Jalen Suggs Gonzaga 2020-21 Full Season Highlights | 14.4 PPG 5.3 RPG 4.5 APG

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
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    Your Favorite College/NBA Prospect Players

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:06 - Statement Freshman Debut vs Kansas
    1:49 - Makes It Look Easy Against Auburn
    4:09 - Career High 27 Its & 7 Threes Against Iowa
    5:37 - Tears Up Northwestern State
    8:32 - Blowout Win over UVA
    9:24 - Leads Over BYU
    10:42 - 18 Pts, 3 Ast & 3 Reb against Pepperdine
    12:33 - Near Double-double at San Diego
    14:31 - Drops 24 Its at BYU
    16:32 - WCC Championship Game
    18:03 - Near Triple-Double Against OU
    19:42 - Magical Game Against UCLA
    20:57 - Championship Game vs. Baylor
  • Runtime : 22:46
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  • germ
    germ   1 hours ago

    I really dont see how hes better than jalen green

  • Jimmy Mata
    Jimmy Mata   1 days ago

    No bs he reminds me of Chris Paul 💯

  • RJ Burras
    RJ Burras   4 days ago

    Rockets better get him 😳

  • Antonio Quijano
    Antonio Quijano   1 weeks ago

    Suggs is A lonzo ball with a better finish package and good shot mechanics.

  • Cahn2126
    Cahn2126   1 weeks ago

    Needs to become a better shooter

  • Lanky Lanky
    Lanky Lanky   3 weeks ago

    Imagine ur first college bucket is a poster and then getting T’d up..........what a absolute legend

  • Gio Kinarf
    Gio Kinarf   3 weeks ago

    This class weak the 2 top players in it will be solid starters that I can see maybe all stars but no superstars in this 1.

  • Charmaine C
    Charmaine C   3 weeks ago

    he's genuinely just one of the most athletic people i've ever watched, in any sport

  • L
    L   3 weeks ago

    5:19 lmao

  • L
    L   3 weeks ago

    Him and Ayayi have really good chemistry on the court. Probably just 2 guards with great vision but some really great alley oops throughout the season.

  • C Sutherlin
    C Sutherlin   3 weeks ago

    Suggs one of the greatest college freshman basketball players of all time he will definitely be a basketball ball HOF 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽❤️❤️

    KENNY   3 weeks ago

    Unicorn fam🦄

  • Taylor
    Taylor   3 weeks ago

    going to be a triple double machine in the nba, next Westbrook

  • RaghukRaghu Raghu k
    RaghukRaghu Raghu k   4 weeks ago

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  • Hawk Chan
    Hawk Chan   4 weeks ago

    He is my favorite player in NCAA

  • Jennifer Wise
    Jennifer Wise   4 weeks ago


  • BWall 3
    BWall 3   4 weeks ago

    I'm speaking for all Gonzaga fans: Stay one more year please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Henry Chipman
    Henry Chipman   4 weeks ago

    when is jared butlers season highlights coming out?

  • XZ
    XZ   4 weeks ago

    Josh Hart 2.0

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones   4 weeks ago

    Mike Jones Mock Draft Lottery updated:1.Kuminga2.Cade3.Suggs4.Mobley5.Johnson6.Cam Thomas7.Green8.Todd9.Clarke10.Barnes11.Sharife12. Christopher13.Boston14.Zaire

  • Jonathan David
    Jonathan David   4 weeks ago

    if he's a one and done player then he deserves it cause he's shown everything that anyone that thinks of being a 1and done type needs to prove that their ready

  • Devvv
    Devvv   4 weeks ago

    Top 5 at least