Taking A Bath At McDonald's

  • Published on: 05 May 2021
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  • Runtime : 3:18
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  • Egg Socks
    Egg Socks   1 months ago

    Why is my food taking so long? Meanwhile in the kitchen:

  • Esteban Tia
    Esteban Tia   9 hours ago

    "That duckling is a little broken" moment 😂😍

  • Cuteunicorn Yay
    Cuteunicorn Yay   1 days ago


  • Hailey Yolk
    Hailey Yolk   3 days ago

    2:13 who needs dig it toys when u can just get gold from here

  • Kermit
    Kermit   4 days ago

    Bell Delphine came to that McDonalds and drank the water

  • Antoine
    Antoine   4 days ago

    Immmmmmm thinkin that sheep is enjoyin it more than cat lol

  • Laserdice
    Laserdice   6 days ago

    Those crap-ass restaurant jobs were the most fun. The Karen's and spineless managers made it stressful as hell, but after closing the "We-don't-give-a-fuck-about-this-place" shenanigans begin.

  • doodlerz_
    doodlerz_   6 days ago

    So that’s how they make the McDonald’s Sprite

  • REMsleep
    REMsleep   1 weeks ago

    0:43 talk about a power nap that must be compfy

  • Jayceedeem
    Jayceedeem   1 weeks ago

    The bad thing is is that is a prep sink, they wash your food in there too....

  • sammycli1
    sammycli1   1 weeks ago

    And they say McDonald’s is sanitary lol

  • Wulfi
    Wulfi   1 weeks ago

    That cockatoo made my day happy, man got them moves 😂

  • Charlie and Oliver
    Charlie and Oliver   1 weeks ago

    My nosy and annoying neighbors called the cops for having a "loud party" even though me and my friends were playing basketball outside. Then even wrote a note last year when we got our trampoline set up and they said that it was too loud. Other neighbors couldn't even HEAR the trampoline.

  • Artistic LPS
    Artistic LPS   1 weeks ago

    Beatboxer: has parrotParrot: dud u ge mee fore a weson?

  • Thenura Rathnayake
    Thenura Rathnayake   1 weeks ago

    If you have to do that water balloon celebration imagine doing it with 110 balloons 🤯

  • Chris TBT
    Chris TBT   1 weeks ago

    Boss: YOU ARE LATE!him: sorry boss...Boss: and you stink, did you take a bath?Him: no sir... I will take a bath here anyways.

  • Lia H
    Lia H   1 weeks ago

    1:40Mother duck: Come on kids, is everyone here—Baby duck: Look Momma! Timmy is spinning! Hey Timmy, come… Timmy: 🔄Baby duck: Never mind, let’s leave him, momma.