Daft Punk - Epilogue

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • #DaftPunk #Epilogue
  • Runtime : 7:58
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  • Sacha Forde
    Sacha Forde   43 seconds ago

    bigger,better,faster,stronger their work is never truly over

  • GeorgeWarrior MX
    GeorgeWarrior MX   2 minuts ago

    1 week later..... tears still fall apart as I see this Epilogue

  • N E M
    N E M   3 minuts ago

    Nooooooooo... [*] F

  • Belette italienne
    Belette italienne   5 minuts ago

    Un talent hors du commun, une originalité et une créativité qui vont laisser un grand vide dans l'univers musical. Vous êtes uniques et vous allez tellement nous manquer 😭

  • Riccardo Ianni
    Riccardo Ianni   11 minuts ago

    I was hoping they would make music again but I'm afraid that won't happen 😔

  • drmouse 34
    drmouse 34   13 minuts ago

    Goodbye Daft Punk, thank you for the memories, thank you for the jams, and thank you for being the best flipping band in the world! Goodbye and goodluck.

  • What?? Why??
    What?? Why??   17 minuts ago

    RIP daft I hope they come back soon :(

  • Antonino Conti
    Antonino Conti   17 minuts ago

    even if I've never seen your faces I will always remember you

  • Niño Gultiano
    Niño Gultiano   17 minuts ago

    I can't get harder, better, faster, stronger anymore :'/

  • Blackant Master studio
    Blackant Master studio   21 minuts ago

    ça aurait était encore plus fort si il l'avait pris dans ces bras avant de partir.merci a vous pour ces instants mémorables et immortels.

  • Guillaume Valadas
    Guillaume Valadas   21 minuts ago

    They will come back has humans, they reached there final form.We are not prepared.

  • KazZ
    KazZ   22 minuts ago


  • Julia Red
    Julia Red   23 minuts ago

    My GF : babe stop crying on this videoMe : ONE MORE TIME

  • nTiCle
    nTiCle   24 minuts ago

    Спасибо ребят! Всего доброго! =*

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red   24 minuts ago

    Their name is Daft Punk, but everybody calls them a legend.

    JOON KIM   28 minuts ago

    가지마 진짜 가지마

  • Sun Storm
    Sun Storm   30 minuts ago

    And I just found this band and liked their music

  • Pibernetick
    Pibernetick   34 minuts ago

    Don´t cry because they´re not heresmile because they we´re here

  • gonzxs
    gonzxs   37 minuts ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  • Lag now
    Lag now   39 minuts ago

    we will miss them forever

  • deadsearolls
    deadsearolls   40 minuts ago

    With the world falling apart around us we needed you two more now than ever. Daft Punk played such a big role in my life and i'll never forget hearing their music for the first time in 2006, on this very platform. Such a shame ill never get to see them in person. Thanks for the memories guys. Hopefully you two will decide to come back for at least surprise appearances in the future.

  • toki lol
    toki lol   41 minuts ago

    R.I.P. Daft punk 1993-2021. We will always remember you daft punk.

  • Conan Xin
    Conan Xin   47 minuts ago

    法国电子二人组 Daft Punk(蠢朋克)在YouTube上发布了一个名为《Epilogue》(尾声)的视频,通过音乐和图像无声地宣布了自己的终结。这对神秘的、伪匿名的、复古未来主义的传奇二人组,解散了。28年的合作,结束了。在对名声不感兴趣的职业生涯中,Daft Punk 很少说话,戴着他们标志性的机器人头盔,发行了四张专辑,获得了六项格莱美奖,影响了无数其他制作人、DJ、说唱歌手和流行歌手。