Lil Baby Drops ALL His Cash at Icebox Before Moving to the Metaverse!

  • Published on: 14 January 2022
  • Lil Baby is back at the world-famous Icebox showroom to do some holiday gift shopping!

    In this week’s episode, Lil Baby talks about his collection of denim, including a pair of $45,000 Chrome Heart Jeans, seeing Kountry Wayne in Icebox & living in the Metaverse!

    Comment your favorite moment below and let us know who you want to see in Icebox next!



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    Icebox Diamonds & Watches
    3255 Peachtree Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305

    #LilBaby #Metaverse #Icebox
  • Runtime : 12:48
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  • Icebox
    Icebox   6 days ago

    Who do you want to see Lil Baby run into next? Comment below!

  • Awoken Entertainment
    Awoken Entertainment   27 minuts ago

    The way Lil Baby buying chains for his team and his people.. inspiring asf... 💯

  • Tyller Harrell
    Tyller Harrell   3 hours ago

    The B don’t stand for box it stand for baby 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ace2Cool
    Ace2Cool   3 hours ago

    Lil baby head shake when he laugh 😂😂😂

  • BandmanRari
    BandmanRari   4 hours ago

    Baby 👶🏾: Y’all should make it right ,for free”Icebox : “ yEaH 😐…”

  • J 24
    J 24   6 hours ago

    This dude a pawn

  • Dylon Powtan
    Dylon Powtan   7 hours ago

    Lil baby make sure the WHOLE Family Eatting now that’s pushing P 💯

  • Carmelo Sanchez
    Carmelo Sanchez   9 hours ago

    lol but man was feeling some type of way about needed those 5 thousand from Osiris, you’d think they’d be like 5 dollars for him. But things aren’t always as they seem lol

  • none of your business
    none of your business   10 hours ago

    If what happened to young Dolph happens to lil baby do we call lil baby aborted baby or stillborn baby? Just wondering

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml   11 hours ago

    Man hearing how baby love and respect his grandma.. man that made me smile sooo much.. respect.. love is a way better look for people’s out here..

  • Trent Johnson
    Trent Johnson   13 hours ago

    I respect and love this more made by lil baby 💯🏆♥️😎

  • Luna Luna
    Luna Luna   14 hours ago

    He need to just go ahead and open his own jewelry shop🔌👀

  • sito perez
    sito perez   14 hours ago

    So he doesn’t have a credit card or icebox doesn’t take them?

  • Jack Illest
    Jack Illest   16 hours ago

    Lil baby actually sound smart in this video, the other video he sounded uneducated asf

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson   21 hours ago

    3:04 lil baby got that 🔥 in his hip

  • lolol modasd
    lolol modasd   21 hours ago

    Nothing in life is guaranteed, but it’s guaranteed that Lil Baby is in Icebox twice a week😂😂

  • Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams   22 hours ago

    Big dog T.i came through with the real money. Free Mason hand shake on em.💪🏿

  • Danny Morris
    Danny Morris   23 hours ago

    T.I you going out bad bro, get back to being fresh my dawg ✌️👍

  • Missy Richest
    Missy Richest   1 days ago

    Shout out to Lil Baby!Shout out to Kountry Wayne!

  • Courtney Johnson
    Courtney Johnson   1 days ago

    I like the 4PF charns that goes sideways TI was the first Artist i saw wearing Rose Gold on the PSC pendant with the crown on it

  • Isaac Macias
    Isaac Macias   1 days ago

    They use to say the prices idk why they stopped

  • rockrhymrr
    rockrhymrr   1 days ago

    Funny how you don’t need to be skilled to make it in the music industry

  • Bailee Milan
    Bailee Milan   1 days ago

    he can shop for jewelry all day but can't drop no music ..

  • Nathan Barraza
    Nathan Barraza   1 days ago

    He giving chains out like a metal of honor Purple Heart

  • Sal Z
    Sal Z   1 days ago

    Side effect of having inferiority complex - Bling Bling

  • G.G. Early
    G.G. Early   1 days ago

    With everything he's been through, at almost 40yrs old, he still looks better than some of the younger artist.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   1 days ago

    His energy everything, he speak to all his fans and I respect him so much for that

  • Nolimit
    Nolimit   1 days ago

    I just be able do what he do to his grannys

  • Yannick Mulongo
    Yannick Mulongo   1 days ago

    Its call saving and investing bruh… not spending money on stupid things..