Minecraft, But You Can Combine Structures...

  • Published on: 01 November 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but you can combine structures! This makes the game very different, adding more fun, and also a couple of extra challenges too!

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  • Runtime : 18:52
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  • SB737
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  • Tweetie 15
    Tweetie 15   2 weeks ago

    My new favourite line is now “me and my big mouth”

  • NisforNo
    NisforNo   1 months ago

    SB let a random sheep live, for that we crown him "SB the merciful"

  • Pugman1
    Pugman1   2 months ago

    I remember him without a beard

  • Pannierdude5
    Pannierdude5   2 months ago

    Jesus Christ, not even 3 minutes into the video and you were already in the Nether, now if I was not already subscribed that would have sold me.

  • Mr. Super Sentai Robo
    Mr. Super Sentai Robo   2 months ago

    Die meisten von uns haben die letzten Jahre auch noch mal mit der Arbeit gesprochen wie ich das mit dir zusammen mit dem Handy habe ich bin gerade in den letzten Tagen in den nächsten Jahren in

  • erkkuOP
    erkkuOP   2 months ago

    Dashlane sounds like spyware

  • Carson Bolender
    Carson Bolender   3 months ago

    Can someone give me tips on how to beat the wither cuz I tried and I just kept dying

  • Hugoluver
    Hugoluver   3 months ago

    Man he just left those poor villagers to die in the end city thing

  • Emma Byrne
    Emma Byrne   3 months ago

    I fink you should do villager loot only in hard-core Minecraft

  • Dallas Brown
    Dallas Brown   3 months ago

    sonic boom 737 is my fav youtuber aka sb737

  • Alt 1
    Alt 1   3 months ago

    dude why didnt you just use the command blocks... 12:50

  • Joanne Tee
    Joanne Tee   3 months ago

    His real name is Alex Jordan!!!

  • A_O Gaming
    A_O Gaming   3 months ago

    Video Idea: The only mob you can kill is the ender dragonHave a plugin that makes chests slightly op

  • Cynthia Lant
    Cynthia Lant   3 months ago

    1 month ago you posted on film trey and i saw it

  • Tommi Arvola
    Tommi Arvola   3 months ago

    @SB737 ootko suomesta, are you from finland 3.28