Kerry Kittles - Today's Style of Play in the NBA is Causing More Injuries | THE ODD COUPLE

  • Published on: 21 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker speak with former NBA player Kerry Kittles about the state of the NBA from the injuries plaguing the league to Steph Curry putting up crazy numbers. Kittles also expresses his concerns with the league's style of play and thinks it's a big contributor to the injuries around the league.

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  • knicks fan
    knicks fan   1 weeks ago

    I disagree shooting is easier than posting up

  • Lee Kautz
    Lee Kautz   1 weeks ago

    Players r just soft now. Jordan played every game. Or it could b steroids or just out of shape. Whatever it is....they need to ask the jordan generation how they did it....and in a more physical type game then. SOFT. Or another word for soft.....LOAD MANAGEMENT

  • will liam
    will liam   1 weeks ago

    Maybe the injuries are due to poor training - imbalance between the different muscles and soft tissues. Their tendons, ligaments etc just can't take the stress caused by players unnatural moves and vertical explosions

  • will liam
    will liam   1 weeks ago

    3pointers ate harder to hit but easier to get off so it's more of the shooter missing

  • will liam
    will liam   1 weeks ago

    These talking heads all talking teamwork on offense, but with the ymca scrimmage type of offense now, they shld be more concerned with teamwork on DEFENSE

  • Dan Han
    Dan Han   1 weeks ago

    but old timers still think "it was more physical" back in the day. mfers just stand around boxing out

  • Vargas
    Vargas   1 weeks ago

    Curry is awesome

  • Table Leg
    Table Leg   1 weeks ago

    I’m still taking big shot Rob, Reggie, Ray and Kerr over steph of the games on the line and a 3 is needed

  • arjcr1
    arjcr1   1 weeks ago

    how about we talk about the blow out games and swepts in the playoffs because of Curry. yeah? I rather have a player who can destroy teams in 3 quarters than a clutch one that every night i have to pray hard so we win or give me a effin heart attack every now and then... 😁

  • Darryl
    Darryl   1 weeks ago

    Why does nobody ever blame these new age trainers??

  • lilbmac7
    lilbmac7   1 weeks ago

    Rob Parker is the biggest deceiving manipulated of words in how he defines what a clutch shot is to hide his hate for Steph! YouTube has a 15-minute clip of Steph Curry’s clutch making shots in the final minutes of games to either tie the score, take the lead and break the tie shots. One of them actually came with 54 seconds left in the 2015 Finals to put the Warriors up by two in front of LeBron James face!!! Clutch shots do not only come in the form of final 20 seconds of the game. He got that from a clip from a 2018 article in USA today that also went on to describe how clutch Steph actually is. The majority of clutch shots come before the final 20 seconds that puts team's away but Rob doesn't include that in his criteria for clutch?😂😂😂 what a damn deceiver!!! He missed his calling as a con man!😂😂😂

  • G Bama Boy
    G Bama Boy   1 weeks ago

    Chris, it won't matter. If they're healthy. No one is beating the Nets. I'll be surprise if the Bucks win 2 games. Philly will probably win 2 also.

  • King Kemet 25
    King Kemet 25   1 weeks ago

    Basically what is saying Steph game is cute but when the stakes are the highest Steph shot is off

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins   1 weeks ago

    Kerry's theory might make sense, but I have one question: is soccer a fair athletic comparison to today's NBA? The full-court/field running on both offense and defense? If it is a reasonable comparison, then do soccer stars get injured as much as NBA stars do? I know nothing about pro soccer so I'm looking for some informed answers.

  • Mario R Canazza
    Mario R Canazza   1 weeks ago

    Effort on defense? That’s definitely a 90s guy speaking about basketball. This doesn’t apply to today’s basketball, and Kerry sounds like he doesn’t watch games. There is NO defense.

  • Lance Lance
    Lance Lance   1 weeks ago

    This is why I disagree with those who say the game was more physical in the 80s. Nah. The hardest part for the body is not the occasional foul—it’s the constant running, changing direction, and jumping.

  • scorerstable
    scorerstable   1 weeks ago

    Bruh it is not the style of play causing more injuries it was the stoppage of play, resuming season in bubble, short offseason, condensed regular season all. Back to back..... who came up with this title?

  • Stephen B. Smith
    Stephen B. Smith   1 weeks ago

    Players today are just soft. They are getting injured because they spend more time trying to shoot threes all day instead of hitting the weights.

  • Van Gibson
    Van Gibson   1 weeks ago

    Reggie is clutch. Ray has been clutch. Kyrie has been clutch. Steph isn't clutch in the big games.Steph may be a better shooter than kyrie but kyrie is a better player.

  • Josh Rennie
    Josh Rennie   1 weeks ago

    I hear wat kitties saying i agree💯💯💯

  • Lance Fondren
    Lance Fondren   1 weeks ago

    It may be more injuries now in the NBA but back then you'll get your nose broke going to the hole

  • Anthony Adkins
    Anthony Adkins   1 weeks ago

    Robert horry never get mentioned and if you wanna say clutch and shoot like that thru the course of the game dame and klay are the best shooters of all time they do it all game from anywhere and hit big playoff shots in the clutch

  • D.J. Mitchell
    D.J. Mitchell   1 weeks ago

    Lol 😆 (8:00) basically Chris said Lebron needed two of the most clutch shots made in the Finals (Ray Allen and Kyrie) to capture two of his four Championships

  • top notch sports
    top notch sports   1 weeks ago

    foreal? they never play defense and way less physical! so wtf is y'all talking about?

  • Eric Dupree
    Eric Dupree   1 weeks ago

    8:07 Yep Right There! Key Statement! "Not in the Finals". So ask me this Rob Parker. For all that clutch shooting Reggie Miller had. No disrespect to him, but let's keep it objective. How many of those "clutch shots" led to a championship?

  • YourFavoriteCousin G
    YourFavoriteCousin G   1 weeks ago

    Rob so predictable You say anything about modern basketball and he will jump out the window

  • crush1221
    crush1221   1 weeks ago

    Rob already planning his excuses for when the Lakers win again.

  • KingKacchi
    KingKacchi   1 weeks ago

    i forgot but it was someone who said these guy take care of their bodies better today and etc etc. Its weird that this season most of the big stars and such and going down like bricks :( smfh these players are brittle. you touch them and bam they are hurt, its crazy how this season is going

  • Steven Kraft
    Steven Kraft   1 weeks ago

    Steph has problems getting the must-have shots at the end of Finals games, but he has been super-clutch in the Western Conference playoffs. I still remember going into overtime in Portland in the second round of the 2016 WC playoffs, with the Warriors up 2-0 in the series, the Trailblazers on the edge of getting back into the series and Steph finishing his first game back from his knee injury time off, he dropped 16 or 19 points on the Trailblazers in just that 5 minute overtime and ripped their hearts out at home and essentially finished the series there.

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis   1 weeks ago

    Rob you is 0 for 9 in marriages, step is 0 for 9 in playoffs, both of y'all are even..period.

  • Eric
    Eric   1 weeks ago

    The hell is kerry kittles? Lol

  • Larro_tjr
    Larro_tjr   1 weeks ago

    Let me get this straight, curry has 3 rings 2 reg season mvps all of which Ray Allen and Reggie Miller have NONE he smashed both their record half way through his career, in a class all by himself but because he hasn't hit big shots in the playoffs he's not the greatest!? Ok, yeah Rob is the ultimate knit picker cause he sounds ridiculous!! That man is a transcendent player he literally changed the way the game is played

  • Max Is Blacker Than Me

    Lebron would’ve came back of the lakers were on a huge losing streak and falling apart without him and AD. Believe that. He’s Just resting more since they have held serve against some teams and AD will have had plenty of time to rest that Achilles

  • Moe Jassim
    Moe Jassim   1 weeks ago

    Im Muslim and that joke was funny 🤣

  • Trouble Follows
    Trouble Follows   1 weeks ago

    Who does rob hate more?Lebron or Brady? I don't even think rob knows. Can make a case either way....