The Shortnitemares Film Festival in Fortnite Creative 2021

  • Published on: 26 October 2021
  • The Shortnitemares Film Festival comes to Fortnite Creative from October 28 at 6 PM ET until November 1 at 6 PM ET

    The third installment of Shortnite is here to spook, scare, fright, and delight in Fortnitemares 2021. Shortnitemares will be made up of seven horror-themed animated short films. Bring some friends or watch solo, grab some popcorn, and (if you’re brave enough) turn off the lights. See you there… if you dare.

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  • Runtime : 53
  • yt:cc=on


  • Ninja Diamond
    Ninja Diamond   4 weeks ago

    Add the mothership to the game of creative please please please please epic

  • Dedsec
    Dedsec   1 months ago

    Fortnite add cop cars back please !!!!!!!

  • D. Jesse
    D. Jesse   1 months ago

    I want a collaboration of one piece

  • gamer Loran
    gamer Loran   1 months ago

    cant wait for christmas pls add this than but like 50/50 the half is scary horror and the other is normal

  • Brian Arend
    Brian Arend   1 months ago

    This happened he same day roblox shut down

  • panin dwomo
    panin dwomo   1 months ago

    i cant wait now its happing amazing

  • DreScythe
    DreScythe   1 months ago

    Hi, could you please add support for the red magic 6? I've been playing since prebeta when battle royale wasn't really big. I'm no pro player but spent money every season. Lost my main account trying to merge it to my ps4. But I move around a lot and it kinda sucks I can only get 30 fps :/. Please, I'll be okay with just 60 fps. Thank you. I'm not big on social media so really this is all I got :/

  • SonicX15 *
    SonicX15 *   1 months ago

    Fortnite you guys are so lazy just pure lazy why are you not putting in the (hemlock skin) and the (zombie shambles emote) in the item shop? It's part of the Halloween tradition item shop sale, don't cast them out, we've been waiting a long time so put it in the item shop now while there's still time come on fortnite let's move it!!!

  • Soso
    Soso   1 months ago

    dead game

  • Трактор
    Трактор   1 months ago

    Ну и чертовщина, кто играет в эту парашечку?

    THE NUT MASTER420   1 months ago

    I watched. the eye. Fortnite Movie I don't really understand the ending. Like does the alien 👽 mimic people it kills? And why did the girl see herself??

  • LK Natural
    LK Natural   1 months ago

    Can you make a deferent style of dark gage next fortnitemars or the frosted gage on December because most people have forgot about the gage skin

    INKGA10 GAMES   1 months ago

    Someone tell me who made the short film the eye

  • Krabs_11
    Krabs_11   1 months ago

    What are the names of the space loop one and the cloud man one

  • E
    E   1 months ago

    Epic where's the shortnitemares playlist I can't find it Ingame

  • ham
    ham   1 months ago

    One of the film's my class was assigned to watch and work about in school, and it's very creepy

  • Matybexxd
    Matybexxd   1 months ago

    Hola fortnite perdon por molestar pero podrian devolver el pack de la ultima risa por favor ya lo iva a comprar y me gustaria que lo pusieran una vez mas asta al menos el siguiente año

  • مس مهبوله シ
    مس مهبوله シ   1 months ago

    fortnite plsssssssssssss can you bring back harly quin plsssssssss i want it