TWRP - Synthesize Her (Official video)

  • Published on: 17 May 2018
  • NEW ALBUM // "Together Through Time" // Available NOW
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    Director - Nathan Boone ►
    Director of Photography - Mat Barkley ►
    Production Designer - Alexis Debad ►

    Producers - Jordan Masterson & Bella Angelina Randazzo

    Starring Lauren Saarimaki

    Believe in your dreams xoxo
  • Runtime : 4:34
  • electronic music music twrp ninja sex party synthesizers disco canada nathan boone 80s synthwave funk


  • clara!
    clara!   2 weeks ago

    i only heard this for the first time yesterday and i've been listening to it non-stop ever since, it's like my entire music taste has been summed up in one song

  • Kalt Fishy
    Kalt Fishy   1 months ago

    theory, the gang in the hit met here and the badass girl is her

  • Leva Maulen
    Leva Maulen   1 months ago

    Ваганыч когда Юности починишь

  • Monkey
    Monkey   1 months ago

    Major Daft Punk vibes.. love it 🤙

    GETDED   1 months ago

    Doctor Sung, aka your friendly neighborhood magic janitor

  • Mekiko Romanova
    Mekiko Romanova   2 months ago

    When you're friends with/part of the Audio Visual Club.

  • NtGm 889
    NtGm 889   2 months ago

    That last shot with Doctor Sung is so perfect

  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson   2 months ago

    Man I love this song, but I also love the dude dressed as a dinosaur with nunchucks he definitely deserved to with the talent show.

  • Octopus Wilson
    Octopus Wilson   2 months ago

    Recently dumped me listening to this having forgotten the "trying to clutch the memory of your after touch" line, fuck was not ready for that hits way to close to home

  • proditor
    proditor   2 months ago

    The sock puppet going slack-jawed still cracks me up every time.

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo   2 months ago

    Not a bad song, but ukelele music and their reps always seem to be like the "10s" form of competition (because saying bully would be "too harsh"). Where I love Jack Johnson, but I guess that's just how things are.

  • Fix News
    Fix News   3 months ago

    Halifax born and bred baby!

  • Grimm Reiper
    Grimm Reiper   3 months ago

    so glad you guys decided to make music. reminds me so much of Daft Punk and it makes me sadddd :((

  • ch282
    ch282   3 months ago

    how do i flash TWRP? i have already wiped cache/dalvik and restarted the device into fastboot mode.

  • saberwarthog
    saberwarthog   3 months ago

    If you listen to the lyrics, "Synthesize Her" is basically the same story than "Weird Science" from Oingo-Boingo, but somewhat more wholesome in the tone ^^°

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind

    Why is there so much stuff about high schools.. its the worst no matter if anime, music video.. tv show.. documentary.. reallife.. dance shuw.. it all sucks.. I hate that content.

  • IG-88
    IG-88   4 months ago

    Daft Punk: breaks upTWRP: Allow us to introduce ourselves.Seriously though, this band and their music is awesome!

  • Michael Counsell
    Michael Counsell   4 months ago

    Still every time I watch this clip. The last 5 seconds. it is all Dr. F#5$k'n Sung.

  • Jamie
    Jamie   5 months ago

    I wish I discovered this magnificent band earlier

  • Silverson X
    Silverson X   5 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen....We officially found the NEW Daft Punk!

  • Brokudo
    Brokudo   5 months ago

    SnarkyGirl: Bumps into random girl standing in the hallwayAlsoSnarkyGirl: And I took that personally.

  • Alex
    Alex   5 months ago

    This song doesn't need a music video, why do artists always do this when one of their songs gets popular

  • blackwlf
    blackwlf   7 months ago

    I wonder if she ends up being the woman in The Hit?

  • Alibe
    Alibe   7 months ago

    The second I saw that janitor's moustache, i knew it had to be Dr Sung

  • cable
    cable   7 months ago

    It's a shame these guys aren't more popular. They're like a new Daft Punk!

  • GalaxyMind
    GalaxyMind   7 months ago

    i was yesterday years old when i realized the song is called Synthesize Her because it's about synthesizing Fuck Thruster, who is "the girl of my dreams" in this music video and i feel really stupid