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  • Published on: 01 November 2018
  • So many people are convinced that Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has fully been solved. But how true is that, exactly? I decided to take a look...
    With Don't Hug Me I'm Scared new Wakey Wakey Teaser trailer it's finally time to look back at the show, and see if they theory I've stood by for so long, still holds up...

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  • Inside A Mind
    Inside A Mind   3 years ago

    To give a bit of context why I addressed MatPat's interpretation specifically:I suggested my idea not too long ago in another video. Unfortunately most of the comments were made up with people reciting The Media Theory, or just telling me to watch The Film Theorists video because they solved it. They never told me what was wrong with my idea so this lead me to believe there were some biases towards the older theory.So with this upload I was basically trying to say "don't just discredit a new interpretation straight away. Take all theories (including my own) with a grain of salt." Because at the end of the day, all theories are flawed. There isn't one that's 100% true.Thank you to everyone who has either tackled my theory by either adding to it, merging it with other theories or just pointing out the problems you think could be improved on. This is more or less the comment section I wanted to see on my older video. A place where people are actually discussing several different ideas and not just overlooking them.I wish MatPat all this best with his future interpretations of the show too! This was not an attack. This was my attempt at trying to reopen a discussion.Thank you!

  • pasta man films
    pasta man films   4 minuts ago

    12:08 no red guy isn't the one brain washing, Roy is. Red guy seems to wanna make a kids show and Roy is using it to brainwash kids into buying outs or somethingBut good video though

  • KJ Fillerup
    KJ Fillerup   3 days ago

    can we say that this theory starts to become true when you have a type of thing that this guy talked about it

  • RustyTin
    RustyTin   4 days ago

    This is gonna sound boring, but I think the meaning of DHMIS is that it can be interpreted and theorised by anyone without being wrong. Joseph Pelling did say in the VidCon interview that if art doesn’t have a set meaning, it can be whatever you want it to be. It probably only feels like it has a deeper meaning because people have the need to look into a vague show. Take Winnie The Pooh for example; It is a harmless show about a bear who likes honey and hanging out with his friends. People say that each character represents a mental illness, even though it is most likely a coincidence. The same goes for DHMIS, it is a vague show that despite being vague, is welcoming to many people with theories, given it’s mysteriousness. I think the whole point of the show is to spark peoples’ theoretic side by taking aspects of a vague kids show, and adding weird twists to appeal to the idea of theories.

  • 정ᄋᄌ
    정ᄋᄌ   6 days ago

    I actually do agree with this but if it was all red guy's imagination then what's all the creepy endings about??

  • RouxTheKitsune 1700
    RouxTheKitsune 1700   1 weeks ago

    See this is the correct way to criticize mattpatt Actually criticism instead of just gaslighting and hatespeach and a video 100% full of oppinion

  • Foxeye
    Foxeye   1 weeks ago

    I think I still prefer MatPat’s theory.

  • UrCasualBoy
    UrCasualBoy   1 weeks ago

    This theory actually made me tear up a little because I'm turning 18 in 2 years

  • Sean C
    Sean C   2 weeks ago

    June 19th = 619 which = Rey Mysterio. There you have it: the hidden meaning is Rey Mysterio. What a fuggin mystery.

  • WorldNetExplorer
    WorldNetExplorer   2 weeks ago

    8:40 I take serious issue with this complaint. Editing exists and it was fairly straightforward in that video.

  • drawnamation games
    drawnamation games   2 weeks ago

    they both make scence, the media theory works with the asthetic but yours is more satisfying

  • Lil drab
    Lil drab   3 weeks ago

    Father's day wasn't an official holiday in England until the 1970's so that part of the theory dosent exactly hold up

  • NapoTV
    NapoTV   3 weeks ago


  • ReplacedByDrumbot
    ReplacedByDrumbot   3 weeks ago

    My conciousness is expanded everything makes more sense now!

  • recordplay3r
    recordplay3r   4 weeks ago

    has anybody got any theories on the videos HELP #1 and HELP #2 i can’t find any theories that address them and I’d love to see how they tie into the series if they actually do

  • ツAcidicAli777
    ツAcidicAli777   1 months ago

    I think your theory kinda sucks too...and its way less satisfying from a consumer's perspective. The whole "it's all in his head" twist is so cliche, and some of your evidence is just complete conjecture. How do you know that July 19th is the red guy's birthday? Birthdays don't change people from children to adults, they're just days, you continuously grow up throughout your life. July 19th being a birthday for other things the creators worked on doesn't mean it's his birthday too. I don't think the media theory is actually what the creators had in mind, but I also don't think your theory is 100% right either. At least the media theory has something interesting to say, that's why I personally treat it as canon. Another "growing up" message isn't really what I enjoy personally

  • Felix R
    Felix R   1 months ago

    This theory litterally is amazing. I can see most of the things you said and didn´t know what to make of the flaws like, why Roy let Red guy pull the plug. You let me see Don´t hug me I am scared in a totally different light and as I watched it in my teeens (when I was about 13 years old) I can see most of the things you did then and how hard it can be to move on and grow up. Thanks for the video, keep it up! I know I am late to this video but still a really nice and well connected theory ^-^

  • Tyla Siebelink
    Tyla Siebelink   1 months ago


  • Art's Life
    Art's Life   1 months ago

    And I thought MatPat was good at explaining stuff.

  • Brandon Phillips
    Brandon Phillips   1 months ago

    I LOVE this and think you’re totally right but I have something else to add. Something that you didn’t touch up on as much is all the episodes ending badly. I think that this indicative of red guy having some trauma and symbolic of how when one tries to reminisce on good memories, they are always cut short when the person with the trauma inevitably ends up remembering the bad things that were also happening at the time. I think the ending represents him moving on and not focusing so much on his childhood, and therefore there is less detail (less furniture in the room) but happier details (everyone gets to be their favorite color), and no more bad memories.

  • TheTrueEnding
    TheTrueEnding   1 months ago

    Oh. My. God. I just realized that red guy wouldn’t have the yellow guy puppet if Roy had put his son on the show like Film Theory said.

  • V. S. Werejester
    V. S. Werejester   1 months ago

    I do agree with the "growing up" explanation, but debunking the media one based on "why working on tv if media corporations are bad? " has the same vibe of "why do you criticize capitalism if you have a smartphone?". It's not like dogmatic isolation could work for anything.

  • Insane
    Insane   1 months ago

    How does one make such videos? Master pieces

  • steatr
    steatr   1 months ago

    I think the red guy works for Roy because he is the boss and the CEO. When the red guy put on a show for his co-workers, they got angry and made red guy feel humiliated because nobody shared his thoughts and feelings. He went back to daydreaming in his own world and explore it with his imaginary friends and escape from reality. However, the machine or the place where his memories live is being destroyed because he is starting to change his perception on life and is no longer thinking like a child anymore. Then Roy shows up and reaches out to him. I think he is actually talking to him about letting go of the memories and to move on. In red guy’s mind, he finally learns that he has to grow out of his childhood and become an adult.

  • Nicole White
    Nicole White   1 months ago

    Becky and Joe have said all the theories they've heard are correct so I think the meaning of Don't hug me I'm scared is whatever makes the most sense to you

  • beesul
    beesul   1 months ago

    I hate this because it feels too easy, too simple to be right

  • Edmund Schwarzkopf
    Edmund Schwarzkopf   1 months ago

    The red guys are adults while the show is clearly a "kids show"

  • Elias S
    Elias S   1 months ago

    I don't think my supporting evidence makes sense, but here we go!(This is only speculation, and it's a very weak argument for either of these to be true.)The story of Michael seems very symbolic of this theory, the fact that he was the only different one in their society is parallel to red guy being the only person who hasn't grown up. When they call him a freak, thats just the audience booing at his song, and the fact that Michael lived on his own underground is also paralleled in the ending scene, where he has to go into this dark void, the "Special One" that Michael has is Yellow guy and the Duck, being his only comfort in his life.(This one is just a possible theory that could be true, though I doubt it.)In the final episode, the lamp says, "You can have a dream about losing your friends, and you can have a dream about burning your friends!", which I personally think means that these imaginary friends he has is just Red guy trying to get his real friends back due to trauma when he was a kid. I personally think this is survivors guilt from them dying, due to his imaginary friends and him being innocent and can explain all the messed up things that happen and that instead of him moving on from his childhood, he's moving on from the trauma he faced.(Again, this is only speculation, so don't attack me if it doesn't seem true.)

  • Sophia Ilana
    Sophia Ilana   1 months ago

    Damn, actually really makes sense, that’s crazy.

  • davís goodman
    davís goodman   1 months ago

    Very unconvincing attempt to dissect a theory. Meh

  • World of Hazuli
    World of Hazuli   1 months ago


  • Maya Brook
    Maya Brook   1 months ago

    Why would he pause time on his actual birthday? That doesn't stop you from being older. Surely his birthday being the 20th of June and Red Guy holding onto his last day of childhood makes more sense? And then the new colour could symbolise that he has changed into an adult.

  • Centuros Productions
    Centuros Productions   1 months ago

    You have to be really careful saying "you can interpret art however you want" in current society.

  • Spiker217
    Spiker217   1 months ago

    i like some of your points here, but outright saying the theory is wrong is really random because you just read that they liked 2 kids shows means the whole theory is wrong is confusing. its almost insulting to the creators about how much detail and effort they put into this show for you to just say "creativity is weird to teach"

  • Alejandro Falla
    Alejandro Falla   1 months ago

    Quinton reviews had this idea 2 years before this guy wnshajekxj

  • Warrior Winfield
    Warrior Winfield   1 months ago

    Brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼You actually outbeat Film Theory on this One. Nicely done