The Strange Case Of @TheSunVanished - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 04 June 2018
  • @TheSunVanished is a strange Twitter account that appeared just over a month ago and has exploded onto the internet by creating several areas around the internet dedicated to talking about the creepy Twitter account: It has a @TheSunVanished Reddit, Discord and even had YouTube channels keeping a close eye. But not many have really looked into the story but rather just done 'Creepy readings' on the account.

    So, today I thought I'd do a little investigating and dedicate a video to this creepy Twitter account known as TheSunVanished.
    Be very afraid. This is a dark place to be.

    Inside A Mind:

    Social Media:

    Thank you all for watching!
    Stay Safe! And Don't Pull A Pickard!

    The Sun Vanished Twitter account:
    Tucker Twitter account:
    The Sun Vanished Reddit Page:

    MUSIC (Order of appearance):
    Chaos (Found in Creator Studio)
    Operation Capture:
    Dark_Walk (Found in Creator Studio)
    Contamination (Found in Creator Studio)

    Hope you all enjoy The Sun Vanished story!
  • Runtime : 15:35
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  • Ayoubadii729
    Ayoubadii729   1 days ago

    I don't care if ITS fake the story' is amazing af

    DOIASNLJEOTEM   3 days ago


  • DeathNight77
    DeathNight77   1 weeks ago

    this is some insane dedication, i just checked the twitter account and he's still going after 2 years.

  • Kejvi
    Kejvi   2 weeks ago

    This is the most retarded thing I’ve seen in my life. Who has time for this bullshit

  • AlienInAShoeBox
    AlienInAShoeBox   2 weeks ago

    TheSunVanished arg reminds me of the one episode of Invader Zim, (specifically the episode Planet Jackers) in which aliens take the Earth and cover it in large screens to make everything appear normal, except the aliens in this arg aren’t trying as hard lol.

  • rett rett
    rett rett   4 weeks ago

    ok this is a world with skin crawers

  • freakyskull516
    freakyskull516   1 months ago

    if what i saw is what i thought i saw there isnt time to fix the scope!

  • Relly
    Relly   1 months ago

    thats a really cool arg

  • Creature
    Creature   1 months ago

    I feel it could be aliens sneaking into the homes, simply as it snuck in while he was sleeping, and that’s why it doesn’t attack him, remember back to the notes of the creatures, that they see motion, someone sleeping wouldn’t trigger that, and therefore it got in and tampered the water supply without trying to attack.

  • Dead kid Jack
    Dead kid Jack   1 months ago

    Me a SCP nerd: sounds like a anomaly… time to bring this to the 05’s attention.

  • wertysniper
    wertysniper   1 months ago

    oy just place a old cheap light up there and turn it off every 18 hours and ye get a sun easy

  • Diamond World
    Diamond World   1 months ago

    I'm watching your old videos with headphones, I loving it

  • LostHenrYy
    LostHenrYy   1 months ago

    bro kids say dsmp has good lore, well this has the BEST lore

  • Pastasauce Nomnom
    Pastasauce Nomnom   1 months ago

    maybe they're trying to inhabit earth, so they're culling the humans while keeping earth warm

  • Mystery
    Mystery   1 months ago

    If this is real then f life ill gladly go to heaven even hell

  • scp 682
    scp 682   1 months ago

    Its an scp. The sun entities. I fixed it with the daily tune. GET THE FLUTE AND VIOLINE

  • Abdullah Benyusuf
    Abdullah Benyusuf   1 months ago

    So the twitter was inactive from oct of 20 till just the beginning of the month (11) so this seems to still be ongoing now 2021

  • Jay R.
    Jay R.   1 months ago

    sorry, but as somebody who lives in british columbia, literally no one calls it just "columbia." "bc" is fine, but if you were worried about confusing people you probably just could have called it canada

    UNSATISFIED FANS   1 months ago

    I love this type of ambiguous horror story that leaving the fans to wondering in uncertain speculations and theories

  • Jake Zom
    Jake Zom   2 months ago

    The sun just disappeared .....the moon vanished

  • XxxVelikan CodBOCWxxX
    XxxVelikan CodBOCWxxX   2 months ago

    Reasons they want to do it1 entertaining people in a story that they never seen before2 telling followers to give the person an choice in their own world3 some of them wants to make it as an Horror,Action and Unnatural disturbing figures they made That’s it.

  • Blankⓥ
    Blankⓥ   2 months ago

    if the sun is gone that would mean an new iceage maybe its fake

  • Unfunny Gaming
    Unfunny Gaming   2 months ago

    The sun: gets affected in literally any wayCreatures: It’s showtime

  • ❤klee❤
    ❤klee❤   2 months ago

    I have an fake story idea:A person wakes up outside and cant go in any building but no one is outside and there stuck, in a loop every time they go in a building it loopsEdit: i meant the when the person goes in a building it doesn't lead them inside it Leads them straight outside again

  • Kinzy Vega
    Kinzy Vega   2 months ago


  • Nia Gutierrez
    Nia Gutierrez   2 months ago

    oh my god I remember following this religiously and replying to the tweets and all, it was so so fun

  • BazookaYT
    BazookaYT   2 months ago

    I would have been terrifiet

  • Anconix
    Anconix   2 months ago

    hey, will you go do a revisit on the Sun Vanish after 2 years since this vid???? Heard the creator is doing a show, I think it would be a great way to get people back into this ARG, cause is a fucking great concept

  • Mr duck
    Mr duck   2 months ago

    You take the moon and you take the sun, you take everything that seems like fun