HALLOWEEN Series Explained: The Complete History of Michael Myers

  • Published on: 13 October 2018
  • Delving into the complete history of Michael Myers, covering the entire original Halloween franchise. Breaking down each movies stories, how the series connects, and detailing the evolution of the Michael Myers character.

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  • Runtime : 35:56
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  • Rachellouis💞
    Rachellouis💞   5 days ago

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  • Joey Da Slick Talker
    Joey Da Slick Talker   1 weeks ago

    I forgot about that!!!! Right!!! Michael never died, he was in maximum security jawn. So now, why Mike just wanna kill his bloodline?

  • Joey Da Slick Talker
    Joey Da Slick Talker   1 weeks ago

    I'm getting ready for Halloween Ends, watching all the Halloween movies, now I need to know how he came back after 2. He was blew up, and burned. So HOW????

  • Midnite Reveries
    Midnite Reveries   1 weeks ago

    Really stupid how a normal human being can survive being shot in the eyes and burned alive. Makes zero sense for a slasher film.

  • Alma Flores
    Alma Flores   2 weeks ago

    Did Michael take track In high school bruh he should of been in the marathon he would've been 1st.

  • Bill Batross
    Bill Batross   2 weeks ago

    Wow! The beginning takes place in 1963! The year of my birth! But, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that, because it makes me look old!

  • JesusLovesMe98
    JesusLovesMe98   2 weeks ago

    “…and plummets to the ground.” Not the earth.

  • Gonzotherobot
    Gonzotherobot   2 weeks ago

    I live in Haddonfield, new jersey and its so weird hearing all this

  • daniel baker
    daniel baker   2 weeks ago

    So from what I understand he got his neice pregnant because he said she survived 2 movies and her name is Jamie they should've stopped with 5 I hate how they keep changing actors messes it up please keep same actors

  • The1withlogic
    The1withlogic   2 weeks ago

    The background story of Michael’s childhood in Rob Zombie’s was need in the original.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha   2 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me what years is the revenge taking place in

  • Jimi Marshall
    Jimi Marshall   3 weeks ago

    11:35 wait... why is Michael momentarily blonde?

  • Militia Coming
    Militia Coming   3 weeks ago

    Rachaels friend WTF did u even watch that movie The Sheriffs daughter stole Rachaels boyfriend so I don’t think u can call them friends 😂

  • S4Mur4i_ursalty
    S4Mur4i_ursalty   3 weeks ago

    Your talking about him as if he were a human being that part of him died years ago classic !

  • Glen King
    Glen King   3 weeks ago

    Michael Myers did not unearth Judith Myers. He only took the headstone.

  • Alan Constantine
    Alan Constantine   3 weeks ago

    I bet when this trilogy ends a reboot will be written with myers dead and gone someone else finds his mask and becomes the next Michael myers as all the power was focused in the mask all along which gives the next person the strength and invincibility Michael had and shock horror it turns out to be one of the children who had seen myers kill someone and as an adult was inspired to donn the mask himself.

  • Masoko Tanga
    Masoko Tanga   3 weeks ago

    Going back to this was so refreshing after Halloween Shills. God awful; mindless writing for empty-headesngorehounds.

  • Melony Jackson
    Melony Jackson   3 weeks ago

    5 and 6 are the worst in the whole franchise!!! Especially when they made my favorite serial cry and also turned him into a child molester cus he gets his niece pregnant 😡😡😡

  • Melony Jackson
    Melony Jackson   3 weeks ago

    I have never seen any videos that really explain where the hell is Micheal during the months before all his Halloween murders?? I mean in all the timelines!! Is he in some spa just waiting until Halloween??🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • WinningLife
    WinningLife   3 weeks ago

    First two are the best… the rest are just stupid af. My continuity is 1, 2, H20.

  • KG Numba9
    KG Numba9   4 weeks ago

    Michael spared the black people for awhile and h20😂😂💯

  • NM Raider Nation.
    NM Raider Nation.   4 weeks ago

    Dude, get your facts right, from. The beginning was wrong,, Judith was never "unearthed", Michael took the tombstone not the body....

  • Birdz Talon
    Birdz Talon   4 weeks ago

    12:14 when his body just ragdolls away😭

  • Brian Breece
    Brian Breece   4 weeks ago

    How can you do a history of Halloween and get so many things SOOO WRONG??!!

  • Joseph Contreras
    Joseph Contreras   1 months ago

    Micheal must be a terminator seeing how he walks out fully engulfed in flame and destroying the police station.

    DORIAN PRIME   1 months ago

    terrible franchise they made a good mask and song everything else was trash

  • Matt Doherty
    Matt Doherty   1 months ago

    This is only worth watching up to part 2, cuz every Halloween that came out after was pure garbage. Until Rob Zombie came along & crushed it with his 2007 remake of the original. A superior back story gave the character more substance & at 6’10”, 300Lb, he was the scariest Michael Myers ever seen. As stealthy as ever with his ambush style attacks, but with a savage brutality unlike any other version of the homicidal character. That was a Michael Myers that truly seemed unstoppable.

  • Cavalier Roy
    Cavalier Roy   1 months ago

    I thought she liked the camera position (although the leg's sticking past the door would certainly caught someone out), so who changed its position afterwards https://youtu.be/ECoB52-XNV0?t=1981So 2021 and having seen the latest Halloween i am sorry to say but they are only making this franchise worse. Sometimes you have to accept the originals (only talking about Halloween 1 and 2 here) will out live the remakes. Look at Jason and its franchise, in fact Jason went to space the best in that franchise was Freddy V Jason.

  • Trav D
    Trav D   1 months ago

    My opinion.... they should have Never shown Michaels face. Ever. After 40 years of movies, how cool would that be today, knowing they never showed his face. Cuz also, when u do see his face and it’s just a normal looking dude, just takes away from his evil “monster” persona/image. Kind turns it into a thriller of just a dude who’s a serial killer. I mean yes THAT is what he is but as a kid and I, sure all kids don’t see him like that. An escaped mental patient. They see him as a monster. Not a man

  • BlinkAChu
    BlinkAChu   1 months ago

    I never understood people having a problem with Michael driving a car. It's an automatic. Like... he's not gonna stall it... any 25 year old with no previous driving history can pick up driving in literally 1 try, especially if they're not afraid. If this movie was set in Europe, then yeah... with the amount of manual cars we have I'd find it a bit more unbelievable.