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  • Published on: 27 February 2018
  • Super 8 was a film created by JJ Abrams and Steven Speilberg. Super 8 also had it's own ARG/Viral Marketing campaign, that told it's own story before the release of the Super 8 film. Today we're going to explore the Super 8 Universe! And by that, I mean, we're going to explore Super 8's Viral Marketing campaign and show you what you may have been unaware of in the build up to the Super 8 movie.

    It all started with a trailer that was played before Iron Man 2 in cinemas back in 2010. The Super 8 trailer featured a Super 8 camera lens that flashed "Scariestthingieversaw" people later found the website From then on, the Super 8 Viral marketing campaign had begun!

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  • Runtime : 24:5
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  • Dread-Vile Planet
    Dread-Vile Planet   1 months ago

    Hey i am a big fan of your videos but i am just asking if you will ever do a Monsterverse timeline video of the Movies, Comics and more

  • D:
    D:   2 months ago

    21:11 Dio?

  • Cøınpusher
    Cøınpusher   2 months ago

    The scientist in the thumbnail. The one that's standing on the right. I believe I've seen him in some dharma initiative/hanso foundation videos 🤔

  • Joeddiejoe
    Joeddiejoe   3 months ago

    Isnt cloverfield a japanese manga?

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration   3 months ago

    Wonder why they do this complex marketing for a small percentage that is so interested they would have gone to the movie regardless

  • Annah
    Annah   3 months ago

    suckers i watched this when i was eight and it wasnt that scary

  • missingindy
    missingindy   3 months ago

    Wait, if the kidnapper died by some sort of “energy” according to josh, and his dad had a connection with a monster and they experimented on an alternate energy source.. then does that mean the monster helped? If so, then cool

  • ItsBForBean
    ItsBForBean   3 months ago

    who thought inside a mind was talking about the mall super 8

  • Seth Slaughterhaus
    Seth Slaughterhaus   3 months ago

    I wonder if anyone actually responded to those craigslist ads without knowing they were fake

  • Snark
    Snark   3 months ago

    sees nellis AFB on the cardsmashes quicksave

  • Roblox
    Roblox   3 months ago

    I only knew super 8 because of portal 2 on the extras so if I it weren’t for portal I wouldn’t have known super 8

  • J Mace
    J Mace   3 months ago

    We all know who is contacting Josh: The library trying to get their book back!!! They’re relentless!

  • Sammy.-.
    Sammy.-.   3 months ago

    The video went :"i never got to say- Paimon:D"

  • (N)
    (N)   3 months ago


  • AceySpud
    AceySpud   4 months ago

    I always thought it was so,SO weird that Portal 2 featured a promotional minigame for this.

  • Luxer Hawton
    Luxer Hawton   4 months ago

    What if Portal was connected to Super 8 Universe, it was in Portal where they found the little recording about the experiments

  • Cart Ep
    Cart Ep   4 months ago

    Jamie sounds a lot more jovial and lively in this video

  • reksub
    reksub   5 months ago

    the"dharma initiative logo from lost appears at the start of cloverfield

  • Colin Guo
    Colin Guo   5 months ago

    The Super 8 Universe is the probably extended Cloverfield storyline and the discovery of one of the ailen's technologies on Earth.

  • Mojave Fry
    Mojave Fry   5 months ago

    I had no idea that any of this was a thing. I liked Super 8 but honestly this ARG intrigued me more.

  • Wyckit
    Wyckit   6 months ago

    “The alien spacecraft was made out of strange cubes. On further examination, the cubes acted strangely”

  • The Fish
    The Fish   6 months ago

    I miss cool ARGs like this

  • john mcpeek
    john mcpeek   7 months ago

    Oh by the way you can watch his movie on Paramount plus mind blown I’ll because enjoy this movie is that really good you guys should watch it

  • Collector Nick
    Collector Nick   8 months ago

    JJ is pretty trash imo but this movie is a JEM!

  • The Only Osh
    The Only Osh   8 months ago

    Watching this and the Portal 2 video I realize how many ARG's I missed by playing Portal and Portal 2 at different dates and feel like a big dummy.

  • CRR1968B
    CRR1968B   8 months ago

    POV: Alex Hirsch made a movie

  • Connor Eyer
    Connor Eyer   9 months ago

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