you're a celt dancing in the woods | a playlist

  • Published on: 17 April 2021
  • This songs makes me proud to be a Celt and I'm not even a Celt.

    Thumbnail information:
    Painting: "Festival of Nymphs and Fauns"
    Artist: Moritz Stifter

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  • Runtime : 40:29
  • Celtic Music Scotish Music Folk Songs Fairy Music Cottagecore


  • ultravclet
    ultravclet   1 weeks ago

    Timestamps:0:00 Aurora - Scarborough Fair 3:27 Sarah Heste Ross - Savage Daughter 6:24 Celtic Woman - Dúlamán 9:26 Enaid - Road to Camelot 13:08 Celtic Woman - Téir Abhaile Riú 17:10 Virginia Company - A Begging I Will Go 20:14 The Tannahill Weavers - Are Ye Sleeping Maggie 23:20 Jeff Danna - The Blood of Cú Chulainn 27:23 Celtic Woman - Níl Sé'n Lá 30:59 Kathleen MacInnes - Gaol Ise Gaol I 33:46 Katherine Jones - The Skye Boat Song 37:24 Heather Dale - Black Fox timestamp by Charlotte Gregory :)

  • bella ren
    bella ren   3 minuts ago

    now I'm happy I learned the celtic woman songs bc I can sing along ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex McCormick
    Alex McCormick   4 days ago

    I love listening to English Folk music, feels like I’m rediscovering my roots or something.

  • Caleb White
    Caleb White   2 weeks ago

    Got to love how people throw the word "Celt" around.

  • David Nacey
    David Nacey   2 weeks ago

    My dad is Irish and has much connection to the Irish motherland as he calls it, I never really understood him.

  • terradosolemar vento
    terradosolemar vento   2 weeks ago

    This is not Celtic music, this is a mix of new age music with some medieval gothic arrangement. The real Celtic music is the folk music of Portugal, Galicia and Spain: Call chula, muiñeira, jota, fandango e verdiales.

  • ezekiel tipton
    ezekiel tipton   2 weeks ago

    Alternative title: playlist for when you are playing in a storm

  • David Gilbert
    David Gilbert   2 weeks ago

    Woke up naked in the woods. I blame this playlist.

  • Sydney Oaks
    Sydney Oaks   2 weeks ago

    just amazing on how u can feel the beauty of nature with these songs,,,,,

  • Zosia Cie
    Zosia Cie   2 weeks ago

    hearing teir abhaile riu makes me want an animated disney movie with a celtic princess

  • Carol de los Ángeles

    i´m argentinean that at 2012 my dream came true : dancing at irish lands this music and smiling with all my heart at the EMERALD ISLAND of my past life (I REMEMBER MY CELTIC LIVE THERE AND I REMEMBER WHY IT WAS my most happy life and also the pain of the british imperalism against our own celts comunities) i cried at the ocean, i and mother earth set me free from that past so now i can live whatever i feel the call to my my free soul(before that all my friends knows the nostalgic that i had for living at island, i couldnt feel any place more for live!). I´m now ,7 years after,with the love of my life that i met an amazing spiritual experiences at Mexico travel,and he love me for who i trully am and i do to him, embracing shadows and light as the trully love is and keep learning and choosing each other every day. Such a blessing experiences that now i share with others through my work, helping others to find their path through this journey. THANKS for irish music and speceally TO KEEP ERIN GO BRAGH, IRELAND FREE FOR EVER, is the heart of chakra anahata for all this Earth so never stop to share this, so the human kind can heal again!Bless to you who read with respect and love from an old soul at young body(not so young already haha).Enjoy!! [email protected]

  • flamboyante
    flamboyante   2 weeks ago

    hearing the Outlander intro song here was a pleasant surprise!

  • Mysteries101
    Mysteries101   2 weeks ago

    I'm not even a celtic but these songs just makes me feel something, and listening to these songs makes me wanna dance or go into the forest/mountain and just admire the beauty of nature.. i really have a weird taste in everything, do i care? NOPE 😃

  • rane m.
    rane m.   3 weeks ago

    so surprised hozier isn’t on this list

  • remy paraskovia
    remy paraskovia   3 weeks ago

    Celtic Woman " scarborough Fair " Version Is much better

  • てるてる眼鏡
    てるてる眼鏡   3 weeks ago

    Thank you, this is a very nice playlist. What is the name of the painting used in this video?

  • Will Janke
    Will Janke   3 weeks ago

    Scarborough fair is anglo-saxon, not celtic...

  • Alice Coqchuit
    Alice Coqchuit   3 weeks ago

    If you like Celtic Woman, I recommend to go listen to tir na nog, I really like this song :)

  • definatelynoterin
    definatelynoterin   3 weeks ago

    it makes me SO fucking pissed that the english got to my celtic heritage. There could be so much for me to practice but no, just traditional irish songs and learning the language. I WANT CELTIC CULTURE TO BE WAY MORE RECOGNISED AND I PUT THIS IN CAPITALS BC I FIND MY BACKGROUND SO PRETTY AND I WANT MORE PEOPLE TO SEE IT HOW I DO.

  • Os Melhores Clips
    Os Melhores Clips   3 weeks ago

    This also has a nice vibe

  • eggloaf
    eggloaf   3 weeks ago

    I thought this video was called "you're a cat dancing in the woods" but this is also good. Though now I can't stop thinking of what the soundtrack to dancing cats in a forest would sound like.

  • Flowermist
    Flowermist   4 weeks ago

    As a scottish witch, thank you for this!

  • Elodie Pollock
    Elodie Pollock   4 weeks ago

    did not know i needed this playlist till i did. thank you so much!!also, it's strangely giving me anne with an e vibes~

  • hello
    hello   4 weeks ago

    feeling like boudicca the celtic warrior queen rn

  • Treisi Castro
    Treisi Castro   1 months ago

    Mi bosque mental está de Fiesta esta nocheFeliz Samhain HermaxsLa Nobleza de Corazón sabiduría Salud y ProsperidadNos acompañen

  • Música para el alma.
    Música para el alma.   1 months ago

    The first song is suspiciously familiar to a piece by a Spanish group called "Duerme".

  • Siersha Quinn
    Siersha Quinn   1 months ago

    I'm just so so grateful for the person who created this playlist. Thank you so much. I've always loved Ireland for some unknown reason. This playlist makes me feel like I'm in Ireland.

  • Catherine McClain
    Catherine McClain   1 months ago

    Lmao I did not expect to see a band one of my Scottish Fiddle teachers is in here. Shout out to David Gardner, fiddler of The Virginia Company! Also, shout out to John Turner!