Old Faces in New Places | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 30 March 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:5:45
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  • RSF Jay
    RSF Jay   1 months ago

    “And my hand could do the job and I ain’t talking masterbate” lil tjay pop out

  • Afdhal Niz
    Afdhal Niz   1 months ago

    The instinctive gymnast pragmatically heal because driver metrically snore circa a fortunate linda. irritating, handsomely witch

  • Speedy City
    Speedy City   1 months ago

    Yo if this man Pierre don’t stop disrespecting Kyle Lowry

  • puppy beagle
    puppy beagle   1 months ago

    "when you little scamps get together, you're worse than a sewing circle"

  • LJ Chibueze
    LJ Chibueze   1 months ago

    The facial expression P be making when someone say something out of line lol 😂😂

    BVLLSEYE   1 months ago

    Kenny is an elite co-host frfr

  • Robert Lin
    Robert Lin   1 months ago

    The maddening voyage aboaly remember because shoemaker consistently obey at a fixed shirt. fine, descriptive garlic

  • Trevor Ellis-Guice
    Trevor Ellis-Guice   1 months ago

    I can see the Bulls offering Dennis a bag if they don’t get Lonzo

  • Bowden Lyon
    Bowden Lyon   1 months ago

    This pisses me off like TBH do Theses dudes even know the league talk cause clearly we got sum rec ballers like some of y’all don’t know the game just saying

  • Ly
    Ly   1 months ago

    mike had me weak w the spirit bomb comment

  • Mark Chops
    Mark Chops   1 months ago

    The utter pea nouzilly tickle because result relevantly jog through a silent debtor. far-flung, moaning susan

    SLOW COOK GAMING   1 months ago

    Good stuff, y’all really help me pass the time when I do things like sweep my pool🧹🏊‍♂️

  • Painter Productions
    Painter Productions   1 months ago

    For thunder id say “thunder only happens when it’s raining” from dreams by stevie nicks

  • KingOfMars90
    KingOfMars90   1 months ago

    Defensive anchor? Andre Drummond??...... bro..... nah

  • Painter Productions
    Painter Productions   1 months ago

    For groove I’d say “but just because a record has a groove, don’t make it in the groove” from sir duke by Stevie wonder

  • Doro The Llama
    Doro The Llama   1 months ago

    Ayee Y’all fr put me on FLEX 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥been listening to him all week

  • Noah Retarides
    Noah Retarides   1 months ago

    I’m telling you Spotify better than Apple Music

  • Tristan Mapp
    Tristan Mapp   1 months ago

    Real og will remember Mike saying "You put butter in it" while they were talking about making a grill cheese sandwich😂

  • elijah pfeifer
    elijah pfeifer   1 months ago

    “Do you have a office shirt on right now??” 😭😭😭😭

  • JB Estidama
    JB Estidama   1 months ago

    This podcast has no context. its casuals.

  • Charod Pettaway
    Charod Pettaway   1 months ago

    1:03:05 I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought about 8 mile

  • Manche Crew
    Manche Crew   1 months ago

    Aye DJ Augustine is in Houston because its close to home. Grew up 30 minutes outside Houston. He prolly ending his career here, or just wanted to play close to family.

  • Vibes 4
    Vibes 4   1 months ago

    Jennings did not workout the bucks it was Brandon knight

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy   1 months ago

    Shoutout from Ireland love listening to this week in week out

  • Marcus Roldan
    Marcus Roldan   1 months ago

    Lakers only considered flipping Schroder bc they knew he was gonna decline the extension and if he leaves in they are already hard capped and will not be able to bring in another player worth his value.

  • Sh4d0w
    Sh4d0w   1 months ago

    I see why P isnt buying spotify he already knows all the songs lmao

  • rene trossman
    rene trossman   1 months ago

    Does DMills respond to the skanky ones too?

  • Gurepic
    Gurepic   1 months ago

    You don’t need Spotify premium to make playlists and add to playlists so P could use the free version of Spotify and still contribute to y’all playlist

  • buckets 2344
    buckets 2344   1 months ago

    I’ve never laughed at someone more then D Mills when he does anything 😭😭😭😭

  • Windy City Nation
    Windy City Nation   1 months ago

    We from chicago if we not it's a problem because u staying in the house 24/7

  • Dantae May
    Dantae May   1 months ago

    “You can catch flies wit honey, but you get more honeys bein-catc-being fly.”- Mantra Mike

  • Simas
    Simas   1 months ago

    Where the hell is Kenny?

  • Shabbygreens
    Shabbygreens   1 months ago

    my whole family got the whole vaccine & it isn’t that deep as people portray it to be they were sick for a day and been normal since then, everyone needs to get the vaccine bro!!

  • Mathew Reid
    Mathew Reid   1 months ago

    Pierres disrespect to lowry shows he talks outta his ass, mr know it all just acts like hes always right. He always disses Derricks opinion to feel more dominant. But pierre is just as unconfident as derrick , tryna act tough and confident when he always crossing his arms and pulling his shirt down to not seem fat. U fat like dmills but at least he working on it. He cares about too much about everyone opinion and thats why he always gotta explain himself so much. Confidence is quiet u bitch