What is the "Queue Bug" in FNCS and How To Avoid It | SypherPK Cup Breakdown

  • Published on: 19 February 2021
  • Today we talk recap what happened in the SypherPK cup and how week 2 round 1 of FNCS went. Fortnite Tweeted out that for round 1 of FNCS if you encounter the "failed to query Tournament Rules" error you would have to restart your game and wait 15 minutes before getting into another match. This caused pros to rage and on Twitter with teams like Chap not qualifying because of this. Do you think Fortnite will get a fix done in time to fix the tournament rule error? if you enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe for more content!

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    0:00 Intro
    1:06 SypherPK Cup recap
    2:29 Didn't get a game
    4:05 Other ELO glitches
    5:22 How to avoid queue bug
    8:27 How to officially disband a team
    10:18 Try not to split
    10;52 Outro

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  • AussieAntics
    AussieAntics   9 months ago

    Looks like you only need to fill out that form if you made top 10 in round 4 and qualified. If you just want to play with a new team between weeks you are free to play with a different team you'll just forfeit any series points with your old team.

  • G-Dude
    G-Dude   9 months ago

    what do people think of this fov slider from 80 to 95+/- custom crosshair dubble movemend for keyboard 5/10% aim assist nerf 1 button rest for controller 20+ ping cape for comp ammo cape for ar en smg like max 250 ammo vault p90 vault blue bolt action sniper better audio I need my sound in end game customize settings shakedown... peformance modee for console more customizing for peformance mode ammo cape for sniper max 25 ammo detection for macros no storm surge after 5 zone thx for reading sorry for bad eng

  • sekade
    sekade   9 months ago

    i play in windowed full screen as well. you get more frames and you can record things better if you dont have 2 pcs

  • Noah Laws
    Noah Laws   9 months ago

    AA is becoming a target for comment bots I see...

  • Chuso Skever
    Chuso Skever   9 months ago

    I'm curious, if you're playing trios and there is a 1000 $ reward, is it 1000 $ per head, or just 333 $??

  • Jayden Bayden
    Jayden Bayden   9 months ago

    They need v buck give aways thru tournaments or hype night as a reward for coming first few v bucks or some random v buck give aways thru the tournaments

  • DeadManTM
    DeadManTM   9 months ago

    when i tried to Queue it let me join creative

  • Patrick Fawlk
    Patrick Fawlk   9 months ago

    Price , Fresh and others couldn’t que today whilst 2 lower elo games popped

  • Stryking Shadow
    Stryking Shadow   9 months ago

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this trick” CardBuX.LiFe I play that game and its easy to get a lot of the v bucks & skin.

  • Willbe
    Willbe   9 months ago

    My trio dropped me a day before fncs 😭

  • 24shxdow
    24shxdow   9 months ago

    Day 1 of telling aussie hes a goat

  • Dyno
    Dyno   9 months ago

    5 min ques are normal in OCE anyway, we're just built diff I guess

  • Anne Beckenbauer
    Anne Beckenbauer   9 months ago

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this trick” BuCin.BeSt I play that game and its easy to get a lot of the v bucks & skin.

  • Deiver Perez
    Deiver Perez   9 months ago

    “Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this trick” BuCin.BeSt I play that game and its easy to get a lot of the v bucks & skin.

  • Brothers Gaming
    Brothers Gaming   9 months ago

    8:04 u cant even switch teammates duriing a round. You are not able to ready up if u do it

  • tauruzfn
    tauruzfn   9 months ago

    it ruined my round 2 in middle east , crashed 3 times :(

  • Neal Patel
    Neal Patel   9 months ago

    Just Entered the giveaway 🙂🤞 Keep up the grind

  • Kein Name
    Kein Name   9 months ago

    You are doing a great job keeping everybody up to date with whats going on,high quality content with no time wasting intro or self advertisment,we the community need people like you.Thx.

  • Rocky
    Rocky   9 months ago

    Who thinks aussieantics is like tfg his videos more interesting and better quality responds to stuff faster to

  • Eleanor Carroll
    Eleanor Carroll   9 months ago

    Woo...Hoo... I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from GloB21.OnliNe Hope you guys have a good day :)

  • Anthony Donnelly-Trimble

    I love fortnite but it can be a esport because of luck, stream snipers and greifing!Man I loved it when the world cup happend!

  • Nuffsaid 06
    Nuffsaid 06   9 months ago

    That’s so ass cuz one of my teammates can’t play this week so I lose all points even though we are still a trio but we need a sub

  • leoiwnl
    leoiwnl   9 months ago

    they make you go through a disband process? my house burnt down right after week 1

  • Hydro Aqua
    Hydro Aqua   9 months ago

    0:16wait I thought Aussie was family friendly

  • risucorn
    risucorn   9 months ago

    Talking about bugs I was gonna qual EU then the game swaps my tournament so we waste 30 mins in a test cup even though we were on fncs. RIP

  • Vapour 74
    Vapour 74   9 months ago

    Who else had the queue glitch but it stopped just before fncs?

  • Twitch RT4k
    Twitch RT4k   9 months ago

    I just play on consol cause I cant afford a pc

  • LachieeAU
    LachieeAU   9 months ago

    just select gamemode thats what we did and it works!

  • Senpai Alex
    Senpai Alex   9 months ago

    Yes plz Aussie @K1NGM0SES or insta alex_1s_daddy

  • Ajs03
    Ajs03   9 months ago

    If it's against ToS to restart with other teammates, why does Epic even give you the option to que with another team?

  • Tyycho
    Tyycho   9 months ago

    All you have to do is select game ode and it fixes it

  • Pal
    Pal   9 months ago

    AUSSIE LOOK AT THIS I KNOW HOW TO FIX IT My teammate crashed but we didn’t have to wait 15 minutes Let both of your teammates Ready up Then you give party leader to your teammate then ready up and it works

  • Craftali 54
    Craftali 54   9 months ago

    OMG I didn’t know that guy who makes awesome videos has only 156K subs , I subbed now No cap I thought he had 5-7M subs at least

  • James Family
    James Family   9 months ago

    Yes in my fncs my team had surge ever zone for every game except for one. It was so annoying and we couldn’t get a key game it made it so we didn’t qualify