’ve come to realize that Danny’s strength comes from his charisma and his dick. Brian’s has the strength to endure everything except that his weakness is his silence and his dick. Together they truly are an invincible pair.

  • monkeyman123321
    monkeyman123321   12 hours ago

    Not bad could of gotten someone hotter to play the princess.

  • Jessica krios
    Jessica krios   13 hours ago

    They did a good job at making mark not look like mark right away.Though did anyone else notice they mispell's Seán last name it's Seán McLaughin (incase you can't tell for those unfamiliar it's an on going joke that no mortal man can spell Seán's last name right)

  • Lunar Braveheart
    Lunar Braveheart   13 hours ago

    I’m new to this channel so I really have no idea what the fuck is happening. All I know is, this was amazing and sure as hell shouldn’t of been free!

  • Joe Garner
    Joe Garner   13 hours ago

    Good glow on that JO crystal. Must have been a lot of positive energy at the sesh.

  • superdk55
    superdk55   15 hours ago

    Why hasn't this gotten more views? It kicks ass! Rockfuck!

  • Chris S
    Chris S   15 hours ago

    Y'all listen to a lot of prog, huh?

  • Ido013
    Ido013   17 hours ago

    Nice the guy I came to hate his content is the bad guy ;)

  • zerogamer pro3
    zerogamer pro3   17 hours ago

    I still can't believe that Markiplier is participating in your music videos. Me and my friend believed that he is a random Mark-like person

  • Oregano
    Oregano   19 hours ago

    You can tell how much of a Black Cauldron/classic cartoon fantasy fan Dan is in this video

  • Spacehums
    Spacehums   20 hours ago

    Absolute eye candy for 12 minutes and 26 seconds (credits absolutely included!)

  • bruh
    bruh   20 hours ago

    Fucking amazing, they even got this out in COVID times.

  • Bulletbill Studios
    Bulletbill Studios   23 hours ago

    I love how Ninja Brian is never happy he’s always pissed and hates everything except Danny and killing people

  • DragonBoy4194
    DragonBoy4194   1 days ago

    Dan: Hey Sean, wanna be in an NSP video? Sean: What will I have to do? Dan: Just sit on a couch and eat

  • Nach-o-Cheese
    Nach-o-Cheese   1 days ago

    5:11Simpsons Meme: P a t h e t i cNSP: P a t h e t i c

  • Dan N
    Dan N   1 days ago

    It was everything I hoped for. Definitely made my day.

  • Matthew Wise
    Matthew Wise   1 days ago

    Excellent job as always guys. Absolutely wonderful!

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B   1 days ago

    That doofy smile at 2:36 that Danny makes while pointing at himself is so adorable. xD

    ZACHA BOY!   1 days ago

    Just the facial reactions of Mark. Perfect!

  • Jacob Benning
    Jacob Benning   1 days ago

    Ninja Brian's power is ninja, Danny Sexbang's power is immortality, apparently

  • DevilsHand676
    DevilsHand676   1 days ago

    i had no idea that the kind was Dave from Boyinaband

  • Dodsodalo
    Dodsodalo   1 days ago

    I would love a song that immediately derails into a police radio panic broadcasting of Ninja Brians murderous rampage, where the skit is where the song is called Music only or something which brian rejects.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan
    Dr. Mantis Toboggan   1 days ago

    These music videos are the greatest fulfillment of a man's fantasy that I can imagine.