Final minutes and full OT of Gonzaga-UCLA classic

  • Published on: 04 April 2021
  • Gonzaga and UCLA faced off in the Final Four in an all-time classic. The 11-seeded Bruins tied the game late in overtime, but Jalen Suggs banked in a three at the buzzer to keep Gonzaga's undefeated season alive. Watch the thrilling final minutes here.

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  • Runtime : 21:46
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  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy   2 weeks ago

    If the game had ended any other way, I would have been made at Gonzaga for ending the run of UCLA

  • Wolfsky9
    Wolfsky9   2 weeks ago


  • Wolfsky9
    Wolfsky9   4 weeks ago

    I was a total gym rat until i was forced to stop, at 40 y/o----------------i cried my heart out when i was told i had to stop due to continued calf injuries. I love this game & this game is why.----------------------wolfSky9, 74 y/o

  • ryan justice
    ryan justice   4 weeks ago

    Congrats to Baylor, but I really wish Gonzaga would have won the championship after this classic.

  • The Flash
    The Flash   1 months ago

    At least now it will be easier to hear Walton call a zags game. He won't be able to talk about "the greatest comeback/upset in NCAA history" , which he does every time, without talking about this game.

  • Patricia Grisham
    Patricia Grisham   1 months ago

    Greatest game ever!!! You won to in my eye..Baylor really showed who was boss Monday night, I think it would a better game if UCLA had won and possibly had beat Baylor.

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell   1 months ago

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    John Gottuso   1 months ago

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  • Christian Sinopoli
    Christian Sinopoli   1 months ago

    2nd greatest ncca game in history. Everyone knows nova vs UNC is the best

  • Ciera Heairld
    Ciera Heairld   1 months ago

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    joyce harris   1 months ago

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  • Jack Waldrop
    Jack Waldrop   1 months ago

    Campbell's hair is absolutely the worst I've ever seen and I've seen some bad ones! Looks like some freak animal is living on his head!

  • CharWV
    CharWV   1 months ago

    All this and to lose to BAYLOR..............what a heart breaker!

  • dd24 bj
    dd24 bj   1 months ago

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  • tonygalvan12
    tonygalvan12   1 months ago

    Suggs stepped out of bounds and was the first one to touch the ball and the refs didn't call it. The refs should have blown the whistle and given the ball to UCLA on the baseline so UCLA should've won by two points in regulation.

  • qujjuqo cedirke
    qujjuqo cedirke   1 months ago

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  • debsam77
    debsam77   1 months ago

    That was pure luck and then they got a beat down by Baylor 😂I would have rather seen UCLA vs Baylor instead of that embarrassing game on champions night.

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    nash iyana   1 months ago

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  • Kathleens Stoll
    Kathleens Stoll   1 months ago

    I still can get nervous and still feel my stomach turning as I am watching the replays. #GOZAGS Best game ever!

  • ryan hannigan
    ryan hannigan   1 months ago

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  • SmifnWess 93
    SmifnWess 93   1 months ago

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  • mario yu
    mario yu   1 months ago

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