Restyling ICONIC Gossip Girl Outfits for 2021!

  • Published on: 07 July 2021
  • Hello Clevver Style- Gossip Girl is BACK on HBO Max! We're restyling our favorite looks from the iconic Blair, Serena and more! Then, watch as we transform into our favorite superheroes in The Photoshop! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    Pleated Skirt -
    Fashion Nova Arabella Oversized Sheer Shirt -
    Fashion Nova On the Daily Cropped Tank -
    Fashion Nova Oh So Chic Socks -
    Jacob Alexander Tie -
    Pumps -
    Fashion Nova Always Classy Handbag -
    Large Square Silk Scarf -
    Fashion Nova Selah Hoop Earrings -
    Boohoo Flared Heel Sock Boots -
    Boohoo Pastel Check Double Breasted Blazer -
    Boohoo Pastel Check Full Hem Tailored Shorts -
    Boohoo Lace Trim Camisole -
    Nasty Gal Fringe Bag -
    Romwe Solid Mini Pleated Skirt -
    Missguided Oversized Shirt -
    Romwe Lace Up Boots -
    Similar Bag -
    Romwe Solid Padded Headband -
    Similar Choker - 
    Romwe Black Tie Back Over the Calf Socks -

    Drew as Jenny:
    Fashion Nova Proper Attire Top - 
    Milano Yellow Blazer Dress - 
    Satchel Purse -
    Light Blue Headband - 
    Bowtie Pumps -
    Leah as Serena:
    Oh Polly Under The Stars Dress - 
    ASOS Ballet Flats - 
    ASOS Straw Hat - 
    ASOS Cage Sphere Clutch -
    Sinead as Blair:
    Similar Sweater Vest - 
    Express High Waisted Pleated Trouser Pants - 
    Steve Madden Vala Pink Patent Pumps -
    Romwe Bow Decor Crossbody Bag - 
    Romwe Geometric Decor Beaded Bracelet - 

    Drew as Dan:
    ASOS Suit in Silver Sequin and Contrast Collar - 
    ASOS Pecan Platform High Heels - 
    ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Necklaces - 
    Leah as Chuck:
    Nasty Gal Double Breasted Oversized Blazer Dress - 
    Nasty Gal Faux Leather Croc Saddle Bag - 
    Sinead as Nate:
    Missguided Cozy Cardigan - 
    PLT Second Skin Top - 
    Roxy Sheilah Sneaker -
    PLT Cargo Detail Pants - 

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    We #style our favorite #GossipGirl looks!

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  • Runtime : 20:1
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   4 months ago

    Which Gossip Girl character had the MOST ICONIC outfits?!

  • madmaria88
    madmaria88   1 months ago

    if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  • bindibabeeh
    bindibabeeh   1 months ago

    How they both just let Drew just have her little French moment 🤣😅

  • Divaliciousbeauty123
    Divaliciousbeauty123   2 months ago

    “These shoes are From a place that I’ve never heard of… “ and then it’s from DSW. Designer shoe warehouse

  • Just_Ess
    Just_Ess   2 months ago

    lol do Disney channel shows

  • Taylor Bertone
    Taylor Bertone   3 months ago

    Leah totally sounds like "Beck" from the show "You"

  • Oliver Kelly
    Oliver Kelly   3 months ago

    Leah’s gossip girl voice was on point!!!! 😆

  • Alicia Smotherman
    Alicia Smotherman   3 months ago

    Was Nate the most boring character in my opinion? YesDid I eagerly watch his storyline because of how hot he was? Yes😅😂

  • Amber Skie
    Amber Skie   3 months ago

    i can’t be the only one that can’t stand leah. i miss lauren 🥺

  • Jasmin Nunez
    Jasmin Nunez   3 months ago

    It would be AMAZING if you guys do this again but for Iconic outfits from The Nanny. Fran was always dressed by the Gods!

  • Rebecca C
    Rebecca C   4 months ago

    Where is Loryn, I don’t like Leah very much

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson   4 months ago

    My 90’s girls from the UK who remembers the Jane Norman bags for school 🤣

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer   4 months ago

    Used a backpack middle school and freshman year of high school. But it was only cool if you carried it on one shoulder or had the straps long enough that the bottom of the backpack touched your butt. That made skirts and dresses risky cause the backpack would pull them up as you walked sometimes. Then I used tote bags and messenger bags through college and in grad school until recently that I started using a backpack again but with some stellar padding in the shoulders cause I’m too old to strain my body by carrying everything on only one side of my body. 😅

  • LoveBug7828
    LoveBug7828   4 months ago

    I watched one episode of the Original series, but couldn’t get into it. I haven’t watched the newest version.

  • Olivia
    Olivia   4 months ago

    How about a The Nanny episode? The fashion was so iconic

  • naewitda flatty
    naewitda flatty   4 months ago

    Please try an ACTUAL SMALL BUSINESS!!! @dbsxco on Instagram

  • Olivia Gail
    Olivia Gail   4 months ago

    If y'all do a part two, you should totally do "what you would wear to the white party"

  • Tina Cameron
    Tina Cameron   4 months ago

    Miss loryn, im so bored watching anymore... love sinead and drew but loryn made it with the commedy

  • Anissa Netherton
    Anissa Netherton   4 months ago

    Pleaseeeeee recreate dynasty fashion. Fallon carrington is ICONIC

  • Porsha G
    Porsha G   4 months ago

    The best show of all time!

  • Ritika Ranjan
    Ritika Ranjan   4 months ago

    Having followed Clevver for YEARS now and knowing Sinead, I'm a little surprised she's this much into Gossip Girl tbh 😂Anyone else? Just me? Ok 🥲

  • Aerial Corban
    Aerial Corban   4 months ago

    Where the heck has Loryn been??? I need her back in my life! DREW LORYN & SINEAD together!

  • Bidisha Goswami
    Bidisha Goswami   4 months ago

    The Disney French Chef impression was definitely one of the highlights!

  • Camryn Em
    Camryn Em   4 months ago

    recreate hannah montana outfits lol

  • Kate McGee
    Kate McGee   4 months ago

    I didn’t use a backpack past 6th grade. In high school I did most of my homework at school so most of the time I never took books home unless it was a book I was reading for fun. If I did bring books home I would carry them. A lot of girls carried around large tote bags. Guys didn’t carry anything. I was in high school from 2004-2008.

  • Rachel Cooper
    Rachel Cooper   4 months ago

    Struggling to focus on the outfits and not the bubbles in the flooring 😶

  • Cash
    Cash   4 months ago

    jenny is the worst character don’t come for me

  • barbidollv
    barbidollv   4 months ago

    you guys should do vampire diaries, pretty little liars, dawson's creek or Beverly hills 90210

  • Rebecca L
    Rebecca L   4 months ago

    I graduated high school in 2015 and we used backpacks at my school. We always had to carry our textbooks with us so we didn't really have a choice, and we only had 2 minutes between classes so we didn't have enough time to stop at our lockers.

  • Dana Clune
    Dana Clune   4 months ago

    O my gosh Drew literally reminds me of Jane from Tarzan