BLISS (2021) - The Matrix if Everything About it Sucked

  • Published on: 12 May 2021
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  • Runtime : 34:54
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  • Wiaf
    Wiaf   7 hours ago

    what movie?

  • Jenna B.
    Jenna B.   7 hours ago

    The “crystal dust” symbolizes DMT.

  • Autumn Richards
    Autumn Richards   10 hours ago

    I thought that all the real shit was in their heads and that they were crazy. That he had issues and she manipulated him into moving under a bridge to take care of her. That the crystals were meth and that all of it was a drug induced psychosis.

  • J-F Rolland
    J-F Rolland   1 days ago

    And where is Isabel's boyfriend? Wasn't he "real"?

  • NoCode Filmmaker
    NoCode Filmmaker   1 days ago

    I felt this film could've had an interesting premise by introducing this as the psychotic breakdown of a drug addict and the damaging effects on the actual reality around them. I feel if this was properly written and executed it could've been something entirely different with actual substance. It's too bad the idea was egregiously executed and falls so damn short from what it could've been. I can't believe this crap got a green light but other talented filmmakers with amazing concepts will never be seen or heard. Hollywood has become a sad affair :(

  • Mickey Squintz
    Mickey Squintz   1 days ago

    This is the rant of a guy who used to pay thirty bucks for a half gram of weed. So angry and butt hurty about those dern droog a Dix! Lmfao! Sure this movie is retarded BUT, it's nowhere near as retarded as this guy's perspective.

  • Chuck N
    Chuck N   2 days ago

    F for Kendo, he just wanted to say hi :(

  • ah pook
    ah pook   2 days ago

    Aah, Bless. If you transcribed every spoken word of this youtube video to a medium understandable to a 1960s pulp fiction publisher you could have passed yourself off as Philip K. Dick.

  • Kendrick NOT Lamar
    Kendrick NOT Lamar   5 days ago

    Why did they have to do a nose thing with Owen Wilson of all people

  • Kendrick NOT Lamar
    Kendrick NOT Lamar   5 days ago

    It took me to go through this video to remember that I watched this before

  • 1Post Daily
    1Post Daily   6 days ago

    I think the movie is scatting on the idea of Heaven.... Hades would be the simulation.... I guess... LOL

  • Paul Mccoy
    Paul Mccoy   1 weeks ago

    I will never watch this movie....because I feel like I just did.My head hurts now.

  • mark paterson
    mark paterson   1 weeks ago

    fried Barry was way better--fuck whoever argues it's not the same type of movie, just saying.

  • King Contrary
    King Contrary   1 weeks ago

    You say it's a terrible impression but if you'd ask me "who am I" I'd immediately say Owen Wilson 😂

  • Darker Daemon
    Darker Daemon   1 weeks ago

    Why in the hell did she say "Five hundred thousand K"?!? That's a double negative.. Omfg.. This whole movie has blown my mind in the worst possible way..

  • Paul Toal
    Paul Toal   1 weeks ago

    So Bill Nye can time travel too? He's on the TV at 9:03 in the past and appears in the future???

  • Michael Saxon
    Michael Saxon   1 weeks ago

    1:41 an add played for YouTube Shorts of KSI laughing and if that isn’t genius comedic timing, I don’t know what is 😂

  • Rääh
    Rääh   2 weeks ago

    I mean you must be high not to get it. (No it Doesn't help Depression) But how is it childish to say that "we need bad to better appreciate the good"? I'm not talking about the movie but the fundamental sentence you just spit out and sh*t on top of. There are so many spoiled children to prove it.

  • Obskewerd
    Obskewerd   2 weeks ago

    Yeah the mustache is actually pretty cool dude. It's defining

  • MemphisMadeTEZ
    MemphisMadeTEZ   2 weeks ago

    The cop mustache is cool elvis 🤣🤣 all u need is a vacuum to stick ur junk in and u would look like Dewey from scary movie lmao... great video

  • TriggaHappyYT
    TriggaHappyYT   2 weeks ago

    Drug abuse and mental health. Talk to some ppl who think this world is a simulation ands it's not coherent either, elon musk says we could be a simulation so it's a crazy world. Mix all that with mental health and you get bliss.

  • Mr Manchello
    Mr Manchello   2 weeks ago

    was 100% expecting the wallet segment to be a build up for a ridge wallet sponsorship

  • sylveon 69
    sylveon 69   2 weeks ago

    why would you make a simulation boring and cringe like our world rather than a sick af dark souls style world of pain and violence and glory if you wanna make a place to suffer

  • sylveon 69
    sylveon 69   2 weeks ago

    22:35 its not unquantifiable its 4 quadrillion dollars. its still stupid cause money only has meaning due to disparity and the actual numbers themselves are pretty arbitrary.

  • Fister Mantastic
    Fister Mantastic   2 weeks ago

    I’m only halfway through your video. And I’m hooked. Cuz either this movie has a bunch of twists and turns and makes you question what’s real…. Or… this movie is really stupid and all these questions are holes in the plot that they forgot to address

  • Xes Lana
    Xes Lana   2 weeks ago

    Look at this through the lens that it's a sequel to Idiocracy, and this is the dumbass direction the world has gone with Luke Wilson's average Joe being the smartest man alive, and Owen is playing his son/grandson.

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins   2 weeks ago

    22:15 Did they forget to tell her that "K" is short for Kilo, which means 1000 ? 500,000 K is suddenly a lot more.

  • Lewis Ariki
    Lewis Ariki   2 weeks ago

    can you imagine if mysteryo proved he could do real magic by just lighting some candles, would a made the ending a lot more aniclymatic

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos and make a video about it

  • Oron Mendel
    Oron Mendel   2 weeks ago

    There is an excellent, weird Australian movie from the mid-1980s, called "Bliss". I could not recommend it enough, it is that good.

  • Spiral Unity
    Spiral Unity   2 weeks ago

    I think I want to watch this movie... weirdly

  • Calvin Benefield
    Calvin Benefield   2 weeks ago

    look man, if salma hayek was showing me force powers i would 100000% stay and hang out

  • Britt
    Britt   2 weeks ago

    Never heard of this movie before