Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Gameplay Preview

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Want a sneak peek at how your adventure in the Hisui region will look, Trainers? 🤩

    Check out this new gameplay preview ahead of the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Friday, January 28!

  • Runtime : 13:28
  • Pokemon Pokemon Legends Arceus Arceus Gameplay Preview


  • Leandro Mendoza
    Leandro Mendoza   13 minuts ago

    Wow... this looks (vissually most of all, in graphics) absolutely horrible, I expected more from gen 4 games, the richest franchise in the world should be able to at least look decent in their own trailer, jesus

  • Andrew
    Andrew   31 minuts ago

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Pokemon series, but for a multi-billion dollar franchise, the graphics look straight out of a 2014 release 😐 Really wish they took it upon themselves to make the most out of their series..

  • Waleed Khalid
    Waleed Khalid   49 minuts ago

    Oh please let there be SOME voice acting. 3D games just feel…off…without some voice acting. SwSh was so much worse because key scenes didn’t have it, or the proper music (looking at you intro sequence and Piers Gym battle song). It doesn’t need to be fully voiced even, just enough at key points to make the world seem more alive.

  • Corrin Flakes
    Corrin Flakes   58 minuts ago

    I'd be rich for every time I got a nickeld when I see a comment with the phrase "I'm cautiously optimistic". Like I can't even find variations of this sentiment.

  • jumpingjere Murphy
    jumpingjere Murphy   1 hours ago

    I also hope they add a trainer battle concept to the game too. It would be cool to see the battle style against trainers too.

  • ultilinium8
    ultilinium8   1 hours ago

    To anyone looking forward to this...y'all not ready.

  • Jade
    Jade   1 hours ago

    "Long before time had a name, the first pokémon Master had all 898 pokémon

  • Aaron Gray
    Aaron Gray   1 hours ago

    I saw the leaks for typhlosion, decidueye and Samurott, and Samurott is the only one that looks half decent. Typhlosion looks like a stoned goth, and decidueye looks like a frikken scarecrow…… honestly you guys need to start getting rights to other people’s fan arts/depictions. Because the guys that currently design new Pokémon, are absolutely trash at their job. Honestly the decidueye I could maybe in time come to try and appreciate but you 10 out of 10 screwed the Typhlosion design….

  • Daniel Campos
    Daniel Campos   1 hours ago

    Fã de Nintendo passa mt pano, tnc esses gringo kkkk

  • Monsicorn
    Monsicorn   1 hours ago

    Am I drunk, or did Stealth Rock just do direct damage?

  • cr109e
    cr109e   1 hours ago

    Can we make out with the Pokémon

  • Nortiz92
    Nortiz92   1 hours ago

    Looks good, but guys do not pre order or buy day 1 . Just be patient

  • Clicca qui per darmi soldi

    I want to tell you a story.As a kid, I desperately wanted a Game Boy because I was a huge Pokémon fan, but my parents never agreed to buy me one. They said that I already played too much with the PS2 in the living room, if I had had a Game Boy too, they would not have been able to control me and I would have played even at night, or instead of doing homework. I suffered a lot because there was no game on PS2 that looked like my beloved Pokémon and at school all my classmates played with the Game Boy during recess.Here, after all these sad years, you can't imagine my (former) child’s joy in finally having a Pokémon game for PS2. Thanks Game Freak, thanks Nintendo.A big fan of yours.

  • savagekid94
    savagekid94   2 hours ago

    I actually wanna play a pokemon game now. I've never been a fan of the games, the first game I played and finished was pokemon X, it was cool, then I played omega ruby, and it started to feel like I was just playing the same game as X with copy pasted characters but different names, objectives and gyms. (I know Omega ruby is a remake of the old ruby games back in the day so if anything, pokemon X was copying old formulas) I never finished it because someone stole it from me. Now I'm playing Shining Pearl. It still feels the same. I hadn't touched the game for about a month and a half. I played a bit of sword and shield and while it felt different since it was on a stronger console than a DS, It still felt the same.This actually looks different and I've been thinking about how the games would be if they played out a bit more naturally like this is coming off to be. I might just pick it up since my partner is getting it, then we can play together

  • EndGamerPlays
    EndGamerPlays   3 hours ago


  • I FF
    I FF   3 hours ago

    Ok this is making me want a Switch OLED now

  • Nick
    Nick   3 hours ago

    looks cool and all but i just hope its not just another open area whit pokemon and nothing else to do then boring chores as 'side quest'. want more of a reason to explore then just fill my pokedex. like are there another towns? gangs? REAL problems to tackle? even its small. a plot? even a story? so far i got out of this was just catch pokemon and some noble pokemon are crazy of something. but yea gameplay looks atleast more fun then the old. and not nose eating easy old.

  • mikez2009
    mikez2009   3 hours ago

    The environment looks as boring and bland as breath of the wild

  • DantexBernard
    DantexBernard   3 hours ago

    Did anyone else start missing the old Pokémon watching this?

  • Bray
    Bray   3 hours ago

    I don't know, a lot of mechanics seem really great and are things we've wanted for years.. But I'm so sick of this franchise taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back with every new game. for every new concept or big innovation we get, we seem to lose huge parts of what made the older games so amazing.. I don't see why we can't just have it all

  • Tan Nguyen
    Tan Nguyen   3 hours ago

    Sure pokemon can attack you but can you sucker punch the pokemon and yourselves? If not, then still unrealistic.

  • TheMistery Fication
    TheMistery Fication   3 hours ago

    Ok this is the one thing that really sucks: Map looks empty af + only 1 village i dont care at what point in the timeline this game takes place that is no excuse from such empty map and one or two towns. Baby steps to get an open world pokemon game? more like fetus steps

  • TheMistery Fication
    TheMistery Fication   3 hours ago

    Mark my words this is going to be another disappointment there is no fking way nintendo and gamefreak can do anything related to pokemon with effort common sense innovation or listening to their consumer base that drops money for every kick in the balls they get from this company. if i happen to be wrong then ill gladly buy this game if not welp another decade without buying something related to pokemon i guess.

  • Cancerino
    Cancerino   4 hours ago

    Looks really interesting so far

  • Kool Beans
    Kool Beans   4 hours ago

    I hate that they have certain pokemon to use for flying, swimming, and riding across land. I want to choose which Pokemon I fly with. This is supposed to be a big open-world game, right? Why don't we have the freedom to choose?

  • chris tyioran
    chris tyioran   4 hours ago

    Pokemon's revenge for Monster Hunter Stories

  • Not Real
    Not Real   4 hours ago

    Wait hold up at 12:44 stealth rock did damage same turn

  • aelix56
    aelix56   4 hours ago

    I like the changes, would've liked more interaction with the village like building it up and whatnot, but I absolutely love that now the trainer has a more involved action. Maybe someday trainers could make pokemon really unique with actual literal training rather than just having their pokemon smack against others, that'd be the dream.

  • xerneas
    xerneas   4 hours ago

    Pokemon Breath of the Wild

  • KnightWendigo
    KnightWendigo   5 hours ago

    Man, wish they had made this for a next gen.