Christopher Nolan Leaves WB For Universal | SJU

  • Published on: 15 September 2021
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    Christopher Nolan Leaves WB For Universal | SJU
    Hosted by Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman)
    Featuring: Danielle Radford (@DanielleRadford) & Kim Taylor-Foster (@K_imbot)
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole (@ryanohtrue)
    Tech Director: William Box
    Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski

    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
    Writer: Eric Goldman
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda

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  • Runtime : 40:50
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  • Mchannnel
    Mchannnel   1 weeks ago

    Holy Smokes, Borat had its start in Granada Talk TV!? I knew Sasha was in it but totally assumed that he was just an host

  • J F
    J F   1 months ago

    Realistically, I don’t think anyone other than Nolan could have got all those demands for a biopic.

  • Fear Is The Mind-Killer

    WB dodged a bullet with this deal. Nolan will make money on the deal but Universal will take a bath. No wonder no other studio wanted anything to do with this.

  • ShrankTheFirst
    ShrankTheFirst   1 months ago

    For movies based off of TV shows, I really enjoyed 21/22 Jump Street.

  • Arthur Chahini
    Arthur Chahini   1 months ago

    We don't talk about Joan Cusack in Addams Family Values enough 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jonathan Sodacan
    Jonathan Sodacan   1 months ago

    The best movie based on a tv show is 100% The Naked Gun

  • jim demetri
    jim demetri   1 months ago

    Ok so he probably spend 1 hr explaining the atoms and reactions and 30 mins on the subject . Worst director ever .

  • Jada Clark
    Jada Clark   1 months ago

    They ought to get some narration from Morgan Freeman in this penguin show. I'd watch it then. Batman meets March of the Penguins!

  • AdventuresInPortland
    AdventuresInPortland   1 months ago

    Personally I think Christopher Nolan has peaked without his brother's writing to rein him in.

  • Michael McChesney
    Michael McChesney   1 months ago

    I think the Drew Barrymore/Lucy Liu/Cameron Diaz Charlie's' Angels movies were pretty good. I especially liked the first one. I think it was certainly worth an honorable mention.

  • realbadger
    realbadger   1 months ago

    I'll see films based on the director (depending on the director): Darren Lynn Bousman, Robert Eggers, Ari Aster, Leigh Whannel, James Wan, etc.

  • Jean Prouvaire
    Jean Prouvaire   1 months ago

    Best movie based on a TV show: The Wrath of Khan. Easily.

  • Matt YT
    Matt YT   1 months ago

    Dragnet is awesome :D

  • Matt YT
    Matt YT   1 months ago

    I agree with Danielle, nabbing a Nolan biopic is brilliant, he is a great filmmaker (whether you like his films or not they are well crafted)and given that Disney has just reversed their day & date ideas, it is looking like he may be correct.I think that his demands where to give everyone 'wiggle room' on the windows

  • Progress
    Progress   1 months ago

    he wasnt feeling the digital stream

  • Mark Bruno
    Mark Bruno   1 months ago

    Ava duvarney, really, Danielle? She did one okay movie Selma and that's all. None of her other stuff is even remotely consider a cultural or financial hit.

  • Alex Damaceno
    Alex Damaceno   1 months ago

    Haven’t seen the video yet, but just got one thing to say: GOOD FOR HIM!

  • crypticmirror
    crypticmirror   1 months ago

    Nolan leaving WB? Oh no, what a shame, moving on. Red M&Ms or green M&Ms?

  • Monica Segura
    Monica Segura   1 months ago

    I saw couple of movies last night who has the same name as you I been seeing couple of movies that as the same name as you I been seeing Christopher allot of movies that I been watching on TV

  • ellicel
    ellicel   1 months ago

    I just hope that as these major creators carve out deals for themselves that they are also able to advocate for all creatives. In the past few years, there’s been a small uptick in having a few more opportunities for typically marginalized voices. As studios figure out how to maximize profits from streaming, smaller creatives will need the more powerful industry insiders to stand with them.

  • Monica Segura
    Monica Segura   1 months ago

    I have to boys cousin who has the same name as you both of them name is Chris but both of them have a different last name one Chris last name is Hanks and the other Chris last name is Castillo and both of them are my boy cousins

  • Suz Vera
    Suz Vera   1 months ago

    Kim - please hide an empty gun rack in your background somewhere. The anniversary event was awesome, and I loved the director. So few of the cast showed up, and even THAT was funny. I dressed 'up' as a background extra.

  • Chad WC Michael
    Chad WC Michael   1 months ago

    People always forget the The Blues Brothers was the first SNL movie, and for my money, the absolute best. We don’t talk about Blues Brothers 2000

  • Stefan Iordan
    Stefan Iordan   1 months ago

    I think Denis Villeneuve is on that path of getting whatever he wants also

  • Jared Wignall
    Jared Wignall   1 months ago

    Nolan’s got an incredible deal with Universal, plus this film about Oppenheimer sounds really interesting.

  • alekesam
    alekesam   1 months ago

    On the one hand, at least he didn't go to Paramount. But Universal isn't exactly a huge step up either.

  • Dennis Ellis
    Dennis Ellis   1 months ago

    I pressed like just for Danielle's beavis & butthead story

  • Shreyas Patil
    Shreyas Patil   1 months ago

    A movie about Oppenheimer, that's really interesting.

  • Uncle Death
    Uncle Death   1 months ago

    Too many demands. Warner Bros dodge a bullet.