Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • Finally, some good news about the environment.

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    In the ’80s, scientists discovered there was a hole in the ozone over the South Pole. A significant layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation was disappearing much faster than anyone expected. Projections suggested it would collapse by 2050, increasing skin cancer rates, harming crops, and destroying the marine food chain. The situation was dire. But today, we are on the path to recovery.

    Dr. Susan Solomon, among other scientists, contributed key findings to understand what was depleting the ozone layer and how to address it. In this video she takes us back to her expedition to Antarctica, breaks down how we managed to fix this huge problem, and looks at our next big environmental challenge — climate change — with the unbridled optimism that drove her to fix the ozone hole.

    Further reading:

    To learn about the scientific discoveries by Mario J. Molina and F. Sherwood Rowland that kickstarted research into chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the ’70s, take a look at their groundbreaking paper here:

    To read the 1985 paper that revealed there was an ozone hole forming over the South Pole, click here:

    You can find Solomon’s 1986 paper on her Antarctica expedition here:

    To read more of Solomon’s work, check out her publications here:

    To understand the Montreal Protocol in more detail, read the United Nations Environment Programme’s summary here:

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  • Runtime : 8:35
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  • Vox
    Vox   1 weeks ago

    Hi! Christina here — I wanted to share NASA’s World Avoided scenario with you. As a child of the ’80s, the threat of the ozone hole was always something I was aware of, but this model really helped me understand the catastrophe we would’ve faced had we ignored it: https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/features/WorldWithoutOzoneThanks so much for watching our video! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • John Herbert
    John Herbert   24 minuts ago

    What a bunch of nonsense. The earth heals itself.

  • Oracle Films
    Oracle Films   2 hours ago

    They had to ruin it by putting Greta at the end...

  • Miss Rosie
    Miss Rosie   6 hours ago

    In movies we see actors and actresses saying we gotta save the world. They actually saved the world in reality. But the heat is still increasing. Every year it's a record for highest temperature. Usually it's cold in December were in live. But today it feels normal like any other day.

  • Masiboy
    Masiboy   6 hours ago

    My school is one of the first in Australia, QLD to be Carbon neutral

  • Elixium - X
    Elixium - X   7 hours ago

    I’m a scientist but I get angry at these scientist because they let this happen in the first place 🥇

  • The Healer
    The Healer   7 hours ago

    Yeah, how about "acid rain" back in the 70's? Its always some catastrophe that is pumped up by the news media. Ever hear of influenza? Yeah, a mutation is now labeled as a "variant" now because it sounds new age and sexier. Yeah.....

  • Shreya Kesarwani
    Shreya Kesarwani   8 hours ago

    This gives me hope that it is possible!!! We can fix climate change, but we need to do it faster........

  • Dlegit Thrasher
    Dlegit Thrasher   11 hours ago

    Wait is the o zone is closing up or getting worse witch one is it aren't people still trippin on thizz big mess

  • juan pancho
    juan pancho   15 hours ago

    Why did all the cfcs go down to the South Pole? if most of population is on other continents. shouldn’t have the ozone layer in those places be affected more?

  • 123abc
    123abc   15 hours ago

    Switching CFC to an alternative is much more practical than any climate change proposal raised nowadays.

  • Pau
    Pau   15 hours ago

    I was waiting for the pandemic to be mentioned. I read in a news some months or a year ago, that the ozone's been healing faster due to the global pandemic's restrictions. Less people go outside and using stuff that damages the ozone.

  • Anshul Singh Lodhi
    Anshul Singh Lodhi   20 hours ago

    Literally , when I was in 10th standard , I had thought there is a hole in earth 🌍 surface , from where the O3 ( ozone ) is releases.😅

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue   20 hours ago

    I hope we get “why we don’t hear about climate change anymore” video in the near future

  • Paul Mcgee
    Paul Mcgee   23 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be, “we were all wrong, we went nuts over some normally occurring phenomenon.” Instead the story is “we did good.”

  • TØP🌀
    TØP🌀   1 days ago

    1:50 she look exactly like that vegan woman with the viral clip saying "eat your vegetable"

  • Navjeet Singh
    Navjeet Singh   1 days ago

    With woke and cancel culture that we have today, we could have never achieved it. Glad people listened to what scientists said.

  • lordamin2085
    lordamin2085   1 days ago

    The more scientists study, the more they learn that their earlier assumptions were wrong.

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy   1 days ago

    LOL complete garbage! Fodder for those who are easily scared and manipulated. They only use the "science" that supports their narrative. Can't believe many of you fall for these scams.

  • Muse-ic
    Muse-ic   1 days ago

    wow humans finally did a good thing for the environment

  • Greg Ibar
    Greg Ibar   1 days ago

    Or maybe we are in another earth have you thought about that? Some of us are still sleep. But some others are in a future mode of consciousness to help and uplift humanity to a different frequency Mentality and then you have those bad who have had tried to stop it. Nevertheless in this earth that stuff is not going to work because humanity doesn't want anymore wars. Together we are building a better world. Look inside and find your pure essence of who you are and where you come from

  • Richard Temby
    Richard Temby   1 days ago

    How come we seldom hear anything about the greening of the planet? Oh! I know, it’s probably because we can actually see that it’s growing and the alarmists prefer to focus on things we cannot see. Just sayin!!!

  • vug Ner
    vug Ner   1 days ago

    Only 100 companies around the world are responsible for 70% of climate change. Capitalism is the reason we must change the global economic system in order to address many problems, not only poverty but climate change, especially the plant system. It helps and reduces the number of births. It helps and changes the pattern of industry, recycling and lifestyle. In general, the extraction of lithium for electric batteries may be worse than the extraction of petroleum

  • Vinay A
    Vinay A   1 days ago

    I like how she said Practical. Climate change requires far too much public support, for Ozone, it was rejecting CFC and companies used an alternative. Phasing out gas powered cars, machines, meat industry etc is definitely a bigger challenge, but thanks for putting this together, Vox ! It gives us hope that we have come together for mother earth once and we will do it again.

  • Andrew
    Andrew   1 days ago

    Can guarantee what this COVID situation is all about and I don’t mind it at all.

  • Ningning
    Ningning   2 days ago

    I think the reason why they didn’t tell anyone was to keep people more green. If everyone knew the ozone was healing, they wouldn’t work so hard to recycle anymore and then they would just take advantage of it.

  • Roland and Shukura
    Roland and Shukura   2 days ago

    Hey, woke up and fed up now, not seeing and feeling change? Doing what you can do be a better partner? A human being. Yet still not enough? Taking personal counselling, Continuing to pray 🤲🏾 trying to keep yourself humble and spiritually, hiding the pain hoping things will change for the better. But physically and mentally it hurts lord I pray I work as hard as you believe in us to come together baby 🙏🏾❤️😇

  • Jordan Bronson
    Jordan Bronson   2 days ago

    Find a natural way to cool yourself. YES, there is a way and I've found it !!!

  • Heather Beachgirl
    Heather Beachgirl   2 days ago

    Imagine a time when people believed science and cared about the environment.

  • Mar Tijn
    Mar Tijn   2 days ago

    I guess she needed to add a fourth P to the story: Producers. Back then they directly attacked the producers of the chemical, and therefore went straight to the source. These days the narrative is aimed at the consumers and personal responsibility, a narrative invented by stakeholders such as BP. This ensured that for decades the big players stayed out of the picture. Change isn't possible if that remains the case.

  • Bc rich Warlock
    Bc rich Warlock   2 days ago

    But then you get those hard headed people who say it's a hoax etc