What If Nyarlathotep Was Alive Today?

  • Published on: 30 November 2019
  • What If Nyarlathotep Was Alive Today?
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    Howard Phillips Lovecraft has been credited with the creation of some of the most existentially terrifying beings of all time. Nyarlahotep, the most human of Lovecraft’s creations, would much rather see you suffer instead of simply eviscerating your brain and body. So what if Nyarlathotep was alive today?
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  • Runtime : 9:2
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  • Brittany Powers
    Brittany Powers   4 months ago

    I haven't even thought of the questions u answer. How about the meaning of life or how the big bang happened? There r some big questions for you to answer lol

  • ParisBtw
    ParisBtw   7 months ago

    He is responsible for the amongus mass hysteria

  • matej steinhauser
    matej steinhauser   9 months ago

    but according to Lovecraft, He will not destroy civilization because he would be evil, He would do this as a punishment making humans live in tribes, Lovecraft told us that Nyarlathotep is not evil, but angry at humans what they done. So you should not be afraid to enter the Weird Reality where Azathoth rules, they will not likely hurt you while dreaming

  • Mike Tausig
    Mike Tausig   10 months ago

    What do you mean “if?” He has obviously taken the form of Donald Trump. At least according to your theories. Most of the traits and practices you mention are indeed the NOW.

  • Heywood Floyd
    Heywood Floyd   10 months ago

    G-Damn it! Learn to pronounce Nyarlathotep! It’s not Nya-larth-o-tep!!!And it Howard Philip... not Philips!Your soul will be dragged into the Dark Abyss of the Endless Dream. Enjoy.

  • Ilkka Rautio
    Ilkka Rautio   10 months ago

    I can see him as a vlogger, maybe even a family vlogger. "This is my mom, say hi to Shub-Niggurah! Honey, not now! Go and film your grandpa or someone else

  • cam h
    cam h   11 months ago

    Nyarlathotep literally doing this right now tf

  • illegitimate crepe
    illegitimate crepe   12 months ago

    Why would I destroy the earth once I was done toying with it I would just reset it or just only toy with it a little so it keeps going on for eternity like I am right now

  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming   1 years ago

    Nyarlathotep saw this videoNyarlathotep: I am alive I'm just here doing tik tok

  • Jram1292
    Jram1292   1 years ago

    Elder godMortalKombat didn’t teach me about this elder god

  • MrSucc
    MrSucc   1 years ago

    He'd bababooey our asses

  • B_2M
    B_2M   1 years ago

    Tell me why at 2:31 the side of his head looks like the Cookie Monster 🤔

  • The Slayer
    The Slayer   1 years ago

    While I'm watching all I can think is persona maruki his persona is azathoth and the original villain is nyarlothep

  • Amy Tobin
    Amy Tobin   1 years ago

    Siren head: “Mommy head I’m scared”Siren head’s mom: Me too

  • THE TOP 4
    THE TOP 4   1 years ago

    We will go extinct one by one 😨😨😨!!!

  • Lowy Boi
    Lowy Boi   1 years ago

    ayy if all these monsters were alive all the heros will be alive too one punch from saitma n this thing is gone

  • will wh
    will wh   1 years ago

    Funny if he was alive in 2020 he would do nothing but sit back and eat popcorn as he watches everything unfold

  • just nyarlathotep with internet access

    how do you mortals know so much about me i would want to see you suffer for that but i just cant seem to get out of this seal so called a dimension no one can escape from but my bro the scarlet king is coming see ya humans in the next 200 thousand years prepare for total destruction >:)

  • Lyrenaris
    Lyrenaris   1 years ago

    Well, I hate to disagree, but I think Nyarlathotep would be bored by humanity, tiny and worthless sacks of flesh.This is precisely why he resides In the realm of dreams as ruler over the earthly gods in Unknown KadathOnly those who he is interested in he will try to manipulate, as seen with Randoph Carter.So if Nyarlathotep was to toy with us, he would rather choose Individuals he finds entertaining and use them to wreak havok.I think that at no point he would destroy the planet, for as long as there are humans, there is an endless amount of existential dread and misery to entertain him.

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B   1 years ago

    Two things scary tiktok and that..... thing

  • Rezalol
    Rezalol   1 years ago

    so this thing is smart enough to make accounts on several social media platforms

  • Benjamin Breeg
    Benjamin Breeg   1 years ago

    Looks like those babies Hellary coughed up in that glass of water, no wonder her rotten meat smell attracts flies.

  • Blue Kalamari
    Blue Kalamari   1 years ago

    seems like hes alive in well his name is 2020.

  • FPS Gamer
    FPS Gamer   1 years ago


  • yoko
    yoko   1 years ago

    ‪“he can take the form of different things and people to get them under his control” ‬‪me: nah I’ll never let him brain wash me ‬‪the creature: *takes the form of my favorite anime character*‬‪me: hello my lord and savior‬

  • GrowlingScarab7
    GrowlingScarab7   1 years ago

    We talking the anime girl or the demon of nightmares

  • Raven Glebsky
    Raven Glebsky   1 years ago

    I love how you use shots that depict the revolution in my country as an illustration for this video. In some way, it makes total sense.

  • Gacha_DragonYT
    Gacha_DragonYT   1 years ago

    Won’t the army at least TRY to stop dis dude,I mean,three nukes he’d probably loose a few limbs......WHERES THE ARMY SOLDIERS