Stray Kids "소리꾼" M/V

  • Published on: 23 August 2021
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "소리꾼" M/V

    Stray Kids THE 2ND ALBUM "NOEASY"
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  • Runtime : 3:19
  • JYP Entertainment JYP 스트레이 키즈 Stray Kids SKZ 스키즈 방찬 리노 창빈 현진 한 필릭스 승민 아이엔 BangChan LeeKnow Changbin Hyunjin HAN Felix Seungmin I.N 이민호 서창빈 황현진 한지성 이용복 김승민 양정인 소리꾼 Thunderous NOEASY 소리꾼 뮤비 소리꾼 뮤직비디오 Thunderous MV Thunderous music video noeasy mv noeasy music video 스트레이키즈 뮤비 스키즈 뮤비 skz mv stray kids mv 스키즈 소리꾼 스트레이키즈 소리꾼 스트레이키즈 뮤직비디오 스키즈 뮤직비디오 stray kids thunderous skz thunderous stray kids 소리꾼 skz 소리꾼 노이지 스트레이키즈 노이지 stray kids noeasy skz noeasy


  • ppau
    ppau   6 minuts ago

    I love this sm I’m learning the choreo now!

  • kai_
    kai_   6 minuts ago

    Kei no es la edgy de tiktok q su novia es jincampeon algo así? 😬

  • Brenda Acosta
    Brenda Acosta   6 minuts ago

    Soy luvity pero creo que oficialmente este el video más impresionante del kpop...alguien que opine lo contrario?

  • Jisung Han
    Jisung Han   13 minuts ago

    Please vote in AAAWe can get them multiple awards there!!

  • pisces_
    pisces_   16 minuts ago

    Please stream thunderous performance on tokopedia too!!! All artists that went there reached 1M views for all performance

  • 8 god number
    8 god number   16 minuts ago

    Les juro que hago 5tr3am todos los días y todo el día pero hace siglos me quedé sin ideas para comentar <\3 bueno sólo quería comentar que nose que comentar (? Bye te amo estancia que hace 5tr3am ♡

  • paolaqueso_8🧀
    paolaqueso_8🧀   19 minuts ago

    ¿Cómo le hicieron las exo-l para estar en puesto uno si ayer estaban en 3?

  • arisya
    arisya   20 minuts ago

    berapa juta kali dah aku ulang ni ha

  • owo
    owo   34 minuts ago

    edtoy lrlfoando puse god dudududuududududududu te amo god dudud

  • owo
    owo   34 minuts ago


  • owo
    owo   35 minuts ago

    jwk1kefkcdnd kusi gringa

  • Cerseididay
    Cerseididay   35 minuts ago

    Enhypen is about to overtake us again in the idollive voting. So disappointing stays..It's so easy to vote yet just a few of us are voting.

  • owo
    owo   36 minuts ago


  • owo
    owo   36 minuts ago


  • skz skz
    skz skz   36 minuts ago

    Lee know my bias but i love all of them they are really good

  • owo
    owo   36 minuts ago


  • owo
    owo   36 minuts ago


  • skz skz
    skz skz   37 minuts ago

    Best song so far i love it

  • skz skz
    skz skz   38 minuts ago

    Stray kids are always good we all know that jyp is so lucky to have them

  • skz skz
    skz skz   38 minuts ago

    When i listen to this song i feel like i am on fire they are really good

  • skz skz
    skz skz   38 minuts ago

    I love this song so much

  • Phebelyn Lanit
    Phebelyn Lanit   48 minuts ago

    Unpopular Opinion: Those who Dislikes has A Bad taste of Music🙂