Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - ESPN Fires Paul Pierce Days After Controversial Instagram Live

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to ESPN's decision to part ways with NBA Analyst and NBA Champ Paul Pierce after controversial lewd Instagram live goes viral.

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  • Runtime : 5:9
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  • Rikspawn Smith
    Rikspawn Smith   1 days ago

    In my humble opinion. Chris has a point regarding hypocrisy. So has Bob. Paul Pierce is an ass for getting caught up with today's trend of making private things public. Broadcasting himself like that. Why does the world need to see him in a joint like that ? I'm glad he lost his job. So should every other fool who thinks himself so cool to be broadcasting similar rubbish. Although its not the way of the world today but somethings should stay private. Paul Pierce was a crap analyst anyway. I won't miss him!

  • Dennis McConnell
    Dennis McConnell   4 days ago

    Trump said being a celebrity means you can get away with stuff like that. 1000% been doing that forever. Celebrities can do whatever and get away with it they do today still. Bunch a psychos playing roulette. Nobody cares right.

  • Mike Kendrick
    Mike Kendrick   5 days ago

    Good point ChrisNot a difference Rob you circus clown

  • doben tiapon
    doben tiapon   5 days ago

    bruosard is acting like we are living in a perfect world there is different rules for different people thats reality

  • angelo hopson
    angelo hopson   5 days ago

    Yall too old to be talking about twerking lol

  • Rafael Torres
    Rafael Torres   1 weeks ago

    Broussard "well it was on the Grammy show, so what's the difference?" Chris, Chris, Chris...ESPN doesn't host the Grammys and not everyone approves of the network showing porn on primetime tv.

  • Turn Tavern
    Turn Tavern   1 weeks ago

    Chris lost his mind on this one. He makes no sense. “Paul Pierce held to a standard no one else is held to”. No one else’s standard matters. The only standard that matters is the company you work for.

  • e1337
    e1337   1 weeks ago

    They wanted him gone he gave them a reason to fire him. Rob is right you gotta look the part the corporation that you're with.

  • creighton goodwin
    creighton goodwin   1 weeks ago

    Chris Broussard is more aligned with acknowledging the hypocrisy of society than Rob Parker is willing to admit. Period.

  • Keiway_Mk5GTI
    Keiway_Mk5GTI   1 weeks ago

    Rob is old man pointing finger at cloud nowadays

  • ben l
    ben l   1 weeks ago

    So everybody allowing themselves to be on a chain after work... at the end of the day the wrong move was not wanting to be free when signing the dotted lines after you get the lawyer to read over it.

  • hardin54
    hardin54   1 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce was trying to be COOL, and ended up being a FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aimeer McCrary
    Aimeer McCrary   1 weeks ago

    Chris just won't acknowledge the war on men. I feel him tho gotta stay in character

  • Ryan Flynn
    Ryan Flynn   1 weeks ago

    The truth having a midlife crisis 😂

  • Mo Money
    Mo Money   1 weeks ago

    Like Smokey in the movie Friday, fired on his day off

  • Courtney Lane
    Courtney Lane   1 weeks ago

    Why is anything important that goes on Instagram. He clearly gave no fucks lol

  • CJ Johnson
    CJ Johnson   1 weeks ago

    🤣That's for all the Lebron James hate! He thinks he is above accountability; but I guess he found out after he retired "you gotta grow up" but then talk about young players.And I'm tired of people trying to make excuses for bad behavior. Chris everyone needs to be held accountable unacceptable is unacceptable and just cuz the TV stations do it don't make it right two wrongs don't make it right you know that! Disappointed in your stance Rob is right.

  • xxstract28
    xxstract28   1 weeks ago

    Kids don’t watch any of the stuff that we say “kids are watching that”

  • Wallee Norilus
    Wallee Norilus   1 weeks ago

    Rob snitched on Paul again there was another woman on the floor being freaky did you see her 😂 😂 😂

  • Dan Franck
    Dan Franck   1 weeks ago

    Paul Pierce, NOBODY is judging you, we are all human being and we reacting on your video that you decided to make it public. You are not a regular person as me or anyone here commenting , you are a high profil person (Former NBA player) which require to conduct yourself in a positive way, dad of 3 kids, kids (Not only yours) look up to you, having positive impact in your community by giving back (Foundation...) , Jersey retirement at TD Garden, among the nine first-time finalists as HOF... now you want to damage your image with such STUPID video ? Lesson learned: If not the case, the NBA should have a Post Career Psychological Program (PCPP) for all former NBA players bcoz ALL OF THEM once retired have mental health problem

  • Mark Lahargoue
    Mark Lahargoue   1 weeks ago

    Musicians get away with it cause their employer is Satan. But wait a minute. Isn't Disney owned by Satan too? LOL

  • ueno ocean
    ueno ocean   1 weeks ago

    Poor judgment You can’t do that if you’re famous

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu   1 weeks ago

    All the NBA wives are like so this what yall doing over at Paul's house for "poker night"

  • Andre Gant
    Andre Gant   1 weeks ago

    This was a shitty piece of content. A really shitty piece of content.

  • Klipz god
    Klipz god   1 weeks ago

    He had a lot of ladies in the video twerking

  • J K
    J K   1 weeks ago

    🤪.  I HATE this life. HAIL SATAN.

  • Cyril
    Cyril   1 weeks ago

    I just love it when these two fight 🤣🤣🤣

  • Positively Liberal
    Positively Liberal   1 weeks ago

    I'm glad that Paula Pierce got canned, he's a King James hater that does not belong on the airways !!!!!

  • SporTacular Films -STF

    People clowning Pierce like it was his career or job job it was an after NBA gig. I think people care more about pierce being fired than Pierce does himself.

  • Lim Hong Yih
    Lim Hong Yih   1 weeks ago

    So hard to listen to them talk with all the interruptions..

  • Tyeksa!
    Tyeksa!   1 weeks ago

    Boycott Disney and promote podcasters!

  • PM
    PM   1 weeks ago

    Chris is right!