[STATION 3] NCT DREAM X HRVY 'Don't Need Your Love' MV

  • Published on: 06 June 2019
  • NCT DREAM X HRVY "Don't Need Your Love" is out!
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    [STATION 3] NCT DREAM X HRVY 'Don't Need Your Love' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
  • Runtime : 3:36
  • NCTDREAM HRVY DontNeedYourLove DNYL SMTOWN SMSTATION STATION STATION3 스테이션 스테이션3 엔시티드림 하비 재민 제노 런쥔 지성 천러


  • hluteisailo
    hluteisailo   10 hours ago

    DNYL Jeno visual is on another level

  • izzati
    izzati   14 hours ago

    don't need your love jaemin is everything

  • Angie ETR
    Angie ETR   16 hours ago

    Holy crap I forgot this song T_T I still love this ugh DX

  • Karina Puspita
    Karina Puspita   18 hours ago

    The way Jeno bites his candy omggg I'm crazy about youu LEE JENO SARANGHAE

  • Kpop Sweet Lemon
    Kpop Sweet Lemon   19 hours ago

    wait is it just me but I'm wondering where Mark and Haechan is. were they with Nct 127 ot something? anyways I love this song. who doesn't

  • purwanti
    purwanti   1 days ago

    Hai singgah juga ya di mv2 bujang yg masih di bawah

  • noimi de bruijn
    noimi de bruijn   1 days ago

    Why i cry for renjun 🥺always i lisson this and cry for renjun

  • Regina Palma
    Regina Palma   1 days ago

    Etmin yutup, aku pengen deh liat live stagenya, kira2 kapan min?

  • aal
    aal   1 days ago

    sadboy days....

  • Diana
    Diana   1 days ago

    I think I didn't appreciated this collab as much as it needed at the time of its release and I am regretful.This song is a jam💕

  • Rocio Quenta
    Rocio Quenta   2 days ago

    Vamos nctzens esto es joyaVamos por los 50M

  • Rocio Quenta
    Rocio Quenta   2 days ago

    Nctzens vamos por los 50M y después por los 100M letsgo

  • Zeanne
    Zeanne   2 days ago

    Jaemin ganteng punya gw

  • staygreengrasses
    staygreengrasses   2 days ago

    This song is definitely Renjun's song. He shines so bright in this mv.

  • Amber Elliott
    Amber Elliott   2 days ago

    What we need now is HRVY to collab with 7 Dream….

  • suruchi Rai
    suruchi Rai   2 days ago

    This is what nct Hollywood will look like 👁👄👁

  • Mila Saja
    Mila Saja   3 days ago


  • Brenda Páez
    Brenda Páez   3 days ago

    ~  ̄ the song is so beautiful. The whole video is beautiful. The collaboration came out so beautiful. I love it, very beautiful ̄ ~

  • nanasツ
    nanasツ   3 days ago

    Their visual overtaking me...

  • Ti Na
    Ti Na   3 days ago

    Still can't get over from this wonderful collab🤧💚