"RAGNARÖK" | Most Epic Viking & Nordic War Music | Danheim

  • Published on: 04 August 2020
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    More informations:
    01. 00:00 - Ragnarök (feat. Gealdýr)
    02. 05:16 - Altgeir
    03. 08:20 - Hrungnir
    04. 11:37 - Vega
    05. 15:29 - Kala
    06. 19:21 - Surt
    07. 22:57 - Jotunheim
    08. 26:45 - Runatal
    09. 32:51 - Blodfest
    10. 36:23 - Vikinger
    11. 41:40 - Framganga
    12. 45:01 - Faldne
    13. 50:17 - Fjolsvin
    14. 53:58 - Reida
    15. 58:31 - Hefna
    ►Composer: Danheim
    ►Animation by: Unicorn Studios - Satha: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheS4tha/videos

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  • Runtime : 1:3:24
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    HALLVARD   3 weeks ago

    "VALHALLA" | Most Epic Viking & Nordic Rise Music | DanheimOut now: https://youtu.be/eOlZJDNKLCw

  • Michi Köck
    Michi Köck   1 days ago

    My Testosterone goes 📈 while listenig to this

  • Epic Club
    Epic Club   3 days ago

    it's amazing, I've never heard such a good music, wish the music channel grows more and more

  • Bruno Legaspi
    Bruno Legaspi   5 days ago

    My middle name is Ivan but after listening to this I've decided to change my name to Ivar.

  • Iron Born
    Iron Born   6 days ago

    I am currently putting on my chainmail and grabbing my axe!!!💪🇨🇦

  • Baco Strike
    Baco Strike   1 weeks ago

    i just downloaded a snow map for blade and sorcery, disable the original game music, went on whit a large double handed axe whit this playlist on the background, it was a life changing experience

  • Vape Magix
    Vape Magix   1 weeks ago

    My bathtub transformed in a longship ... See ya in valhalla

  • Yash Mundada
    Yash Mundada   1 weeks ago

    Me going into the shower with this music. I don’t know when I reached Valhalla

  • Psycho_RainDup
    Psycho_RainDup   2 weeks ago

    aaah this is sooo o niice knowing my family tree where Vikings makes my whole life knowing that

  • Jobe Thomson
    Jobe Thomson   2 weeks ago

    Played whilst giving to my fish an epic Viking-esque funeral. An experience I shall never forget.

    ARMAN   2 weeks ago

    I live far from scandinavia but i love these musics and culture

  • Jeff Reeves
    Jeff Reeves   2 weeks ago

    I had this playing while changing the cat's litter box, I was attacked by the cat, he bit my arm off and ate it, then purred himself to sleep.

  • Наталья Алексеевна

    Я призываю силу маего рода, маих предков значит. Да будет так. Этот род Царя не Царя.

  • Julius Norr
    Julius Norr   2 weeks ago

    Why is the ring around his arm so tight? ;-;

  • a wise man
    a wise man   2 weeks ago

    Let my snake listen to this, now he is jormungandr

  • Сергей Иванов

    Здравия Родам Нашим! Изучайте Славяно-Арийские ВЕДЫ, ВЕДЫ Перуна, Книга Света, Инглиизм, Миропонимание, Славянский календарь, Буквицу, Глаголицу, черты, резы, руны!

  • Taylor Krug
    Taylor Krug   3 weeks ago

    The English Coast is looking mighty fine & rich right now, ngl.

  • odin
    odin   3 weeks ago


  • -_M1z1kc1_-
    -_M1z1kc1_-   3 weeks ago

    After Vikings : What is this man ? Before Vikings : My mother told me , plz watch the Vikings 😂👍

  • Jaison Sumner
    Jaison Sumner   3 weeks ago

    My lighter listened to this, it's now a coal forge.

  • Christian Oharrow
    Christian Oharrow   4 weeks ago

    Brings me a sense of pride, having many generations of Nordic before me that have me intrigued and so appreciate. The Culture, Country, History, Lifestyles, and MUSIC, is other worldy beautiful.😌 The music is phenomenal, bewildering, and perplexing. -Christian, from Iowa.