Krabby Patty!!

  • Published on: 14 January 2022
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    #shorts #spongebob #cooking #krabbypatty
  • Runtime : 33


  • BeatCat
    BeatCat   3 minuts ago

    Anyone else notice the perfect loop??

  • Joey Eckels
    Joey Eckels   1 hours ago

    But it's called a KRABBY PATTY for a reason

  • TheMail518
    TheMail518   3 hours ago

    You forgot the pickles!No I didn’t, they were under your tongue this whole time

  • James Moran
    James Moran   3 hours ago


  • The Grey Wizard
    The Grey Wizard   4 hours ago

    Milad my dude what is with that lighting haha. Maybe leave a bit more mystery.

  • jelly scarfo
    jelly scarfo   5 hours ago

    It's not a mistake its a ✨ masterpiece ✨

  • frk. rom
    frk. rom   5 hours ago

    The beef of the krappy pattys is actually krap meat like havent you notised that the only krap in the show is mr. Kraps i think its a bit odd and i destroyed my childhood

  • Ze Weeb
    Ze Weeb   6 hours ago

    100000 social credita

  • the gardenhead
    the gardenhead   9 hours ago

    I honestly dont see any natural charisma or humour in this dude and dunno how hes gonna sustain his content output going forward. Hope hes made enough bank for now but. Seems like a good guy

  • CookieXMAS!
    CookieXMAS!   10 hours ago

    The Krabby Patty Has Crabs Ingredient Thats why Mr.Krab was only the crab on the show

  • Gardevoir
    Gardevoir   10 hours ago

    Hail the Minecraft torch cup

  • callofcraft
    callofcraft   10 hours ago

    Now the sandwich guy becomes elite sandwich guy

  • Nicholas Reid
    Nicholas Reid   10 hours ago

    You are supposed to use Krab and not meat. F.Y.I I mean't it to say Krab

  • TechPlayzzz
    TechPlayzzz   11 hours ago

    you forgot the secret ingredient... the-

  • alida flus
    alida flus   12 hours ago

    This is amazing!!! Keep doing these!!!

  • Clara Mangano
    Clara Mangano   12 hours ago

    The patty is crabs and everybody in sponge bob are eating mr crabs

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy   13 hours ago

    It's not a burger if it doesn't have any meat in it

  • 5amuel3007
    5amuel3007   13 hours ago

    ❎it's not a joke, it's a hazard✅

  • 5amuel3007
    5amuel3007   13 hours ago

    ❎it's not a joke, it's a hazard✅

  • 5amuel3007
    5amuel3007   13 hours ago

    ❎it's not a joke, it's a hazard✅