SIAMÉS "Mr. FEAR" [Official Animated Music Video]

  • Published on: 31 October 2018
  • "Mr. FEAR" Animated Music Video
    2nd Single from "Bounce into The Music" debut album.
    Directed and Animated by RUDO Co.

    Music & Lyrics by Piano Blakk / @STOLTZ
    Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Guillermo Porro
    Mastering by Diego "Warrior" Crisálida [Puro Mastering]

    · Stöltz: Lead & Backing Vocals
    · Piano Blakk: Piano, Synths & Drums Programming
    · Gonzo Rooster: Electric Guitars
    · Kiki Ferreira: Electric Bass Guitar
    · Guillermo Porro: Synths, Strings and Drums Programming
  • Runtime : 4:34
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  • Ever David
    Ever David   4 weeks ago

    Why is no one talking about the fact that at the end they are two separate "monsters"? It looks like they are seeking out each other, the scenes and shots make the illusion that it is just one but it isn't. This makes sense as the second time they transform, the "monster" looks different, like an incomplete version of it self.

  • Laughterable
    Laughterable   14 hours ago

    This is one of the best representations of the art of Moebius I think I’ve ever seen. If they ever adapted his comics I hope it would be made by whoever done the fantastic visuals on this.

  • Isabella B.
    Isabella B.   23 hours ago

    todo en esta canción me recuerda the midnight gospel

  • Ace Sharp
    Ace Sharp   1 days ago

    i could make a big comment but i think that the song is showing that the two are both different but because of that they both became friends. don't have a clue about the monster tho.

  • Joseph Massaro
    Joseph Massaro   2 days ago

    Damn, I found this song on Spotify like 2 years ago and just now discovered this music video. This is outrageously good and all the theories in the comments are great takes on the animation.

  • big beef
    big beef   2 days ago

    what genre is this music i cant figure it out

  • jeeplover2004
    jeeplover2004   2 days ago

    Love the shit out of I need. More..and I wanna understand it better

  • Jønah 666
    Jønah 666   3 days ago

    I am to drunk to make sense of this

  • nawa
    nawa   6 days ago

    holy shit i stumbled upon this video completely by chance (was looking up animated music videos for a school project) and this is amazing! will definitely be binging more of ur music cus this is sick!

  • Gabriel Fromm
    Gabriel Fromm   1 weeks ago

    It seems like every time they try to be together, they end up separating in the monster. They try to be with eachother while inside the monster but they can't, even so, they keep trying to be together

  • Dono
    Dono   1 weeks ago

    i legit wrote a whole essay on the song and animation... but for a YT comment ill just say the EXTREMELY boiled down version. An unlikely couple, they founds a strength and struggle together, they separated due to circumstance, they wish for each other again, they found each other and caused chaos, they realized it doesn't matter the chaos they cause, as long as they are together, end just before we know if they can overcome and love or live as they were...end. I got an A for the full essay...;)

  • Playername
    Playername   1 weeks ago

    I just realized the alien at 3:30 had a third eye

  • Jude Giesler
    Jude Giesler   1 weeks ago

    i think i should watch another video mabey

  • Maddy
    Maddy   1 weeks ago

    I've noticed that through out the video, when they are separated and shown on screen, the screen is split. While when they are the creature, the screen is whole. That's a very interesting move

  • Lord Jesus Christ
    Lord Jesus Christ   1 weeks ago

    Yo I just realised that the red guy has a third eye, it's visible for a couple frames the 2nd time they transform

  • Sir Monday
    Sir Monday   1 weeks ago

    I discovered SIAMÉS just about 2 Weeks ago and I just can't stop listening to all of it. But I have to say The Wolf,Mr Fear and Summer Time

  • ProgrammerPC Theory
    ProgrammerPC Theory   1 weeks ago

    I'm finally noticing some words from 3:05 theres "Fear" "Now you'll die". Damn I wish I knew how to isolate this stuff. Any ideas (to get them) since you probably won't tell me what they are?

  • Okie max
    Okie max   1 weeks ago

    I wish yall were on the jukebox at the bar i go to. Would love to play some of yalls stuff there

  • Pedro Garcia
    Pedro Garcia   1 weeks ago

    how had I not seen this song before? I'm in love.

  • Zuzik A
    Zuzik A   1 weeks ago


  • C Gillis
    C Gillis   2 weeks ago

    Siames makes really unique music and music videos; props to you, truly :)

  • Messy Mangos
    Messy Mangos   2 weeks ago

    Found you on my Spotify Discover Weekly, best find yet these animation videos are fire

  • Black Sky
    Black Sky   2 weeks ago

    2021 i'm here and my name is mr. Fear

  • Jeremy Bland
    Jeremy Bland   2 weeks ago

    Not trying to take anything away from the animation. This song is one of the most well executed, melodic and catchy songs I've ever heard. Timeless.

  • heney dinossauro
    heney dinossauro   2 weeks ago

    enquanto todos teorizam eu imagino como seria dividir uma consciência e corpo de monstro com um desconhecido a princípio