Magic Johnson & Larry Bird - Lifetime Achievement Award - 2019 NBA Awards

  • Published on: 25 June 2019
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  • Runtime : 10:1
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  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights   2 years ago

    TOP 100 MOMENTS OF THE 2018-19 NBA SEASON!!! 🔥🔥🔥WATCH →

  • John Clements
    John Clements   1 hours ago

    Imagine if they played most of their careers on the same team....they would've been unstoppable

  • Breezy Cram Heartz
    Breezy Cram Heartz   10 hours ago

    Lakers /Kainan - Magic Johnson/Shinichi Maki Celtics/Shoyo - Larry Bird/Kenji Fujima

    NBGDON   4 days ago

    KD and bron in a few years

  • Jeff Alexander
    Jeff Alexander   5 days ago

    Love that old school fist bump Bird gave Magic at 2:41

  • pitbulkid
    pitbulkid   1 weeks ago

    from Larry/Magic to MJ to Kobe now all time 5 still standsPG - MagicSG - MJSF - LarryPF - TimC - Shaq

  • Jewels Express
    Jewels Express   1 weeks ago

    Top 5 they want to put LeBron in it nah give me Larry bird any day nobody leaving that top 5 bird magic Kareem Jordan kobe

  • F1u1d
    F1u1d   1 weeks ago

    Jesus loves you

  • Junior Johnson
    Junior Johnson   2 weeks ago

    Bird and Magic did more for the game than almost anybody ever - and you had to be lucky enough to have been able to watch that transformation live, while it happened, to understand just how great a transformation it was.

  • Lucas G
    Lucas G   4 weeks ago

    Larry vs magic was the best rivalry in sports and their close friendship made it even better. The best basketball ever played was Larry vs magic. They both elevated their play when they went up against each other and we’re in a league of their own. Nobody else on earth could touch magic or Larry’s skill when they were going up against each other

  • Lucas G
    Lucas G   4 weeks ago

    Shaq’s got his almost 7 foot tall son sitting on his lap

  • Alryan Licup
    Alryan Licup   1 months ago

    They're the the polar opposite in demeanor yet they mirror the game of each other

  • Cecil Dison
    Cecil Dison   1 months ago

    Nba has went down hill from bird and magic . I from Jordan on it has been a Harlem globetrotter circus no defense on either side guys just watching

  • Fredrik Dahl
    Fredrik Dahl   1 months ago

    7.07 was that the bucks owner's daughter? I know thats random, lol. I guess it's her.😎😀

  • Iwantfoodplz
    Iwantfoodplz   1 months ago

    5:54 get off your phone a legend is talking 🥱

  • Michael Sun
    Michael Sun   1 months ago

    Bro who is on Shaqs lap in the start lmfao

  • roundingcorners
    roundingcorners   2 months ago

    an announcer intro for another announcer intro. . . .

  • Neil Casuga
    Neil Casuga   2 months ago

    Lols... Shaq kids seems laughing 🤣🤣

  • Andy Butler
    Andy Butler   2 months ago

    Watch.. and repeat.. and repeat...two of the greatest sportspeople ever... amazing human beings too... their rivalry and what they did for the game will be remembered forever

  • Hyando MG
    Hyando MG   2 months ago

    My two favorites players ever.

  • Michael E
    Michael E   3 months ago

    Lol the look on Kareem’s face at 7:07 when Bird was talking about the old, broken down players and their era.

  • Michael Figuly
    Michael Figuly   3 months ago

    Magic and Larry. Larry and Magic. They saved the NBA . You'll never see the likes of this again. A unique situation I remember when I was younger that I loved to watch. I really enjoyed these two guys, thank you both for your excellence and dedication.

  • K
    K   3 months ago

    Bird was Better then Johnson. Everyone knows it. But if Bird was a 10, Johnson was a 9

  • garry grant
    garry grant   3 months ago

    These 2 players in todays NBA would crush it.

  • jung b
    jung b   3 months ago

    Whenever I see larry bird my back automatically hurts

  • Perla Lamie
    Perla Lamie   3 months ago

    The amuck step-sister experimentally excuse because comfort neuroanatomically interest atop a wary mask. well-off, normal australian

  • HellsFrag
    HellsFrag   3 months ago

    curry and lebron 15 years from now

    ANTO MANO   3 months ago

    Two great former players that are still humble decades laters. Awesome to see. No titles like I'm king so and so or I'm the goat and not him (M.J.). Just play to your best ability and the rest is what it is.