• Published on: 15 August 2017
  • Runtime : 47:44


  • DanDanTheMan
    DanDanTheMan   56 minuts ago

    "You could've heard a mouse pee on cotton"

  • leslie watts
    leslie watts   2 days ago

    Guys, this was absolutely incredible ! Thank you. I'm a Canuck, 75 years old, 5'7" tall. Didn't play a whole lot of basketball. But this fantasticcollage of Bird, Magic, and the Celtics was something out of this world: terrific skill, determination, brotherhood, and class all rolled into one. WOW !

  • Tom Perkins
    Tom Perkins   4 days ago

    That's probably the best YT video I have ever watched! And, folks, I have watched a lot!!

  • RiffsThatKill
    RiffsThatKill   6 days ago

    5:20 DJ walking away like "man I wish I was on that guy's team"

  • SGT Compton
    SGT Compton   6 days ago

    Thank you for this great document of Larry Bird!

  • Gary McAleer
    Gary McAleer   6 days ago

    To be a motor-genius with tactical skill...this is the caliber of man you want on any battleground.

  • Dennis Parkin
    Dennis Parkin   6 days ago

    Fire in his heart and ice in his veins. Every minute of every game. He is the GOAT...don't even try to make a case for anyone else. There is no one else. And I hate the Celtics, mind you...

  • Mark Middaugh
    Mark Middaugh   1 weeks ago

    There will never, ever be another Larry Bird.

  • Lee Eustace
    Lee Eustace   1 weeks ago

    He had to be great. At 2:24 he has the profile of Bobby Orr.

  • mofnn24
    mofnn24   1 weeks ago

    Larry Bird always was my guy. Real team player with a gift from God and he used every ounce of it. Man loved basketball.

  • Jim Toohey
    Jim Toohey   1 weeks ago

    Should be his greatest BASKETBALL moments. There is more to life then meets the eye...

  • Grey Ghosts CSA
    Grey Ghosts CSA   1 weeks ago

    The first thing out of the black person’s mouth is that Larry Bird is a white guy. And it’s white people that are racist. Yeah ok. Blacks obsess about race. That’s all they can see is color.

  • SouthernFryd
    SouthernFryd   2 weeks ago

    Probably the best basketball video ever. Great jobAnd to those people who say that basketball players of old couldn't compete with the athleticism of today's players, I have two words.. Larry Bird

  • William Berry
    William Berry   2 weeks ago

    I was born in 1981. I remember my dad watching these guys in green play basketball. I was to young to appreciate Bird, Parish, McHale, Ainge and DJ. After 1986 there would be no championships in Boston til Tom Brady came to town in 2001. 15 yrs. I wish I was born in the 70s. (Huge fan of All In The Family and Taxi) I was playing with Thundercats and He Man toys during Birds domination. Now the guy don't step foot in Boston. He could live in any home in New England and not pay mortgage or taxes.

  • whatsthebigfndeal
    whatsthebigfndeal   2 weeks ago

    That steal against the Pistons is the biggest moment I've ever had as a sports fan. Me and dad were jumping up and down in the living room like we were the ones that made the play. The game was over and the Celtics were done for the year but Bird just wouldn't accept it. The only thing that rivals that moment, for me, was Francisco Cabrera against the Pirates. It's funny that the 2 biggest moments my life as a fan didn't result in championships. Damn, I sure miss watching the Braves and Celtics with my dad.

  • Hewi
    Hewi   2 weeks ago

    He was the pistol

  • Mudd Whistle
    Mudd Whistle   2 weeks ago

    His brother Gary played major league baseball

  • Bill Putt
    Bill Putt   3 weeks ago

    Yeah it's almost 30 years ago..... he's still the GOAT and don't debate me.... he's a better passer than magic and better than MJ the only reason he wasn't a better scorer is he wasn't as athletic and because he tried to get his teammates involved in the game

  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson   3 weeks ago

    Never get tired of watching clips of one of The Greatest ever . 🙏 Thanks !

  • William Malloy
    William Malloy   3 weeks ago

    I've watched this before, and I started watching again. I got to #12 and I thought "I can't do this right now." Yup, finished watching the entire vid. Again. And, that steal and pass against the Pistons is the greatest play of all time in any professional sport ever. Man, I am so lucky to have had the privilege of witnessing Larry Bird's entire career.

  • cryptobradley200
    cryptobradley200   3 weeks ago

    The greatest white boy on the face of the Good Lords earth is the Legend "Larry Bird"

  • Wobbler tv
    Wobbler tv   3 weeks ago

    Wilkins v Bird in 88 greatest one on one I've ever seen .We saw the game here in England me and my mates just watched it with our mouths open .😮

  • M B
    M B   3 weeks ago

    Para mi gusto es el mejor de la historia, luego viene Jordan

  • Pim Tool
    Pim Tool   4 weeks ago

    There has never been anyone comparable to him. He is the Jesus Christ of basketball.

  • Amy Morin
    Amy Morin   1 months ago

    The game when it was a team sport. A true team and true fans. He was a great player but he was about his team, not about himself

  • TheGenghisTron
    TheGenghisTron   1 months ago

    Literally get chills watching Larry plays. If I can shake this man's hand in my lifetime I will forever be on another level mentally knowing I met a great man who did incredible things. I met Robert Parish and I was in awe.

  • irishgrl
    irishgrl   1 months ago

    I love LARRY LEGEND 💕

  • Ismael Gumiel
    Ismael Gumiel   1 months ago

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