The Strange Case Of @TheSunVanished - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 04 June 2018
  • @TheSunVanished is a strange Twitter account that appeared just over a month ago and has exploded onto the internet by creating several areas around the internet dedicated to talking about the creepy Twitter account: It has a @TheSunVanished Reddit, Discord and even had YouTube channels keeping a close eye. But not many have really looked into the story but rather just done 'Creepy readings' on the account.

    So, today I thought I'd do a little investigating and dedicate a video to this creepy Twitter account known as TheSunVanished.
    Be very afraid. This is a dark place to be.

    Inside A Mind:

    Social Media:

    Thank you all for watching!
    Stay Safe! And Don't Pull A Pickard!

    The Sun Vanished Twitter account:
    Tucker Twitter account:
    The Sun Vanished Reddit Page:

    MUSIC (Order of appearance):
    Chaos (Found in Creator Studio)
    Operation Capture:
    Dark_Walk (Found in Creator Studio)
    Contamination (Found in Creator Studio)

    Hope you all enjoy The Sun Vanished story!
  • Runtime : 15:35
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  • PuggyBoi
    PuggyBoi   2 weeks ago

    He recently came back, will you continue the story?

  • 🌸Miko-San🥝
    🌸Miko-San🥝   2 weeks ago

    Bro Is he Lying Cuz The Sun Owns The every Part of the Country?

  • Black Apple
    Black Apple   2 weeks ago

    Power is out yet the tv works lol weak troll

  • slingshot
    slingshot   2 weeks ago

    Its all an add for a fucking tv show, The magic has ruined my experience of this…..

  • Operator
    Operator   3 weeks ago

    My guy got stuck in a boss battle, and the boss is still looking for him

  • Bryn Sutcliffe
    Bryn Sutcliffe   1 months ago

    tampering with our water supply hmmm sounds suspiciously real

  • B2
    B2   1 months ago

    So they still have internet

  • iizai
    iizai "イイザイ"   1 months ago

    i recognize that alien ship in 4:43-i think it's from 10 Cloverfield Lane

  • Tails fan IDK
    Tails fan IDK   1 months ago

    For the person who made diary of a wimpy kid the sun vanished he is good

  • cat
    cat   2 months ago


  • laKy
    laKy   2 months ago

    He just doesn't know there is a night.

  • Specialism
    Specialism   3 months ago

    These aliens are sick, they turned the world into a horror movie

  • Cowmaster102
    Cowmaster102   3 months ago

    I really don't care if TSV is fake it's still very cool to listen to and read about and would probably skyrocket if this was an actual show

  • IamCoalfoot
    IamCoalfoot   3 months ago

    Bro, the flashlight went out and I was jumpscared by a loud Geico ad. XS

  • Scrote Eviscerator
    Scrote Eviscerator   3 months ago

    I bet, the red flashing light was a person who was suppose to change he torch from white to red, and its he buddy however, he cut out the body to make it looked like a florting light is coming after him.

  • Itsme_Ivy
    Itsme_Ivy   3 months ago

    This should be a video game honestly

  • Shadow 6969
    Shadow 6969   4 months ago

    Even though it's fake it's still an interesting story

  • Rizzyplayzz
    Rizzyplayzz   4 months ago

    Me when overthink

  • Juzt_brand
    Juzt_brand   5 months ago

    Mom: GET INSIDE ITS NIGHT TIMEperson rec: BUT ITS FUN AND COOL FOR VEIWERSmom: LEMME SEE THEN GET OVER HEREperson rec: OK SUREmom 5 mins later: this is good content

  • jamie28gaming
    jamie28gaming   5 months ago

    the sun: vanishesARG: oh no I have to survive!reality: 💀

  • Tony B
    Tony B   5 months ago

    It's all over YouTube this story is it true not much believe on this internet no more cart be trusted company in contal in most off it and any one upload lots of stuff what's on going

  • Lolshift17
    Lolshift17   5 months ago

    IF there is the slightest possibility that this is actually taking place in a legit alternate universe, then how did they make an account on our twitter which is in this universe???

  • Art Cat
    Art Cat   5 months ago

    Time traveller: “Do you know of that time traveller from our time in Twitter?”Me: “Oh, what’s the account name?”Time traveller: “The Sun Vanished.”the WHAT

  • Xephir
    Xephir   5 months ago

    I’m imagining that there’s an alien race that blocks out the sun and uses mechanical beings to hunt the dominant species of the planet (didn’t fully rewatch but it sounds fun)

  • FahriGeboi😳
    FahriGeboi😳   5 months ago

    I don't care if ITS fake the story' is amazing af

    DOIASNLJEOTEM   5 months ago


  • DeathNight77
    DeathNight77   5 months ago

    this is some insane dedication, i just checked the twitter account and he's still going after 2 years.