The Biggest Steal of the NBA Draft is NOT Who You’d Think

  • Published on: 20 February 2021
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    Why the NBA KNOWS Tyrese Haliburton is the STEAL of the NBA Draft
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  • Rocky Cantre
    Rocky Cantre   3 weeks ago

    Haliburton is a good player and is a potential franchise player for the kings. But still, Kings could just waste his talent by not giving him an identifiable role and a big chunk of their play. Only time will tell as to how the kings will handle this kind of player.

  • Etvike Dah
    Etvike Dah   1 months ago

    Being a Iowa state fan he is a goat

  • mjvlasic
    mjvlasic   1 months ago

    I wanted my Pistons to take him- but we took Killian Hayes instead. We’ll see- not looking great thus far tho.

  • I Know You Are Right But

    I was screaming at the screen when the Pistons passed on Haliburton Not even a fan of them but I know what they need and its not an 18 year old that never has led a team!!!!

  • SoulFly
    SoulFly   2 months ago

    if its good enough for jr smith its good enough for me

  • SoulFly
    SoulFly   2 months ago

    when is the next twitch stream?!? you need to announce them here! so people know to show up. maybe do a subathon

  • Matt Ritthia
    Matt Ritthia   2 months ago

    Haliburton is every basketball hipsters' favorite player. Along with SGS.

  • Big Daddy C
    Big Daddy C   2 months ago

    Biggest question for Haliburton was can he add strength. We will see as the years move forward. Good player

  • Get Mellow
    Get Mellow   2 months ago

    Quickly is going to be the best in the draft class trust me

  • Sakata Gintoki
    Sakata Gintoki   2 months ago

    If haliburton ends up becoming a star.. i will feel sorry for him.. coz you know.. he's on THAT team 😂😂😂

  • SteakBaked
    SteakBaked   2 months ago

    Pretty sure Tyrese or Quickley would be who 99% of people think of (in relation to the title)

  • JTM
    JTM   2 months ago

    Um I'm sorry but this is exactly who I thought of.....

  • Ty Gaither
    Ty Gaither   2 months ago

    They were talking about him on draft night saying he would be the steal of the draft

  • OccCeeno1
    OccCeeno1   2 months ago

    Still heated the Knicks didn’t select him. Wtf is the point of tanking to not pick the player w a lot of potential & he was the position we needed. They picked the guy who played more than 1 season in college, can high fly & occasionally hit a 3. Can you build around that player? No!!!

  • RTS tV
    RTS tV   2 months ago

    I like HIM.🙌

  • Shamar Green
    Shamar Green   2 months ago

    His game reminds me so much of Kevin martins

  • a Wes
    a Wes   2 months ago

    Tyrese Maxey has surprised me in Philly.

  • Un Deserved
    Un Deserved   2 months ago

    Just you wait nico mannion is gonna be the biggest steal

  • Escape
    Escape   2 months ago

    Immanuel Quickley, Isaac Okoro?(Biased Cavs fan) I always show up for my team go cavs lmao

  • Ralph
    Ralph   2 months ago

    Malcolm Brogdon is an okay comparison but he’s already on his level now. He will be WAY better than Brog hands down. His efficiency is probably the best we’ve seen for any rookie...EVER. 45% from three on 6 attempts is absolutely unheard of for a rookie. Shooting 51% overall too and 85% FT. His defense is fantastic. His playmaking is actually the best part of his game and wasn’t mentioned in the video. 1.5 Turnovers a game on 6 assist is very impressive; not just for a 20 year old rookie . He’s athletic, long, and big wingspan which allows him to guard 1s and 2s and some 3s. He’s listed at 6”5 which is pretty big for his position. He will definitely be a better player than Deaaron Fox who is a borderline all star. I been watching Hali for years now and none of this success surprised me one bit. Kid is the real deal. And 1 thing that also wasn’t mentioned in the video is his basketball IQ. Hali is a brilliant player and just knows where to be all the time. He also knows where his teammates are all the time which is why he rarely turns the ball over. He’s like a mixture of Cp3 and Dame Lillard with a much lower usage of course. I still think Lamelo deserves ROY due to Hali not getting enough touches and that award relies heavily on points. But Hali is a much more efficient scorer, better defender, better at running an offense, higher IQ, better shooter (free throw, mid-range, long range, floaters), better off the PnR, better at taking care of the basketball and the more clutch player according to bballreference. Lamelo is the better rebounder, better ally oop passer, better at creating his own shot, better slasher. Passing is a toss up since it’s both players best skillset they possess. Hali has a much better assist to turnover ratio. He’s better at finding shooters in the corner and off the pick and roll pocket passes inside. Lamelo is the better ally oop passer. He has the flashier assist package. And he also better with the full court passes. I think his 6”8 height helps him with these things.

  • Jiro Ver
    Jiro Ver   2 months ago

    Sacramento needs to move him Fox is their SuperstarLakers need a decent point guardTHT for hALIBornton

  • Luke Sayre
    Luke Sayre   2 months ago

    I literally called Halliburton I wanted the warriors to draft him but we would of had to trade down

  • Shear_Lock_combs IG
    Shear_Lock_combs IG   2 months ago

    Biggest steal isn’t a lottery. His agent forced him to get picked at 12 so he doesn’t count. His agent wanted him in sac town. IQ is in NY the worst place for rookies and he’s BALLIN. Most 25+ pt games out of all rookies. On 18.9 mins. Rese and melo both get 10+ mins more a game then him. The best scorer in the draft is IQ. Rese and melo best all around players but both were projected top 5 picks. So that’s not really a steal. He’s not making his team win tho. IQ has won us multiple games. Like last night vs the kings. 😂

  • Daniel Robertson
    Daniel Robertson   2 months ago

    The Biggest Steal of the NBA Draft is EXACTLY Who You’d Think

  • Tay McCullough
    Tay McCullough   2 months ago

    It’s funny because Stephen A was all in on him and really wanted him for the Knicks. Stephen A knew he would be a baaad man

  • Scotty Mull
    Scotty Mull   2 months ago

    The steak is between quickley and haliburton

  • Max Messling
    Max Messling   2 months ago

    Not going to subscribe to a random youtuber

  • Germa N
    Germa N   2 months ago

    Where are the conspiracy videos @MikeKorzemba

  • Matthew Castaneda
    Matthew Castaneda   2 months ago

    Alongside Tyrese Haliburton, Emmanuel Quickley was also the major steal of the draft

  • Yao Gu
    Yao Gu   2 months ago

    Finally Kings didn’t waste their draft pick, he is a solid player, easily develop into an all star.