Minecraft, But Structures Are Random...

  • Published on: 08 May 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but structures randomly spawn everywhere! This makes playing Minecraft a completely different experience!

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  • Runtime : 24:29
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  • David Zugic
    David Zugic   1 days ago

    He literally killed a strider so he can ride a strider

  • is4iahpl4z
    is4iahpl4z   2 days ago

    When you get "the city at the end of the game" (go to end city,) before u get "we need to go deeper" (go to nether)

  • Harsha Narne
    Harsha Narne   2 days ago

    there was water in the nether because of the village

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller   3 days ago

    imagine he missed the water mlg and died on the end ship

  • Fang ju Chou
    Fang ju Chou   6 days ago

    Me when he’s uploading a different vid he says diamonds are for peasant but this vid he wants diamonds

    RED_DEVIL   1 weeks ago

    Whenever he was on the nether roof he didn't realize there was water in the nether

  • EaglePvP
    EaglePvP   1 weeks ago

    12:47 SB737: I'm gonna do it the old fashioned way Me, a veteran: Yeah right bro

  • Noah Keoske
    Noah Keoske   1 weeks ago


  • Sam White
    Sam White   1 weeks ago

    its because the structures are random

  • stockrod147
    stockrod147   1 weeks ago

    he got not today thank u right after the city and the end if the game

  • It's me Konstantinos
    It's me Konstantinos   1 weeks ago

    15:08 am I the only one that realised there were grasspaths that replaced bedrock?

  • ZachCatGames
    ZachCatGames   1 weeks ago

    “Sadly I can not mine the gold blocksHas an Iron Pickaxe

  • BeenoTp
    BeenoTp   1 weeks ago

    I guess you could count this as the most cursed minecraft world

  • teejay1106
    teejay1106   2 weeks ago

    hey SB been here since 10k subs good to see u at 2.75 milion now

  • Kayden Funderburk
    Kayden Funderburk   2 weeks ago

    I love your videos ❤️ you make my sad day a happy day thanks

  • Kimberley Moore
    Kimberley Moore   2 weeks ago

    He got “the city is at the end of the game” before “the end?”

  • Harshit Chandra
    Harshit Chandra   3 weeks ago

    Sb737 when he explores the iglooAfterall, why not an igloo in this trying time

  • Erik
    Erik   3 weeks ago

    “Bet you’ve never seen this before, a nether village.” Sb. Sb’s awesome world. 😔

  • Abhineetlol
    Abhineetlol   4 weeks ago

    Anyone realize in the village in the nether, there was water which is kinda illegal for the nether

  • godgamer
    godgamer   1 months ago

    wjen he said it would be bad if he went into the lava i laughed bc he had fire prot 2 netherite leggings