Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 All Battle Pass Rewards Showcase

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass & Bonus Rewards! This season is called: Cubed and we can expect skins such as Carnage & Toon Fishstick! Support a creator code: PerfectScore (#ad).

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  • Runtime : 6:17
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  • Perfect Score
    Perfect Score   1 months ago

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  • Esther Boahene
    Esther Boahene   2 weeks ago

    I liked how every YouTube lied about motherhip crash landing in misty meadows

  • Foxy animates
    Foxy animates   3 weeks ago

    Do u have to unlock all the rewards to get carnage cuz on the bottom you can see how many rewards u gotten

  • strixs
    strixs   1 months ago

    Im so glad naruto isn't on the battlepass fuck naruto

  • Rob Ortiz
    Rob Ortiz   1 months ago

    I have not played in a long time

  • LTB WS
    LTB WS   1 months ago

    Carnage is the only good skin

  • oskrr
    oskrr   1 months ago


  • Gamerobby
    Gamerobby   1 months ago

    Page five is telling me to get 3 more rewards but when I get a reward it doesn’t count

  • Jvcklive
    Jvcklive   1 months ago

    what does it mean by claim rewards please help

  • piece control kyle😈
    piece control kyle😈   1 months ago

    What free items do it get from it bc it doesn't show if it is free or not i hate fornite bc they removed free items

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf   1 months ago

    Bro worst battle pass I’ve seen.

  • GoopyG_YT
    GoopyG_YT   1 months ago

    1:19 They didn't add Naruto,but at least they added fem Muichiro Tokito from kny

  • Anthony Mai
    Anthony Mai   1 months ago

    unpopular opinion this ones better than last

  • WolfieZ
    WolfieZ   1 months ago

    Hi anyone knows on which page are there free vbucks after the second page plz let me know

  • Naruto_kun
    Naruto_kun   1 months ago

    But naruto is not a skin batllbas

  • Deadpool Armour
    Deadpool Armour   1 months ago

    My ps4 is at my moms house and I go there on Fridays

  • Godlikecat31
    Godlikecat31   1 months ago

    That Unicorn skin giving me some Nightmares..

  • ❥m1llxe☻︎
    ❥m1llxe☻︎   1 months ago

    I heard about Nezuko might being in here. Maybe I was wrong..

  • GThir$ty
    GThir$ty   1 months ago

    How big update size is on pc

  • Erin King
    Erin King   1 months ago

    Battle pass is ass only good skin is Carnage

  • gucci_cow_
    gucci_cow_   1 months ago

    I was genuinely excited for this season’s battle pass, but it’s absolutely horrible. Repeated skins throughout the pass. The only cool ones are the fish and maybe Carnage. Too much swords for pickaxes, bad weapon wraps. Yucky.

  • Skxz Shorts
    Skxz Shorts   1 months ago

    God loves y’all and Jesus Christ is coming soon and repent to Christ

  • Zynix
    Zynix   1 months ago

    i like how every youtuber lied about there being a naruto skin

  • yami_556 gaming
    yami_556 gaming   1 months ago

    These skins are dumb pointless not worth getting only three of them are and thats it

  • budazen
    budazen   1 months ago

    Someone who actually showcased it yessssss

  • Howlin
    Howlin   1 months ago

    This season is ass just like the last 10 seasons lmao. Fuck Epic. All they've managed to do is make the high-skill OG players not want to play.

  • polygon
    polygon   1 months ago

    I’m so good I’ll be able to get to 100 in 3 days

  • Nathan Ginnard
    Nathan Ginnard   1 months ago

    What we don't know is what's coming in the Coming Soon or Bonus Rewards page, so there's still a chance Naruto could come to the battle pass

  • Weird Carpet Thing
    Weird Carpet Thing   1 months ago

    Only getting this for Carnage and toon fish stick only cause of the styles

  • Snowyy
    Snowyy   1 months ago

    brooo charlotte 😍