Watch Lil Nas X's 3 Fashion Transformations at the 2021 Met Gala

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Fashion icon, musical legend and all-around icon Lil Nas X debuted not one, but three hot looks on the red carpet at the 2021 Met Gala.
  • Runtime : 3:31
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  • John Derek Ward
    John Derek Ward   19 minuts ago

    He didn’t own the look! It felt like he was going under quick, desperately trying to figure out what to do with his face! I love you doe!

  • Storyteller
    Storyteller   26 minuts ago

    This is what I call creativity at it's best. Epic Epic 👏👏👏👏

  • Nanami Kento's Hubby
    Nanami Kento's Hubby   29 minuts ago

    People should just expect at least 1 outfit change when celebs show up with a really big oversized outfit.Edit: except ASAP Rocky apparently

  • Athena GM
    Athena GM   39 minuts ago

    Others wtg their moment, and he is still morphing like a power rangers transformer hybrid😩.

  • Katy Martin
    Katy Martin   4 hours ago

    Wow very creative and well put together you look so good Nas X

  • KHLeong
    KHLeong   5 hours ago

    Someone plz mod this in diablo 2 resurrection

  • Oceania 23
    Oceania 23   5 hours ago

    Whoa ! C3-PO has been working out ! Looking good

  • E4T6
    E4T6   5 hours ago

    Welcome to Costco, I love you..

    SAFFIREGOAT   9 hours ago

    The camera people r so demanding it’s hilarious

  • Lisa J
    Lisa J   9 hours ago

    Lady Gaga influence much......

  • I Mkadmi
    I Mkadmi   10 hours ago

    Are those black air force 1's ?

  • I Mkadmi
    I Mkadmi   10 hours ago

    Where all ths clowns go 😂

  • DJC
    DJC   10 hours ago


  • K. De.
    K. De.   10 hours ago

    Awesome !!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • st
    st   11 hours ago

    Not me read some comments compared him to Gaga ✋🤭 noo.. Gaga better that him.. Gaga changed the outfit 4 times when Lilnas 3 times lol.. no one can denied Gaga entrance is such an unforgettable moments.

  • HaryuuNoHanekata
    HaryuuNoHanekata   11 hours ago

    Love nas’s looks but I could literally never handle that without telling the photographers to stfu like chill

  • FrankH
    FrankH   11 hours ago

    Tool…… how about ya act like a man

  • BuzzzzRTK
    BuzzzzRTK   11 hours ago

    Wtf. People actually watch this shit for fun I didn’t make 2 seconds. It’s all narcissist anyway

  • North444
    North444   12 hours ago

    Met Gala aka The satanists Ball

  • Leena Husa
    Leena Husa   13 hours ago

    Well if they would make outfits that let you walk up a flight of stairs. That would be amazing. Him walking up the stairs in the armor looked ridiculous

  • Erick Madondo
    Erick Madondo   14 hours ago

    Why I don't like this country too much witchcraft