ACE VENTURA JR. - When Milking A Success Fails Miserably

  • Published on: 23 July 2021
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  • Runtime : 35:17
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  • SonTOSHI
    SonTOSHI   5 hours ago

    Naruto to Boruto is Real Pain tho

  • The Clean Slate Show
    The Clean Slate Show   21 hours ago

    Believe it or not. I thought this movie was pretty cool. I watched it in the room before I was admitted to my first hospital for my bi polar depression and suicide attempt. Maybe it brings me nostalgia for a time when I really needed some form of distraction but aye what are ya gonna do?

  • huh nah
    huh nah   1 days ago

    Why is he fat? Jim Carrey is notoriously skinny and small-boned. Also, i was a fat cringey child and i see too much of myself in him lmao

  • jhon adams
    jhon adams   1 days ago

    I had a skunk once, he was great! The only issue was that he kept sexually assaulting my cat while speaking French.

  • Luka
    Luka   3 days ago

    While I do agree that Ace Ventura Jr is a pile of shit, I'll one up you on the worst sequel ever made. Surf's Up 2

  • James S.
    James S.   4 days ago

    Yup that skeleton deff super easy to walk in and just take. I mean its not like it is hundreds of big bones that combined weigh a couple thousand pounds or anything.

  • Aj Cellar
    Aj Cellar   4 days ago

    This feels so weird because My name is Aj

  • gmtfender
    gmtfender   5 days ago

    Hey, sick body recomp! Hella progress 💪

  • shinaniganz
    shinaniganz   5 days ago

    How can you stand having nick cage in your room

  • Blookz
    Blookz   5 days ago

    24:55 i swear i could swear on My hand i thought You became Bill burr for 5 seconds. And what beautiful those 5 seconds were. Bill burr is one of My top fav comedians, and your voice is Nice too, but in that moment , it was bills voice talking over You 😂no offense, thats actually a compliment , both are great comedians, it just i discovered Bill before You, thats it.

  • redneckgamer x
    redneckgamer x   6 days ago

    You might think I'm joking about this movie but you should definitely check it out zombeavers real movie and it's a shitshow

  • Robert Baan
    Robert Baan   6 days ago

    That is how a straight male would feel when they find out they kissed another man. It's not transphobic.

  • Ty Simpso
    Ty Simpso   6 days ago

    I've never even heard of this movie and I feel like someone was trying to hide it from humanity but failed

  • Mike Scharding
    Mike Scharding   1 weeks ago

    How about you next review “Ace Ventura the III” (2019)?

  • Wolfenkrad
    Wolfenkrad   1 weeks ago

    For the scene where all the people "puke" they arent puking. Its because at some point they all kissed Louise as she was trying to manipulate them all to get up the ranks. Hence why they all spat, scratched there tongues and teeth. They didnt "puke"

  • Jacob Drolet
    Jacob Drolet   1 weeks ago

    Wow this movie is so totally stupid werid bring great shame to the original ace movies with Jim Carey should not exist in the first place. Who know that Nile from iCarly would be the villain for this garbage of a movie that’s so hilarious funny too 😂. Fantastic job on the video

  • I'm Epic
    I'm Epic   1 weeks ago

    So, for a child to be fat.. they have to have a fat ancestor? How did the first fat person become fat?

  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous   1 weeks ago

    I didn't know this movie existed, and now I wish I didn't.

  • Hagen
    Hagen   1 weeks ago

    If you can’t differentiate your skunk from another you probably also can’t differentiate 2 blonde kids from each other

  • joberwt
    joberwt   1 weeks ago

    watch freddy gets fingered. its a really bad movie that is said to be a satire.

  • Anthony
    Anthony   1 weeks ago

    Funny my cousins first and middle name is Nicholas cage

  • Erwin Bogumil
    Erwin Bogumil   1 weeks ago

    This just occrued to me: another level on which Omnimans "She's just a pet" statement was fucked up was that by that definition he was a zoophile.

  • HowItUsedToBe
    HowItUsedToBe   1 weeks ago

    My dude ….have you seen the smash box office bomb “ The Mask II , son of the mask”? That film deserves a looking at.

  • Katz
    Katz   1 weeks ago

    ...why is he just a chubby kid, though?Ace Venture was suppose to be athletic.i'm not sure why that is the one thing that bothers me... but it is.

  • Jay Taber
    Jay Taber   2 weeks ago

    I will admit, the old man dragging around a dead dog that he thinks is still alive, is kind of funny...

  • Lonny Tesoriero
    Lonny Tesoriero   2 weeks ago

    Hollywood writers need to lay off smoking crack while writing scripts, movies of today are all garbage such try hard shit trying to re live the golden age of film.