ICHI THE KILLER - The Most Brutal Movie Ever Made?

  • Published on: 06 October 2021
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  • Runtime : 19:9
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire ichi the killer ichithekiller movie review


  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil   22 hours ago

    There's a prequel too, 1 - Ichi which I've had since 2003.

  • Darckner89
    Darckner89   1 days ago

    I need to read the manga again. Not even kidding when I say it makes this movie look like an elementary school play. Like, holy shit.

  • buyahhhhrooo
    buyahhhhrooo   3 days ago

    Fun fact, Jijii is played by Shin'ya Tsukamoto, one of the most fascinating film makers of the last 30 something years. Watch all of his films. It's not a recommendation, that's a demand. Thank you, also I apologize for being so demanding.

  • TheAbyss IsHere
    TheAbyss IsHere   3 days ago

    so i know this is old but i can get a bottle of wine i like for 3$ from kroger, stop advertising nerd

  • Evan Thienes
    Evan Thienes   6 days ago

    I was given Ichi the Killer by my stepdad, never saw it, probably never will

  • Xipe Totek
    Xipe Totek   1 weeks ago

    It’s a very stupid movie. The director is overrated

  • Tari Owo
    Tari Owo   1 weeks ago

    This is the movie that made me stop taking recommendations from YMS. I have not regretted this decision for over 2 years now.

  • Jessica Dotson
    Jessica Dotson   1 weeks ago

    Please check out the movie: Die-ner (Get It?) I swear you will not be disappointed!!🙃🙌🏼

  • Kiergan
    Kiergan   1 weeks ago

    Something a bit similar, although a little more mean spirited, that I would recommend is The World Of Kanako.

  • Dhruvalization
    Dhruvalization   2 weeks ago

    me during sponcer time: >->->->->->->->->->-> aww man i accedently skipped too far: <-<-<-< -> ok this is good

  • The Antichrist
    The Antichrist   2 weeks ago

    It’s my favourite movie of all time first time I watched it I was about 14 off sick from school I had a nasty nasty cold my dad was looking after my gran my mum was at work and I had it on DVD I got it because the cover looked cool so I watched it and I fucking loved it I probably watched it twice that day and then hid it when my mother came home

  • Chris G
    Chris G   2 weeks ago

    he pulled a Master Rochi

  • Cameron Van Derson
    Cameron Van Derson   2 weeks ago

    ELVIS: most brutal movie ever made Cannibal holocaust: AM I A JOKE TO U?

  • Senor Corbuiser
    Senor Corbuiser   2 weeks ago

    Most brutal film ever made was Braindead. Directed by Peter Jackson. Its Doom level gore. Another cheaper crap film has the same name so it got lost to history. Trust me, it kicks ass for the lord.

  • PorkyPagan
    PorkyPagan   2 weeks ago

    The main character of the movie is a sadist and the Main villain is a masochist🤔

  • Kenny Powers Gaming
    Kenny Powers Gaming   2 weeks ago

    I don't even know how I originally found this move, maybe it was on showcase late at night in Canada, sometimes showcase shows crazy shit late at night, or maybe it was from working at blockbuster, orrrrrrrrr it was because I fell in love with Old boy when I first seen it and went searching for other crazy ass japanese movies..Either way its always been one of my favourite films to show people and shock the fuck out of them.

  • Bandersnatch Beauty
    Bandersnatch Beauty   2 weeks ago

    I walked in on my now ex husband watching this, right when the nip scene happened. I was, disturbed... By his excitement.

  • Hezrou Dhiaga
    Hezrou Dhiaga   3 weeks ago

    everytime i see anything about grapes I think of ffxiv gdi lmao

  • Drift_0953
    Drift_0953   3 weeks ago

    (i say this with respect) you look like you're about to count kills in a crappy horror movie

  • Co Vit
    Co Vit   3 weeks ago

    Saw this instant click because the first thought I had was "Ain't this one of the mangas I saw?"

  • CsStoker
    CsStoker   3 weeks ago

    The manga is much better though

  • Thomas Lamson
    Thomas Lamson   3 weeks ago

    This may seem just absurd on its own, but with the context of the Manga, this film is impressively Dark. Its showing the Ripple effect of Violence and Cruelty on people, and how it turned who couldve been a savant prodigy in Martial Arts into a deranged madman, living by pure id for extended periods of time, just to become muscle for the very people who's depravity bent him until he broke. Ichi the Killer isnt an Action Movie or a Horror Movie, its a Tragedy.

  • mazon hehe
    mazon hehe   3 weeks ago

    Oh my god i’ve been meaning to read this manga it’s wild

    QNTKKA   3 weeks ago

    Ichi (ee-chee) is a metaphor for Batman, while Kakihari is a metaphor for the Joker.

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris   3 weeks ago

    Nah the most disturbing movie I’ll never see is A Serbian Film. I dare you Elvis to review that. Merry Christmas 🤣🤣🤣

  • S_MUSE
    S_MUSE   4 weeks ago

    Dude this movie is on YouTube to buy XD

  • S_MUSE
    S_MUSE   4 weeks ago

    I’ll never be able to look at “grapes”the sameEdit: This is joke

  • Filipe Geraldes
    Filipe Geraldes   4 weeks ago

    Honestly i stop watching the movie half way i couldnt watch more is soo glore

  • Sara Moore
    Sara Moore   1 months ago

    So, I suppose I’m the only one who has seen the Human Centipede? I’m not entirely sure why several people aren’t suggesting this trilogy…I mean…The guy sews the mouths of a innumerable amount of prisoners onto the assholes of prisoners and actually PROMOTES this to be some sort of okay plan for punishment…and NO one else but me has suggested these movies? I mean…NO ONE???

  • Dear1Stupid1Dog
    Dear1Stupid1Dog   1 months ago

    That's not even Miike Takashi most messed up movie. That title belongs to Visitor Q

  • Afro Ahmed
    Afro Ahmed   1 months ago

    actually the violence and brutality was reduced to like 20% in the movie , the manga however....OH BOY!

  • Cheetah Secreto
    Cheetah Secreto   1 months ago

    "he is basically a JoJo villain"i dont know if it was on purpose but ,weirdly or not, Takeshi Miike also directed the Diamond is Umbreakable Live action movie

  • Joseph LasCola
    Joseph LasCola   1 months ago

    I learned ichi meant 1 from another torture scene where a woman rips out a guy's chest hair 😆